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Chapter 363 – Girl with the winged people – Part two

I’m flying in the sky, with the wings made from magic on my back.

The weather’s nice today.

The light of the sun is bright, and the wind is blowing.

It feels really good.

The fact that I feel so good flying like this probably has to do with me being a miko of the sky god.

The place Miss Muselan and the others wanted to show us can be reached by flying, and what I see below me is so calm and peaceful, that I end up smiling.

I can only see this because I’m up here in the sky, and this view is burned into my memory.

I should tell Miss Lan and the others about this.

Finding new things can be good for the village, so I usually tell them when I find something.

Still, it’s been years since we started living in this forest, but there’s still lots of things we don’t know about it.

This cliff and beautiful waterfall in front of me right now is one of those things I didn’t know about.

I hear water.

The sound of water running down the cliff feels nice.

I go higher and above the cliff, and see there’s a lake there.

I try to get closer, but I’m stopped.

“You shouldn’t go near that lake.

There is a monster there.”

Apparently there’s a dangerous monster there.

Actually, it’s probably because of that scary monster that this place is still beautiful.

If this place was full of monsters, it would probably look a lot different.

That monster isn’t a threat to us because we can fly.

Being able to escape into the air is really a great advantage.

Of course, being in the air has its own dangers too.

I can see the scary monster in the lake from here.

It’s only poking its head out of the water, so I can’t see its full body, but it startles me when it looks this way.

I can tell by its big shadow that the monster must be huge.

I need to be careful, because being attacked by a monster like that would be really scary.

There’s still so much in this world that I don’t know about.

I’m a miko of the sky god, so beings that fly don’t show a lot of hostility towards me, but even that isn’t guaranteed, so I can’t let that go to my head.

“What do you think, Doanea”



(It’s a beautiful sight.

I am satisfied.)”

Doanea still can’t fly for a long period of time, so two winged people are holding a basket with Doanea inside.

Doanea sounds happy, and I’m happy to hear it.

Miss Muselan and the others have a look of accomplishment on their faces too… And their eyes shine as they look at Doanea.

They really like Doanea a lot.

Afterwards, we go down to a field of flowers to rest, in part because I’m tired from having these wings out for so long.

No one’s taking care of this place or anything, but it’s filled with flowers of lots of different colors.

Red, blue, yellow, white, black… So many flowers.

Apparently monsters hide between them, so we can’t let our guard down.

They smell really nice too.

It really feels like the smell of nature.


(I’ll make flower crowns.)”

“Gurugurururu (It smells so nice.)”

Yuin starts skillfully using his frontal legs to make flower crowns.

It looks like he’s having a lot of fun.

Rurumar is happily pointing her beak at the flowers to smell them.

Doanea sounds happy about the field of flowers too.

We brought boxed meals villagers made for us.

They look really tasty, and eating in a beautiful place like this makes it even better.

Being here with everyone makes it more fun too.

The winged people look like they like it too.

The bread we make in the village is really good.

I ate lots of different things in Migha, but it’s just as good or better than anything I had there.

Almost no one comes to our village, because it’s still a secret, but when people start visiting it, I hope they say the food we worked so hard to make is good.

Yuin puts flower crowns he made on my head and Doanea’s.

Doanea says ‘this does not suit me’, but I still think they look kind of happy.

I’m sure Doanea is happy that Yuin made them.

Doanea isn’t honest about this sort of thing, but I think that’s cute.

When the winged people see Doanea with the flower crown, they rush to make some for themselves.

But it doesn’t go well, probably because they live so high up and aren’t used to making things like flower crowns.

Yuin helps them out though.

They can’t talk to each other, but I translate.

Spending time like this really is nice.

—Girl with the winged people – Part two

(The miko enjoys a nice view and a field of flowers)



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