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Stop Disgusting Me

Seeing that he could not gain any advantage, Jiang Yan left angrily with Yuan Wei, leaving Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao standing at the school gate.

“This time, you owe me a favor. How about it” Fang Yao lowered his body slightly. Yuan Xiao did not speak, so he could not tell her emotions.

“No, didnt you dislike Jiang Yan to begin with”

“No matter what, I saved you. Is this how you talk to your benefactor” Fang Yao saw that Yuan Xiao did not accept his favor at all and said slightly anxiously.

“If you hadnt appeared, I would have scolded them even worse later.” Yuan Xiao looked at Fang Yao, who was taking credit, and felt that he was a little childish.

“Actually, you liked Jiang Yan so much before. Why are you scolding him so comfortably now” Fang Yao felt very happy when he thought about how Jiang Yan was so angry that he could not speak.

“Who told you that I like Jiang Yan” As soon as Yuan Xiao finished speaking, she felt a little guilty.

Her previous fancy confessions probably made all the students in the school think that she liked Jiang Yan. Looking at the teasing Fang Yao, Yuan Xiao continued to explain, “Even if I was blind before, dont use such words to disgust me in the future!”

Fang Yao was very satisfied with Yuan Xiaos explanation. Just as he was about to speak, he heard Yuan Xiao continue, “Youre still talking about me. I dont think your taste is good. You like a little white flower like Yuan Wei…”

“Who told you that I like Yuan Wei Dont disgust me!” Fang Yao was shocked when he heard Yuan Xiaos words.

“If you dont like Yuan Wei, then why do you hate Jiang Yan” Yuan Xiao was a little puzzled. If Fang Yao did not like Yuan Wei, why did he break up Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei with her in her previous life It couldnt be just for fun, right

“I dont need any reason to hate Jiang Yan! Also, Yuan Xiao, listen carefully. I, Fang Yao, have never had bad taste. I dont like girls who are pretentious. Girls who are worthy of me have to at least…” At this point, Fang Yaos gaze stopped on Yuan Xiao for a moment. His expression suddenly became unnatural. Fang Yao explained embarrassedly, “No girl is worthy of me!”

“Narcissist, stay single forever!”

Yuan Xiao looked at the young mans young and tender face in a daze. Under the warm orange sunset, the young mans face was slightly red, and his entire body was covered in a gentle halo.

Indeed, many things were slowly changing. Yuan Xiaos relationship with her biological parents was not as distant as in her previous life. Instead, they were very harmonious.

Her grades had also been improving. Compared to her previous life, her classmates attitude towards her had also changed. Her relationship with Fang Yao was not as confrontational as in her previous life.

Yuan Xiao and Fang Yao were fooling around as they walked. The setting sun elongated their shadows. Yuan Xiao did not know if it was because he had just helped her, but she felt that she was in a good mood when interacting with Fang Yao, despite his foul mouth.

The mathematics competition had quietly arrived. Although Yuan Xiao felt that there was nothing wrong with him, he could not help but feel a little nervous.

Lu Liu had tutored Yuan Xiao a lot, and she had also taken a lot of video lessons under the supervision of the System. However, perhaps because Yuan Xiao had been a bad student for too long in her previous life, she was still a little nervous when she walked to the entrance of such an official examination hall.

Yuan Xiao took a few deep breaths and silently clenched her fists to cheer herself on. Just as she was about to enter the examination hall, she saw Fang Yao leaning against the corridor. He seemed to be waiting for her.

“Fang Yao Why are you here” Yuan Xiao had a good relationship with Fang Yao recently, so she took the initiative to greet him.

“Im here to see if youre nervous.” Fang Yao smiled. When he saw Yuan Xiao cheering herself on just now, he felt that she was very cute.

“Im not nervous!” In front of Fang Yao, Yuan Xiao would not let him look down on her.

“Alright, alright. Why would our little genius from First Middle School be nervous Do your best! Ill wait for you outside the examination hall. Ill reward you when youre done!” Fang Yao smiled mysteriously at Yuan Xiao.


Yuan Xiao walked into the examination hall under Fang Yaos gaze. Fang Yaos smile made Yuan Xiao a little absent-minded. Perhaps it was because of his appearance, but Yuan Xiaos nervousness was completely gone.

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As expected, Yuan Xiaos exam went perfectly. Other than the last question, which she was not confident about, the other questions should not be wrong.

As soon as she left the examination hall, Yuan Xiao saw Fang Yao waiting outside.



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