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Coaxed With One Candy

“Cant I be happy” Yuan Xiao looked at Fang Yao, who was blocking her way, and was a little angry. What did he eat to grow up Why did he grow so tall Yuan Xiao had to raise her head and tiptoe to barely look into his eyes.

“Why are you so angry when you see me Do I owe you money” Fang Yao looked at Yuan Xiao, who was trying her best to raise her head, and found it very funny.

Yuan Xiao did not have time to chat with Fang Yao. She was prepared to consolidate her knowledge. Fortunately, she was already halfway in the competition. She walked forward and wanted to ignore Fang Yao, but Fang Yao refused to give way. Yuan Xiao was annoyed and raised her leg to kick Fang Yaos calf.

“You!” Fang Yao was in so much pain that his expression changed slightly. He hurriedly reached out and pulled Yuan Xiao, who was about to leave.

“What are you doing!” Yuan Xiao was suddenly pulled by Fang Yao. She could not stand steadily and almost fell into his arms.

“Fang Yao! What are you doing now” Lu Liu had just come out of the office when he saw Fang Yao pulling Yuan Xiao.

“Im not causing trouble. This girl kicked me!” Fang Yao could not help but tease Yuan Xiao when he saw her frowning.

“Youre a boy. Why are you arguing with a girl Let me tell you, brat, Yuan Xiao holds my hopes now. You cant bully her!” After the test just now, Lu Liu had placed all his hopes on Yuan Xiao. After all, even his family did not support him at work. Being able to nurture a top student in the province was the best way to prove himself.

“Thats right, Teacher Lu. Fang Yao always scares me.” Seeing that someone was backing her, Yuan Xiao hurriedly started to complain.

“Im scaring you” Fang Yao looked at the speed at which the little girls expression changed and found her even more interesting.

“Shut up! Student Yuan Xiao, dont think about how fierce Fang Yao is now. He was especially cute when he was young. He was always coquettish and looked for someone to hug him. He was always crying, but he could be coaxed with a candy…”

“Cousin!” Fang Yao was a little anxious when he heard Lu Liu expose his shortcomings in front of Yuan Xiao.

“It happened so many years ago, and youre still talking about it! Arent you only 10 years older than me How much stronger could you have been back then!”

Yuan Xiao did not expect the two of them to have such a relationship. In her previous life, her relationship with Fang Yao was not that good, and she did not know much about his family background. She only knew that the Fang family was definitely much stronger than hers.

“Student Yuan Xiao, do you believe that this kid has candy on him now” Seeing Fang Yaos slightly red face, Lu Liu continued to say, amused.

“Is that so” Yuan Xiao looked at Fang Yao curiously. Seeing him subconsciously touch his pocket, she realized that what Lu Liu said was true.

“Come, dont be so petty. Take it out and give Yuan Xiao one.” Lu Liu looked at the awkward Fang Yao from the side. It was rare for him to find him cute. This child was very rebellious. It had been a long time since he had such an expression.

Fang Yao looked reluctant, but he still took out two pieces of candy from his pocket.


Yuan Xiao lowered her head and looked at the pink wrapping paper. One of it had a peach pattern, and the other had a strawberry pattern. It looked like a girls heart.

“Pfft… Hahaha.” Yuan Xiao could not help but laugh. She looked at Fang Yaos red ears and said, “Thank you, but I dont like this flavor.”

“Anything else” Lu Liu saw Fang Yaos red face and went over to take out a handful of candy from his pocket.

Yuan Xiao laughed even louder when he saw the pink wrapping paper in Lu Lius hands.

“Hahaha… Fang Yao, if you cant win in a fight in the future, throw candy in their faces. While theyre surprised, you can definitely turn the tables! Hahaha…”

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“I wont lose! Also, I like this flavor. Whats wrong Is it illegal” Fang Yao gritted his teeth.

“Nothing, nothing. Very good. If the students knew that your pockets were full of pink candy, perhaps they wouldnt be so afraid of you,” Yuan Xiao hurriedly explained when he saw Fang Yaos expression.

“Alright, you have to get along well with your classmates. Fang Yao, youre a year older than her. Take good care of the girl.” Lu Liu patted Fang Yaos shoulder and instructed Yuan Xiao about the competition before turning to leave.

“I dont think youre older than me, am I right, Little Candy Bro” Yuan Xiao left before Fang Yao could react.

Fang Yao watched as Yuan Xiao ran away. His tightly knitted brows gradually relaxed. “Alright, Yuan Xiao, you provoked me first!”



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