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Chapter 370 – The educator’s records – Part eight

[Records regarding the miko]

Recorder: Landouno Stoffer

My days with Lerunda, the miko, have been full of new discoveries.

When we went to the ruins, I got the chance to study the technology of a country that prospered a long time ago.

Lerunda met a sleeping spirit there, and formed a contract with her, naming her Wea.

A lake was built in the village and a new spirit tree was planted.

I don’t know of any other place where so many different races co-exist like this.

My heart races when I think about technology of the past.

I’m sure they could do many things I can’t even imagine.

When there was a fire in the village, Lerunda’s prayer brought rain.

Lerunda’s ability to control the weather might be related to her being a miko of the sky god.

Lerunda is the only miko I know, and surely the only one I will ever meet, since I am human.

Part of me can’t help but lament that if my life was longer, I would be able to meet more miko and learn more about them, but that is completely out of my control.

I will continue researching miko as much as I can, and leave that knowledge for future generations.

But still, the most important thing that happened recently has to be our visit to the Kingdom of Migha.

Migha used to be a country that enslaved beast people, but that country now has a new king, and the country itself is changing.

With so much change, comes opposition.

But still, I believe the person leading this change, Hicked Migha, is a young man with a lot of resolve.

If he continues to be king, I’m sure our village will be able to build a positive relationship with Migha.

We managed to accomplish a lot in Migha.

For example, acquiring money, bringing back with us people from Nirushi’s village, and reuniting Lerunda with Alice.

The concept of money as a whole hasn’t really permeated in this village yet, but that will be necessary if this village is to become a country.

That means acquiring money was a big success.

And the fact that we visited Migha once means we can hope to deepen our relationship in the future.

Our village isn’t yet known to the outside world, but no matter how much we try to hide, it will become known eventually.

That will be a lot of trouble, so we really need to be ready when the time comes.

It’s very fortunate that we were able to bring back with us people who were enslaved.

Nirushi’s dearest wish has come true, but after being slaves for years, some people chose to remain in Migha.

There are those who became slaves, and those who managed to run away, and as the years went by, the environment around them was different, and their ways of thinking changed.

People who live in this village might want to leave one day as well.

If that happens, their aspirations might change again.

Our village is united under the goal to create a place where we won’t have to lose anyone, but that’s because we are so few.

If we do accomplish this goal, new ideas will start sprouting here.

In fact, people’s goals might start shifting into different directions before we even get there.

Thinking about it this way, I see our goal really isn’t an easy one.

Lerunda managed to meet her twin sister, Alice.

I was Alice’s educator once, but I couldn’t get through to her.

She was selfish and wouldn’t study, so I was surprised by how different she became.

She was taken as the miko, exposed as a fake, and went through a lot of trouble.

But it’s thanks to those experiences that she’s now able to open her heart to Lerunda.

They even started exchanging letters.

Lerunda and Alice are sure to continue changing, and I look forward to seeing how Alice has further changed next time I see her.

And after we came back from Migha, Mister Villa became a ‘knight of the miko’.

So now the ‘miko’s knights’ are Reimar the gryphon, Gaius the wolf beast person, Phyto who was called the daughter of god, and the winged person Mister Villa.

I’m sure becoming a ‘knight of the miko’ will change him too.

I look forward to seeing what power will awaken in him, since he already had the power to fly.

As for Lerunda’s powers, they are still a mystery to me, even though I have been observing her for so long.

I still want to learn more about them.

Our village will become more involved with the outside world, which means there is a chance that Lerunda will be targeted for being the miko.

I once again realize that we need to make sure to put systems in place in this village to protect her.

—The educator’s records – Part eight

(The educator writes records about the miko and the village.

She thinks about the village becoming more connected with the outside world, and takes action for the sake of its future.)



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