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Binding System

“Am I not dead”

Yuan Xiaos brows were tightly knitted together as her mind replayed her melodramatic and tragic life.

Yuan Xiao came from a wealthy family and had lived a princess-like life since she was young. Unfortunately, during her first year of high school, Yuan Xiao was told that she was actually the wrong child, and the real little princess of the Yuan Family was Shen Wei, the girl next door who had excellent grades in school. It was also Yuan Wei who later snatched everything that belonged to her.

Yuan Xiao hated the appearance of Yuan Wei. Yuan Wei was the one who caused her to fall into a quagmire, so she targeted her and could not help but speak ill of her. However, not only did her actions not change all of this, but it even deepened everyones hatred for her. The Yuan Family couple chased her out of the house and she eventually ended up in such a miserable state.

“Why, why is all this happening to me!”

Yuan Xiao could not hold back the tears in the corners of her eyes. She was really indignant.

A cold electronic voice suddenly sounded. Yuan Xiao looked around in confusion but did not find anyone.

[Hello, host. Im your exclusive Academic Genius System 67. You can call me Little 7 or The System.]

When Yuan Xiao calmed down, she realized that the voice did not come from the outside world, but from her own brain.

“The… System” Yuan Xiao had just experienced her death and was still in some confusion.

[Yes, Host, I am the AI system that can change your tragic fate! As long as you keep completing missions, you can obtain a perfect life!]

Yuan Xiao actually heard a trace of excitement from the electronic voice. However, she was somewhat starting to understand her current situation.

“You mean… I can be reborn”

[Its not just that. To be precise, its getting rid of your initial plot and changing your original fate in the book!]

Upon hearing the systems reply, Yuan Xiao was a little surprised. She was actually only living in a book. The hatred and targeting towards Yuan Wei were also controlled by the plot and simply played by her as a vicious supporting actress. It seemed that she was really a cannon fodder character with a tough life.

[In this life, you will no longer be cannon fodder. With my help, you can change the plot and achieve the life you want.]

“You can hear what Im thinking” Yuan Xiao asked doubtfully.

[Yes, Host. Im a high-tech system implanted in your brain. I can sense your emotions and thoughts.]

Hearing the systems reply, Yuan Xiao felt a little unnatural. After all, it was not comfortable that others could see what was on her mind. However, as long as she could be reborn, nothing else seemed to be that important.

[Alright, Host, restart your world immediately! Prepare for the countdown. Ten, nine, eight…]

“Eh” Before Yuan Xiao could react, she felt a wave of dizziness, and the scene before her eyes blurred…

“This system can randomly judge the thoughts of others.” Yuan Xiao endured the intense headache and muttered as she rubbed his eyes.

“Yuan Xiao! Youre also sleeping in my class. Do you think your grades are fantastic”

As soon as Yuan Xiao opened her eyes, she saw the angry form teacher on the podium. It seemed that she had been reborn and had returned to her middle school days. Looking at the familiar and young faces around her, Yuan Xiao was a little excited and sad.


Yuan Xiao heard a disdainful chuckle behind her. She was extremely familiar with this voice. She turned her head slightly and glanced back. That boys fair skin, tall and exquisite nose, and a pair of clear and gentle eyes were filled with disdain.

In Yuan Xiaos eyes, that boys face, which should have been somewhat stunning, was incomparably annoying. Wasnt this her childhood sweetheart, Jiang Yan In her previous life, she really liked him to the point of giving up her dignity. However, Jiang Yan told Yuan Xiao that he did not like idiots who could not even pass their examinations. In the end, he even got together with Yuan Wei, whom Yuan Xiao hated the most.

Seeing Jiang Yan again, Yuan Xiao realized that her feelings for him seemed to have completely changed. Not only was she not moved at all, she even felt a little annoyed.

After all, he had hurt her as many times as Yuan Wei had.

“Yuan Xiao, youre still looking behind you! Come and solve the questions on the blackboard!” The form teachers frown deepened when she saw that Yuan Xiao was distracted.

Upon hearing the form teachers words, Yuan Xiao suddenly came back to her senses. She was an out-and-out bad student. Could it be that she had to go up and embarrass herself as soon as she came back to life

[Good luck, Host! You can do it!]

Hearing the systems voice, Yuan Xiao felt a little relieved. She slowly walked towards the blackboard. The questions that should have been difficult became simple and clear in her eyes. It seemed that the Academic Genius System was really effective.

Yuan Xiao returned to her seat under the surprised gazes of the entire class. Not only did she answer the questions on the blackboard, but she also used two different methods.

“Ahem, not bad. It seems that Student Yuan Xiao has worked hard in private and deserves praise. However, you still have to listen attentively in class!” The form teacher was also a little surprised, but was happy to see that the student had answered the questions correctly.

“Alright, Teacher. Ill listen attentively!”

Yuan Xiao smiled. These words were not only for the form teacher, but also for herself. In this life, she must take back everything she had lost.

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“Xiao Xiao, youre amazing…” Her deskmate, Li Chang, covered her mouth with a book and whispered to Yuan Xiao.

Looking at Li Changs young face, Yuan Xiaos eyes almost turned red as memories surged into her mind.



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