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Chapter 2048: Refining Spiritual DomainsTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Qiaoqiao, all these are my heartfelt words.”

Qiao Mu abruptly hugged his waist and squeezed him vigorously.

“Hug me as long as you want.

You dont need to look for an excuse.”

Miss Qiao offering a hug with her outstretched arms amused Mo Lian immensely.

The little fellows action of asking for a hug was too cute!

It wouldnt do.

He could not let other people casually see her do this action that could melt peoples hearts.

Mo Lian pettily covered the little fellows head up with the cape and picked her up in a princess carry.

He quickly strode toward their small bedroom in the cabin.

“Qiaoqiao, its windy outside, so lets talk after going inside.”

Qiao Mu looked up at the clear skies in the distance.

She then truned to look at Mo Lian.

Suddenly, she opened her petite mouth and bit his lips.

Crown Prince Mo froze up completely, and even his stride had halted.

After giving him a glance, the little fellow let her gaze wander elsewhere.

She definitely wouldnt tell this guy that in that moment just now, she had an unfathomable urge to hug and bite him!

Hm, how to explain this

Its not the wine that intoxicates but the person himself who gets drunk

Qiao Mu clearly hadnt drunk wine, but her vision was clearly getting hazy when she looked at that handsome face…

In the following 15 days.

Everybody was making the best use of their time to furiously absorb the spiritual energy in Blinsheet Islands three spiritual domains.

Instead of referring to Blinsheet Island as a single island, it was more apt to refer to it as a group of islands.

The discovered spiritual domains took up less than one-tenth of Blinsheet Islands total area.

Everybody said that there might even be up to eight spiritual domains on this Blinsheet Island, but everybody might still be oblivious to them when using the naked eye.

After 15 days, Qiao Mu started refining the largest spiritual domain on the island with Mo Lian, Feng Chen, and them covering for her.

Her skill at refining secret realms now could practically be said to be consummate.

Of course, the secret realms size and density of spiritual energy would affect the amount of time she needed to condense the secret realm.

Normally speaking, the refining would basically be finished in two hours, and only one hour was needed if everything went smoothly.

As the spiritual energy generated by heaven and earth swarmed frenziedly, the large spiritual domain Qiao Mu was in started to tremor and fracture bit by bit.

This was until a lustrous white bead appeared in Qiao Mus hand.

The entire spiritual domain instantly broke down completely, and the group of Moonlight Academy students inside who were cultivating as much as they could opened their eyes in confusion.

At this moment, Qiao Mu was already sprinting toward the next of the three spiritual domains.

After spending another hour, she had finished refining the smallest spiritual domain.

By this time, the island was embroiled in a bewildered uproar.

Qiao Mu left the remaning spiritual domain alone.

After all, it was not easy for everybody to go against all odds in this competition to finally obtain a chance to cultivate in a spiritual domain.

She had best not overdo it…

“What exactly is going on” Sunlight Academys Mentor Cao Dan bolted up from his seat as if his butt had caught on fire.

“Yeah, how come the spiritual domains are falling apart one after the other without rhyme or reason”

“Theres only this final spiritual domain remaining.

It wont fall apart too, right” Zhou Danjin asked worriedly.

Everybody looked at each other in dismay.

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