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Youre in Love

“The rent in the back streets of our school is not particularly expensive. There are a lot of customers there every day. We can open a restaurant there. When the time comes, we will mainly cook home-cooked dishes and renovate the restaurant into a home. It will definitely be very popular!”

Hearing Yuan Xiaos words, Shen Hai was tempted. After all, he did not want his wife and daughter to suffer with him for the rest of their lives. “Alright, Ill go look at the shop tomorrow!” As Shen Hai spoke, he handed back the money that Yuan Xiao had stuffed into his hand. “Xiao Xiao, we can open the shop, but Father will think of a way myself. You should keep it for yourself…”

“Dad! I already said that this is my investment. Cant I be a shareholder” Yuan Xiao pushed the money back.

“Well …”

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“Alright, Old Shen, just take it. When you earn money, you have to give all your money to your daughter to spend! Come and eat quickly. If the two of you continue to be polite with each other, the dishes on my table will turn cold!” Feng Mei untied her apron and looked at the father and daughter who were pushing money to each other in the living room. The corners of her mouth inadvertently curled up.

Perhaps it was because of their blood ties or because Xiao Xiao was too sensible, Feng Mei felt that the familys relationship was very harmonious now. This feeling of a family of three was especially blissful.

Compared to the harmonious atmosphere in the Shen Family, the Yuan Family was gloomy at the moment.

“Hubby, go and take a look. Why did Xiao Wei lock herself in her room after school” Sun Li could not help but worry when she saw Yuan Weis tightly shut bedroom door.

“Im not going. If you want to go, go on your own!” Yuan Ming was reading the newspaper on the sofa. He raised his head and glanced at Yuan Weis room before he continued, “I dont know who this child takes after. She keeps her head down all day long and doesnt say anything.”

“Who else could it be!” Sun Li was a little angry when she heard Yuan Mings words.

“I think Xiao Xiao is more like me. She can say whatever comes to mind. Its better to be more direct.” Yuan Ming put down the newspaper in his hand, suddenly feeling nostalgic when he thought of Xiao Xiao.

In the past, when Xiao Xiao was at home, she had never been so quiet. Although the child was a little willful, she was very close to him. Yuan Ming felt comfortable when she wheedled and asked for pocket money.

“You, why are you crying…” Yuan Ming raised his head and saw Sun Li, who was already in tears. He hurriedly got up to wipe her tears and comforted her. “Alright, I wont say anymore. I wont say anymore.”

“I dont know how Xiao Xiao is doing. When shes at home, shes always by my side. Whenever she makes a mistake, shell massage my shoulders and try to please me. At that time, I even said that this child is so naughty, when will she grow up B-but…” Sun Li could not continue and burst into tears.

“Alright, keep your voice down. Dont let Xiao Wei hear you. Go back to the bedroom first.” Yuan Mings heart ached when he saw Sun Li crying. He helped her back to the bedroom.

In the room upstairs, Yuan Wei was also sobbing uncontrollably. Although the soundproofing of the room was good, Yuan Wei had been leaning against the door the entire time. She had heard every word that the Yuan couple had said.

“Why Why does everyone like Yuan Xiao! When the Yuan Family was rich, everyones attention was on her. Now that Ive swapped identities with her, why does everyone still like her!” Yuan Wei bit her lips tightly. Her pale face and ferocious expression made her look pitiful and terrifying.

“Recently, even Brother Jiang Yan has been keeping an eye on her. Isnt it enough to have Fang Yao surrounding her every day! Why Why cant I compare to her!”

Blood was seeping out of Yuan Weis lips, but she did not seem to feel any pain.

“Yuan Xiao! If only you could disappear forever!”


“Achoo!” Yuan Xiao, who was reading, suddenly sneezed.

“Ah, someone must be thinking about me again!” Yuan Xiao rubbed her nose and muttered.

[Host, why are you becoming more and more narcissistic]

“Really Maybe Ive been infected by someone.” Yuan Xiao suddenly thought of Fang Yaos narcissistic expression and could not help but laugh.


“What is it”

[Host, your current expression is really a little off.]

Yuan Xiao picked up the bedside mirror and looked at herself. “Whats wrong Isnt it quite nice”

[Its too off. According to the analysis of scientific data, your narcissistic behavior and the frequency of your silly laughter are enough to prove that youve become stupid from studying!]

“Youre the stupid one! Silly Little 7, dont forget that I just got first place. Have you ever seen a fool get first place”

[Then its the second scenario. Youre in love!]



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