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A Little Compatible

Under Lu Lius arrangement, not only did Yuan Xiao qualify for the Mathematics competition, but she could also participate in the evening supplementary class to prepare for the upcoming competition.

Yuan Xiao was originally very happy, but when she entered the classroom and saw Yuan Wei and Jiang Yans unpleasant faces, her mood was not so good.

“Yuan Xiao Why are you here” When Yuan Wei saw Yuan Xiao walking into the classroom, she asked in surprise, “Arent your results very bad”

When Yuan Xiao heard Yuan Weis words, she smiled nonchalantly. “Whats wrong I dont have the right to listen to class just because my results are bad”

“This is not a place for you to fool around. If you want to study, go home!” Jiang Yan originally thought that Yuan Xiao had changed recently and did not pester him much. He did not expect her to still come and cause trouble.

“Do I have to go home just because you want me to Who are you” Yuan Xiao glanced at Jiang Yan impatiently and found a seat closest to the podium to sit down.

Seeing Yuan Xiaos abnormal behavior, Jiang Yan was very angry. In the past, no matter how dissatisfied Yuan Xiao was, she would not dare to shout at him. Now, she actually had some hostility towards him. Who knew if this girl was acting to attract his attention.

“Yuan Xiao, why are you talking to Jiang Yan like this Hes right. The candidates for the competition group were appointed by the teacher. You cant come just because you want to.” Yuan Wei saw that Jiang Yans expression was not good and hurriedly spoke up for him.

Yuan Xiao looked at the two people in front of her and did not feel angry. Instead, she found it ridiculous. Why did she not realize in his previous life that these two people looked a little compatible As expected of the male and female leads in the book.

Just as Yuan Xiao was about to speak, she saw Teacher Lu and the teacher in charge of the competition team, Teacher Gao, walk into the classroom.

“Students, Yuan Xiao was recommended by Teacher Lu to join our competition team. Everyone, lets welcome her!” Teacher Gao said as he sized up Yuan Xiao, who was praised by Lu Liu to the skies.

“Listen to the class attentively. If theres anything thats hard to digest, ask me in school.” Lu Liu patted Yuan Xiaos shoulder and left the classroom.

Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei were not the only ones in the classroom who were surprised. After all, everyone who knew Yuan Xiao knew that she was an out-and-out bad student. Yuan Xiao looked at everyones shocked expressions and was secretly pleased. This is nothing. There would be times when they would be even more shocked in the future!

“Next, Ill distribute the test papers. Everyone, take the test for 20 minutes!” Teacher Gao said as he distributed the test papers.

Yuan Xiao looked at the test paper in her hand. It was much simpler than the questions Lu Liu had given her previously. Thinking of how Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei looked down on her, Yuan Xiao did not want to hide her strength this time. She finished the test paper as quickly as possible and handed it to Teacher Gao first.

Jiang Yan was shocked when he saw Yuan Xiao handing in the paper. Yuan Wei was even more confused.

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After Teacher Gao finished marking Yuan Xiaos paper, a look of disbelief appeared on his face. As everyone handed in their papers, Teacher Gao began to announce the results. “Everyones overall results are not bad, but the students who didnt do as well have to work harder. After all, were in the competition group, so we have to be more strict with ourselves.”

Jiang Yan and Yuan Wei looked very nervous. They were even more confused when they saw Yuan Xiaos relaxed expression.

“The student with full marks is still Gu Chi…”

Hearing Teacher Gaos words, everyone looked at a boy sitting by the window. He had a short buzz cut and looked mature and steady in his school uniform.

“Gu Chi…” Yuan Xiao searched her memory for the boy in front of her. Although his appearance was unfamiliar, his name rang a bell.

“He looks like a top student even at first glance…” Yuan Xiao muttered softly. She suddenly remembered that in her previous life, the top science student in the province who made the news after the college entrance examination was Gu Chi! No wonder she felt that he was familiar. It seemed like she had to build a good relationship with him. After all, he was a god. It would definitely be helpful to her studies.

Yuan Xiao silently made up her mind. Then, she heard Teacher Gao continue, “The other student who scored full marks is the new student today—Yuan Xiao!”

When they heard Yuan Xiaos name, the entire class was in an uproar. Jiang Yan and Yuan Weis expressions were even uglier. How was this possible Wasnt Yuan Xiao famous for being a bad student in the entire school

“Gu Chi, you have to be careful. Student Yuan Xiaos answering speed is much faster than yours!” Teacher Gao said this on purpose, wanting everyone to form a healthy competition.

Yuan Xiao noticed that the boy named Gu Chi was also looking at her.

What the heck! She wanted to cozy up to him, no to be treated as a competitor! Yuan Xiao hurriedly gave Gu Chi a smile that she thought was relatively friendly. Unexpectedly, Gu Chis expression seemed to become even more unnatural.



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