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Vicious Supporting Actress

Teacher Gao continued to announce the results. The third place was Jiang Yan with 92 points. Yuan Wei was distracted by Yuan Xiaos appearance just now and only got 85 points. She was not even in the top five.

Looking at Yuan Weis pale face, Yuan Xiao was secretly pleased. You deserve it for saying that my results are bad!

Everyone had their own thoughts about this supplementary session. After class, Yuan Xiao had just walked out of the school gate when she was blocked by Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei.

“Yuan Xiao, I, um… how are your parents” Yuan Wei asked uneasily.

“Ask them yourself if you want to know!” Yuan Xiao walked around her but was stopped by Jiang Yan.

“What kind of attitude is that! Yuan Wei is only concerned about them!” Jiang Yan was already dissatisfied that Yuan Xiao had surpassed his results. When he saw Yuan Xiaos bad attitude towards Yuan Wei, he became even more furious.

The confrontation between the three of them attracted the attention of many students who had just finished their evening self-study. Yuan Xiao and Yuan Wei were already celebrities on the school forum. Coupled with the school hunk, Jiang Yan, who wouldnt want to take a few more glances at such an exciting scene

“Concerned If youre concerned, why dont you go back and take a look I think you cant wait to cut ties with them as soon as possible!” Yuan Xiao did not want to hide it in front of them. After all, she was avicious supporting actress. How could she not do something that would hurt the male and female leads

“Dont go overboard!” Jiang Yan looked at Yuan Wei, who was about to cry, and shielded her behind him.

Yuan Xiao and Yuan Wei were girls with completely different styles. Yuan Wei had delicate facial features and fair skin. She looked like the kind of soft and weak girl who easily aroused peoples desire to protect her. On the other hand, Yuan Xiao had a pair of slightly upturned eyes. Her high nose bridge coupled with her red and full lips made her look like someone who was not to be trifled with.

Therefore, in the eyes of others, Yuan Xiao was bullying Yuan Wei while Jiang Yan was saving the damsel in distress.

“Its really hard to escape from the plot…” Yuan Xiao looked at Yuan Wei, who seemed like she would faint at any moment, and smiled.

Forget it. Let her faint. Yuan Xiao looked at Yuan Wei and continued, “I went overboard Dad and Mom have raised you for more than 10 years. You clearly know that they dont dare to disturb you now, but you didnt even call them. Stop pretending to be sensible and pitiful!”

Out of concern, the Yuan couple called Yuan Xiao frequently to ask if she needed anything. However, the Shen couple was different. They knew that Yuan Wei had gone to a rich family, so they did not dare to disturb her. They were afraid that the Yuan family would think that they wanted something else.

“I just didnt have the time to…” Yuan Weis heart ached when she heard Yuan Xiaos words.

Ever since she arrived at the Yuan Family, she had always been afraid of being looked down upon, so she had always been careful. Moreover, the Yuan Family couple liked to call her Xiao Wei. Yuan Wei felt that the Yuan Family couple had always cared about Yuan Xiao. She could always hear Yuan Ming and Sun Li fighting over the phone to ask about Yuan Xiaos well-being, but they were very polite to her. Yuan Wei felt that she was just an imitation of Yuan Xiao.

“Yuan Wei isnt like you. Youre like a lunatic. You do whatever you want and dont care about the consequences!” When Jiang Yan thought of the change in Yuan Xiaos attitude towards him, he was also very angry. He walked closer to Yuan Xiao and said threateningly, “Youd better not do anything to hurt Yuan Wei. Just keep to yourself in school. Otherwise, Ill tell Uncle Yuan about you bullying Yuan Wei!”

“Im bullying her Alright, since you say so, Ill give you a piece of advice. The two of you better not appear in front of me. Im a lunatic. I could do anything!” Looking at Jiang Yans attitude towards her, Yuan Xiao really regretted it. How could he have been blind in his previous life to fall for such a scheming man

“You!” When Jiang Yan saw that Yuan Xiao was not intimidated by him, his tone became even more arrogant.

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There were many students around him, and he felt a little embarrassed. Just as he was about to reach out and grab Yuan Xiao, his arm was forcefully grabbed by someone. A lazy but somewhat ruthless voice sounded from behind him. “Whats wrong Are you trying to fight with a girl”

Yuan Xiao was also a little surprised to see Fang Yao suddenly appear. However, this person had always been at odds with Jiang Yan. His appearance was a good thing for her.

“Fang Yao” Jiang Yan staggered after being pushed by Fang Yao. He looked at the boy in front of him who was not wearing his school uniform. He was casual and unruly, but his eyes were like a wolfs, filled with viciousness and hostility.

Jiang Yan was a little afraid of Fang Yaos direct gaze. He asked unhappily, “Why are you being nosy”

“Nosy I just cant stand you bullying someone whos outnumbered. Now that the numbers are evened out, what else do you want to say Or…” Fang Yao stood in front of Yuan Xiao. This time, Jiang Yan and Yuan Weis expressions turned even worse.

“Brother Jiang Yan, forget it.” Yuan Wei tugged at the corner of Jiang Yans clothes. The boy called Fang Yao in front of her looked a little scary.



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