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Chapter 371 – Girl and expanding connections – Part one

I continue exchanging letters with Alice.

She lives far from here, so I don’t get her responses right away, but the fact that it takes a while just makes me look forward to them more.

I feel like going to Migha gave me a wider perspective on a lot of things.

I discovered new things, and got an idea of what I want this village to be like.

But that doesn’t mean I only have fun things in my mind.

This village where we live is going to start connecting with other places.

And when this village completely stops being a secret, not all those connections are going to be good.

Miss Lan and other people from the village have been talking about this.

We’re going to be connected to other places a lot more than we ever were.

In particular, a lot of people from Migha are going to be coming here.

That’s why we need to make sure to tell everyone what to watch out for when people come here, and when people from here go to other places.

But this place still doesn’t have enough people to be a country.

It’s really small compared to Migha.

The Kingdom of Migha doesn’t want to be our enemy, so that’s not a problem for now, but Miss Lan still says we should increase our population if we can.

It’s because of this, and to deepen our connections with other places, that another visit to the country beyond the forest is being planned.

That place is called Kingdom of Lunid.

I’ve never been there, so I’d like to go if I can.

I want to expand my horizons, and see different things in different places.

And I really want to become stronger to protect this place that’s so important to me.

“Lerunda, you can go to the Kingdom of Lunid when we confirm that it’s not a dangerous place.

I’m sorry if this feels like we are being over-protective, but you are very important to this village.”


I think it has to do with me being a kid too.

If I was strong enough to protect myself perfectly and without anyone’s help, I don’t think people would be this worried about me going somewhere else, even if I was still the miko.

I guess it will take a while before I can visit that country.

But some people from this village are going there.

If this leads to a deeper connection between us, I’ll probably visit it someday too.

But if the opposite happens, and relations between us worsen, that’s a different story.

We have to keep in mind that that could happen too.

I’ve never met someone who fully sees me as an enemy, or was after me to take me with them.

If the time comes when I have to face this sort of people, will I be able to handle it well

I really have to think about this sort of thing.

The plans to open an eatery are going well.

People who are good at cooking are handling it.

They’re making a menu based on things that are unique to this village, and different foods eaten by different races.

But since we still don’t use money, it’s going to be using a bartering system too.

People are very busy building the eatery, preparing the menu, and making sure they have employees.

And there’s going to be another store too.

This sort of thing is falling into place little by little.

“Gaius, let’s go eat there when it’s done.”


I definitely want to go with Gaius when it’s ready.

I’m sure that’ll be fun.

New stores are opening little by little, we’re deepening our ties with the outside world… And in the end, we’re going to turn this into a country that won’t lose to anyone.

The more I think about it, the more it feels like this is a long road.

It’s like the older I get, the more I understand reality, and how difficult our dream is.

But seeing it come true little by little makes me happy.

The eatery is complete after some time.

It took less than I thought.

Everyone is going, and having a good time.

It makes me happy seeing everyone enjoy themselves.

I’m here with Gaius too, and we’re greeted as customers.

It feels weird how we’re being treated differently than usual.

I guess it’s because of the positions of employee and customer.

I remember Miss Lan saying that when people are working, they show a different side of themselves compared to how they are normally.

Only people from this village can come to this eatery for now, but eventually, people who are visiting the village from somewhere else are going to come here too.

People are also saying we should have a place for them to stay too, but since we have a few empty houses, those will do for now, and we can think about that later.

And as we keep building things we need here in the village, a message comes from the Kingdom of Migha, saying a certain country wants to get involved with me.

—Girl and expanding connections – Part one

(An eatery is built in the miko’s village, and she receives a message from the Kingdom of Migha.)



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