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Hearing the Systems words, Yuan Xiao suddenly sat up from the bed and shook her head fiercely. “Youre broken, Little 7. Ive been busy studying all day long. Do you think I have time to fall in love at a young age”

[Thats true. Looks like the data isnt that accurate.]

Hearing the Systems words, Yuan Xiao clearly heaved a sigh of relief. She touched her slightly hot face and forced herself to stop thinking and quickly go to sleep.

The next morning, Li Chang saw Yuan Xiao, who had a pair of panda eyes. “Hey, dont work so hard. Youre already number one. Why are you still staying up late to study”

“No, I didnt study.” It was all the damn Systems fault for spouting nonsense, causing her to not sleep well the entire night.

[Host, please watch your words!]

Li Chang looked at the distracted Yuan Xiao and pulled her back. “You call this not staying up late The dark circles under your eyes are about to fall to the ground!”

“I stayed up late but wasnt studying.”

“Then what did you do Staying up late is not good for your health. Youve been studying so hard recently. You have to rest more.” Li Chang was very happy to see Yuan Xiaos change, but was still a little worried about her health.

“Im fine. I just had a nightmare.” Before Yuan Xiao could finish her sentence, she felt someone pat her shoulder.

“Hey, what are you thinking about!” Fang Yao saw that Yuan Xiao looked a little haggard and was about to ask about it when she saw Yuan Xiao run away as if she had seen a ghost.

“Whats going on with this girl” Fang Yao did not understand for a moment and looked at Li Chang, who was standing there with a look of realization.

“I think she dreamt of you yesterday.” After Li Chang finished speaking, she left behind a confused Fang Yao and chased after Yuan Xiao.

“Dreamt of me” Fang Yao smiled and looked at Yuan Xiaos back as she left. He said in a low voice, “Then is she embarrassed”

Due to Yuan Xiaos abnormal behavior in the morning, Fang Yao had been restless the entire morning. It was not easy for him to stay up until his lunch break. He found Yuan Xiao, who was eating in the cafeteria, and walked over with his plate.

“Hey, why did you run away the moment you saw me this morning” Although Fang Yao knew in his heart, he still wanted to see Yuan Xiaos reaction.

“Actually, its nothing.” Yuan Xiao had been calm for the entire morning. In the end, she concluded that she had learned too little, so Yuan Xiao activated hellish learning mode again.

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Seeing that Yuan Xiao did not say anything, Fang Yao was not in a hurry. He smiled and deliberately beat around the bush. “I heard from your deskmate that you had a dream last night”

“Ah You mean Li Chang” Yuan Xiao did not quite understand what Fang Yao meant. Seeing his expectant expression, she thought for a moment and continued, “I had a nightmare. Why would she tell you”

“What Nightmare!” Hearing Yuan Xiaos words, Fang Yaos mood was like a roller coaster. He had wasted the entire morning. This girls dream of him was actually a nightmare

“Did I come at the wrong time” Li Chang had just finished her meal when she saw the strange atmosphere between Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao.

“Im done!” Fang Yao walked away with his almost untouched plate.

Li Chang watched Fang Yao walk away before she dared to sit down. She looked at Yuan Xiao, who was also confused, and asked, “Whats going on The school hunk had a gloomy expression. Isnt your relationship quite good How did you provoke him”

“How would I know I already have a headache. Its ridiculous!” Yuan Xiao had not slept well last night and was a little giddy. Fang Yao even ran over happily and left angrily. Who knew what was wrong with him

“Xiao Xiao, why dont we leave A bigger headache is incoming.” Li Chang looked at Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei, who were walking towards Yuan Xiao, and said worriedly, “You did well this time, someones unhappy.”

Following Li Changs gaze, Yuan Xiao turned around and saw two faces that she hated the most.

Forget it. She was in a bad mood today, they were unlucky to be looking for her now.

[Ding! Dear Host, your spontaneous mission has been released: Splash the soy milk on the table onto Yuan Wei. Complete the mission and you will gain 50% Stamina Points.]

This wasnt good, right Although Yuan Xiao hated Yuan Wei, it was still a little unreasonable to splash soy milk on someone in public.

[Host, dont worry. You will have a very good reason to splash the soy milk!]

Upon hearing the Systems words, Yuan Xiao began to worry. What would these two people say to anger her and make her unable to bear it anymore!

“Yuan Xiao, I have something to discuss with you.” Jiang Yan looked at Yuan Xiao, who was eating, and spoke in a rare calm tone.

“Speak!” Yuan Xiao did not even raise her head as she continued to eat the rice on her plate.

Seeing Yuan Xiaos bad attitude, Jiang Yan suppressed his anger and said, “Yuan Xiao, next time you go to Teacher Lu for tuition, bring Yuan Wei along.”



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