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Good Child

“Alright, Il give it to you!” Looking at Fang Yaos expression that had turned from gloomy to sunny, Yuan Xiao could not help but think of Teacher Lu Lius words. This child was really easy to coax.

The results of the Mathematics competition were out. Yuan Xiao was first in the school, second was Gu Chi, and then Jiang Yan.

In the original plot, Yuan Wei was in third place, but because of Yuan Xiaos change, Yuan Wei was squeezed out of the top three. In other words, Yuan Wei had lost the qualification to represent the school in the provincial competition!

[Congratulations, Host! You have successfully participated in the Mathematics Competition and obtained first place! Mission completion rate is 100%! Mission Reward: Inferences and Innovation!]

Although Yuan Xiao did not know what these two abilities would do for her, they would definitely be very helpful to her studies!

What Yuan Xiao was most happy about was not only the results of getting first place, but also the scholarship given by the school. This money was what Yuan Xiao needed the most at the moment.

Although Yuan Xiao had saved up a small amount of pocket money when she was in the Yuan Family, it was far from enough for Yuan Xiaos current family.

While the Shen couple was poor, they refused the Yuan Familys offer of financial help. They stayed in the house given by the Yuan Family purely because they were afraid that Yuan Xiao would feel aggrieved. On this point, Yuan Xiao was very similar to the Shen couple. Even if they were in a difficult situation, they were unwilling to accept help for no reason.

However, Yuan Xiaos heart still ached when she saw her parents who had to work several jobs. Therefore, Yuan Xiao decided to save more money and let her parents start a small business. Not only could they earn more money, but her parents also would not have to suffer as much as they did now.

The news of Yuan Xiao getting first place immediately spread throughout the campus. Other than Yuan Xiao, the happiest person was Lu Liu. During this period of time, Lu Liu praised Yuan Xiao to everyone he met.

Thanks to Lu Lius vigorous promotion, Yuan Xiaos popularity in the school suddenly increased. Unlike the previous criticism, Yuan Xiaos reputation was quite good now. She had already become agood child from another family who was constantly praised in various parent groups.

After school, Yuan Xiao smelled the aroma of food before she even entered the house.

“Mom, what did you make this time It smells so good!” Yuan Xiao took off her shoes and looked at Feng Mei, who was busy in the kitchen.

Shen Hai walked out of the bedroom and took Yuan Xiaos bag. He said with a smile, “Braised pork, sweet and sour pork ribs, sauced chicken wings, duck soup, and steamed bass! Your mother saw that you usually eat more of these dishes, so she made a whole table of them for you today.”

“Thats so much trouble. How can I finish all this” Yuan Xiao was very touched. She did not expect that her every move would be noticed and cared for.

“You child, youre not only good at your studies, but youre also so humble. I heard that you got first place in First Middle School! Every teacher praised you endlessly. Your mother usually has a lot of work to do and doesnt look at her cell phone much. When she opened the parents group chat, she realized that our Xiao Xiao is the person everyone was talking about. Many parents private messaged your mother and asked her how she could give birth to such an outstanding daughter!” Shen Hai could not hide the smile on his face as he spoke.

“Its not that exaggerated.” Yuan Xiao was a little embarrassed by the praise. She scratched her head and took out the scholarship money and the allowance she had saved up previously from her bag. He said, “Dad, Mom, this is the scholarship for this exam and the allowance I saved up previously.”

Looking at the thick stack of money in Yuan Xiaos hand, Shen Hais eyes turned red. His voice was a little choked as he said, “Put it away quickly. Keep it for yourself. I dont earn much, and I cant give you much usually. Ive already let you down. How can I still take your money!”

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“Thats right, Xiao Xiao. Keep it for yourself so you can spend more freely. Although our family isnt rich, its not a problem to support you in school. Your parents are still young and have many opportunities to earn money.” Feng Mei walked out of the kitchen with the dishes.

“Dad, Mom, this money isnt for you.” Yuan Xiao pretended to be mysterious and said, “This is my investment capital. You guys work several jobs a day now and dont have time to accompany me. I plan to let you open a small restaurant. Moms culinary skills are so good, so business will definitely be good.”

Hearing Yuan Xiaos words, Shen Hai hesitated. “Actually, we had plans to open a restaurant before, but… our family is not rich. Your mother and I are afraid that we will lose money.”

“Its a business. There are definitely risks, but we can minimize them!”

Yuan Xiao had already chosen the location.

Yuan Xiao clearly remembered that in her previous life, there was a home-cooked restaurant near First Middle School. The business was especially good. Now that the restaurant had yet to appear in this plot, Yuan Xiao was prepared to let her parents open this small restaurant.



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