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MGA: Chapter 905 – Immortal Sword Formation

“Actually, my master was originally very beautiful.

We had seen a drawing of her young self, and she was truly pretty back then, even more than Senior Qiushui right now.

“However, that mad Murong Mingtian destroyed my masters complexion.

Not only that, he even used my ancestors Forbidden Medicine so my master could never restore her appearance.

“In reality, my masters face is fake.

Her true countenance has already destroyed.” Chun Wu silently wept.

At that instant, Chu Feng tightly clenched his fists.

An indescribable rage spread from his heart.

He seemed to know why Lady Piaomiao only gave herself an ordinary appearance even though she was so powerful.

Perhaps her mentality was changed due to the destruction of her beauty, and felt rather than having some exquisite complexion, it was better to have a more ordinary one.

“Originally, Murong Mingtian even wanted to destroy my masters cultivation, but luckily, my ancestor awakened.

“Seeing so many disciples killed, and even my masters beautiful complexion had been touched by such a venomous scheme, she went into a rage.

She ruthlessly tormented Murong Mingtian, of it included using a powerful seal to cut that part off from Murong Mingtian, and dealt a peraenent damage to his physical body.

“However, Murong Mingtian, with some sort of special method, escaped.

He was heavily injured, so both my master and ancestor felt he was doomed and could not survive.

So, they didnt bother searching for his whereabouts.

“However, unexpectedly, he not only survived, he even created the Immortal Execution Archipelago and had lived for this long.

“Typically speaking, even after becoming a rank six Martial King, he shouldnt be able to live this long.

The reason he is to, however, must be because hes relying on something he got from the Misty Peak.

“And now, this bastard even dares to bring so many people to attack the place that raised him! I have never seen such a despicable person like him.” Chun Wus body was trembling from anger, and from that, it could be seen how furious she was.

Chu Feng, who finally knew what had happened, felt the rage surging throughout his body as well.

He involuntarily cast his gaze towards Murong Mingtian, his eyes full of strong bloodlust.

Putting aside what he did to Lady Piaomiao, since he was the true ruler of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, Chu Feng knew that the one who bound Zi Ling with the Heaven Gripping Pellet was him.

He had truly committed an enormity.

He could not be forgiven.

“Shut up!

“Who let you flatten the Misty Peak This is the place that raised me! Are you going to flatten the place that raised me” However, who would have expected Murong Mingtian to suddenly berate the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Of course, the Immortal Execution Archipelago quickly shut their mouths, and no one dared to say even half a word.

It could be seen how much deterrence this unseen ancestor had in the hearts of the army.

“Some Immortal Execution Archipelago this is.

Immortal Execution… Immortal Execution… These two words have quite the meaning! It looks like youve planned for this day when you made this name.1

“Coming here to capture Chu Feng is merely an excuse, and the true reason you came here is to take revenge on the Misty Peak, right” Lady Piaomiao asked.

“Senior, why must you make it sound so unpleasant There are some conflicts between you and me, but I have none with the Misty Peak! Like I said, this is the place that raised me.

Ive come here today to express my gratitude,” Murong Mingtian said, lacking any shame on his face.

“Expressing gratitude requires so many people” Lady Piaomiao also mocking smiled.

“If I dont bring so many people, Im afraid you wont let me in, senior!” Murong Mingtian said.

“Hoh, if I let you in, Im afraid Ill have to leave.

To me, you arent here to express your gratitude, but instead, your life has neared the end.

You want to borrow the power of the peak to prolong your life,” Lady Piaomiao said with cold words.

“Heh, my senior is truly understanding.

Since youre so clear on that, why the extra question If you put away the defensive formation and let us in, Ill just ignore everything that had happened.

“If you force me to break through the formation, then at that time, you cant blame me for a massacre,” Murong Mingtian said.

“Break through the formation Thatll depend whether you have the strength or not.” Lady Piaomiaos face turned cold, and she closed her eyes.

Then, her hands rapidly changed position, then she shouted, “Immortal Sword Formation, activate!”

*whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Countless huge swords shining with golden radiance shot out from the defensive formation.

Every single sword was over a dozen meters long, and all contained extremely powerful strength.

At that very instant, by rough estimations, there were several tens of millions of golden swords.

As they spun, they were like an army that guarded a city.

Not even water could pass through the seal of swords regardless of direction.

It exuded a powerful aura, making it seem as though nothing could break through it.

“I have heard of this Immortal Sword Formation from Master, but Id never had the chance to see it.

Ive seen something new today.” Murong Mingtian frowned slightly at the formation of millions of swirling swords, because he had heard how powerful it was.

“Ancestor, this Immortal Sword Formation is very strong.

If we forcibly make an attack, Im afraid we wont succeeded,” Murong Niekong couldnt help saying.

At that very moment, everyone felt the strength of that Immortal Sword Formation.

He felt that the power of the Immortal Sword Formation seemed to have far surpassed a typical rank six Martial King.

If they forced an attack, it would truly be difficult.

“I havent been a rank six Martial King for just a few days.

The reason I hadnt come to this Misty Peak wasnt because I feared Lady Piaomiao, but because I fear this Immortal Sword Formation.

“This formations strength is dependent on the guardians strength.

Although Lady Piaomiao is as strong as me, since shes controlling this Immortal Sword Formation, I am truly no match for her,” Murong Mingtian said.

“Ancestor, what should we do Weve put painstaking effort into allying with the Three Great Monstrous Clans and came here, taking the risk that the Crippling Night Demon Sect may attack our headquarters.

We cant just return with nothing, right” Murong Niekong said worriedly.

Their dispatch of army this time could truly be said to be all they had.

Only a few experts were left behind to guard the headquarters.

If the Crippling Night Demon Sect took this chance to invade, their base would likely not hold.

“Ever since that Crippling Night Demon Sects sect head died, they warrant no fear.

Right now, weve allied with the Three Great Monstrous Clans.

Is it not an easy task to kill them all The Eastern Sea Region no longer allows for the Crippling Night Demon Sect to exist!

“As for the headquarters, if it cannot be kept, then it can be abandoned.

This Misty Peak is something from the Ancient Era.

It is the holiest place in the Eastern Sea Region.

As long as we take it down, this will be the Immortal Execution Archipelagos headquarters,” Murong Mingtian said.

“However, this Immortal Sword Formation is so powerful! How do we break through it” Murong Niekong felt confused.

Full title of Lady Piaomiao is Immortal Lady.


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