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MGA: Chapter 912 – My Master Comes from the Cursed Soil Sect

Although livid, when considering the present circumstances, Murong Niekong endured the fury, organized his emotions, and said, “Lord Jiang Qisha, my ancestor has come from this Misty Peak.

He knows the inside very well.

“Rather than a blind search, why not allow my ancestor to help you search instead Although Lady Piaomiao is the master of this place, she will absolutely not help you.

Im sure you know the advantages and disadvantages very well.”

“Haha, look at you! I was just joking.

Since were in an alliance, how can I ignore him when hes in trouble” After hearing his words, Jiang Qisha laughed.

He looked as if everything before was merely a joke.

But at that very instant, Murong Niekong and the others, though calm on the surface, had fluctuating hearts.

They knew this young man was too cunning and dangerous.

They truly shouldn’t have allied with him.

But sadly, they could do nothing now because they were already forced to go along with the momentum he set.

*boom rumble rumble*

Just at that moment, another deafening explosion rang out.

There was yet another confrontation in the distance between Murong Mingtian and Lady Piaomiao.

Moreover, the might it created this time was even fiercer than before.

“My friend Jiang Qisha, are you willing to lend me a hand” Murong Mingtian couldnt help but speak as well.

He truly had no choice.

Right now, his injuries were even more serious.

Even his aura started to slip.

His face was pale, there was blood all over his body, perspiration drenched his body, he was gasping for air, and even the hand which held the Royal Armament was trembling slightly.

On the other hand, Lady Piaomiao was not merely unwounded, she looked invincible.

Her clothes fluttered, and the white silk was akin to an incomparably enormous white draconic serpent.

As it flew in the air, it looked as if it could break anything.

“Murong Mingtian, when alls said and done, youre still a man whos cultivated for several hundred years.

Yet, you cant even beat an old granny Isnt this a bit too embarrassing”

Jiang Qisha slowly walked over in the air, allowing shock wave after shock wave to endlessly sweep past his body—they were unable to stop his advance.

“Lady Piaomiao, although that Jiang Qisha is only a rank four Martial King, his fighting strength is absolutely not as simple as a mere rank four Martial King.

Dont fight him; it is best to take this chance to escape,” Chu Feng quickly reminded.

From the start, he had felt the true threat wasnt the Immortal Execution Archipelago, but Jiang Qisha who came from the Holy Land of Martialism.

“I dont care where he comes from, nor what strength he has.

Since hes dared to invade my Misty Peak, I will not forgive him.”

However, Lady Piaomiao simply ignored Chu Fengs words.

She, who was in a rage, didnt plan to leave immediately.

Instead, she wanted to initiate a fierce attack.

She ignored the slowly forwarding Jiang Qisha, and as she controlled the white silk Royal Armament, she once again threw it towards Murong Mingtian, aiming to take his life.

“Old granny, are you ignoring me” Jiang Qisha lightly smiled, then stepped forward.

With the flash of light, he disappeared instantly, and when he reappeared, he was in front of Lady Piaomiao.

“Old granny, let me test your strength.”

When Lady Piaomiao reacted to his appearance, Jiang Qisha, with faintly squinting eyes, had already powerfully sent his palm towards Lady Piaomiaos face amidst a fierce howling of wind.

*whoosh* Lady Piaomiao dodged to the left, and with an agile body and extremely quick speed, she perfectly dodged Jiang Qishas attack.

But, unexpectedly, Jiang Qisha flipped his wrist, then a powerful gale created by King-level Martial power shot out from his palm, towards Lady Piaomiaos face again.

*whoosh* That palm-gale was not to be underestimated, so Lady Piaomiao could only evade again.

However, Jiang Qisha held out his other hand.

Clenching tightly, as the air around it rippled, he punched out.

Its pressure instantly enveloped everything.

The seemingly ordinary punch was actually a powerful martial skill.

Its area of attack was vast; it covered all of Lady Piaomiaos escape.

*hmm* Since she could not dodge that punch, she willed a golden Spirit Formation to appear as she retreated backwards.

It covered her front to block the attack.

*boom* However, she had still underestimated Jiang Qisha.

The might of his punch not only broke Lady Piaomiaos Spirit Formation, it even shattered it.


At that moment, Lady Piaomiao tightly knitted her brows.

She felt that continuously dodging wasnt the solution.

So, she lightly flicked her robe, and from the white silk that curled in the air, she instantly released the aura of the Royal Armament.

With an oppressing and destructive might, it attacked back at Jiang Qisha.

But even so, Jiang Qishas smile did not diminish.

He didnt put much attention on the Royal Armaments attack.

As he dealt with it, he continued attacking Lady Piaomiao.

His attacks were fierce, and they were simply continuous and completely surprising.

Even Lady Piaomiao herself felt enormous pressure.


This Jiang Qisha has truly suppressed Lady Piaomiao, and he doesnt even need to use a Royal Armament”

“Suppressing a rank six as a rank four.

This one is indeed a genius.

So is this a monster from the Holy Land of Martialism No wonder he was so arrogant.”

The people from the Immortal Execution Archipelago and the Three Great Monstrous Clans all couldnt help but deeply inhale.

Martial Kings and Martial Lords were different.

The difference between ranks in Martial Kings was much more obvious than the latter.

Strength that could suppress an opponent two ranks above was absolutely no weaker than Chu Fengs, who could suppress those three ranks above—perhaps it was even stronger.

However, after truly seeing Jiang Qishas power, Murong Niekong and the others tightly furrowed their brows.

Their expressions were grave, because his strength and cunningness, to them, might not be good.

“Lady Piaomiao, he is too strong.

Dont fight him anymore, and first leave this place.

It is never late to take revenge.” Qiushui Fuyan couldnt help persuading Lady Piaomiao as well.

Judging by what was happening, anyone could tell Jiang Qisha had kept some of strength unrevealed.

However, Lady Piaomiao clearly hadnt kept much hidden.

The one stronger and the one weaker was already known.

If they continued, Lady Piaomiao would only enter a greater disadvantage.

“Brat, where did you come from Do you dare to report your background” Lady Piaomiao furiously asked, evidently bitter.

“Old granny, since youve asked, listen up.

Today, Ill tell you.

Prick up your ears.

Ive come from the Holy Land of MartialismsCursed Soil Sect.

“If you want revenge, you are welcome any time.

However, with the aptitude you have, even if you cultivate for several tens of thousands of years, to my Cursed Soil Sect, you will be no more than garbage.

You wont even pass my gates.” Jiang Qisha curled up his lips, his smile full of ridicule.

He completely looked down on Lady Piaomiao.


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