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MGA: Chapter 868 – Skinned Alive and Tendons Extracted

“The glorious head of the Stone Sword Sect only possesses this level of strength” Chu Feng said with a mocking smile.

“You…” The sect heads mouth twitched when heard those words.

His face was distorted, and he couldnt help but cast his gaze towards the people at the peak of the palace.

After he saw them gazing towards him with raised heads, he frowned even tighter.

He was truly in a difficult situation.

On one hand, he discovered that Chu Feng was too terrifying.

He seemed to be many times stronger in comparison to the day they clashed before.

He really didnt want to continue fighting him because he knew Chu Feng was a freak.

On the other hand, everyone thought Chu Feng was no match for him.

They were looking forward to Chu Fengs death, and for a great display of might.

Right now, it was truly like he was riding a tiger and couldnt get off.

Despite the uneasiness in his heart, he had no retreat.

Thus, he could only continue fighting Chu Feng.

*whoosh* As he had no choice, the head of the Stone Sword Sect could only make his move again.

With the flip of his palm, a stone sword—a unique symbol of the Stone Sword Sect—appeared in his hand.

When it appeared, light swirled around it.

The head of the Stone Sword Sect was using his full strength to channel his power into the stone sword.

He was not only channeling his own Martial power into it.

All of the nearby Martial power was gathering towards the stone sword.

Due to that, the runes on the sword not only shone brightly, it even rocked to and fro.

It endlessly trembled like a furious beast impatient to rid itself of its shackles to tear the enemy before it.

“This power… Could it be the strongest technique in the Stone Sword Sect, Stone Sword Execution”

“Right! Its Stone Sword Execution! Ive heard if its mastered, its even superior to a rank nine martial skill!

“Today, we can finally see Sect Head Shi use this technique! Its extremely fierce, so I would quite like to see how that monster Chu Feng will stop it!”

When they saw such a scene, the crowd cried out in surprise.

They were dumbstruck by the power emanated by the stone sword.

When he heard their discussions, the head of the Stone Sword Sect looked even prouder.

He shouted, “Chu Feng, you have been audacious! First you killed my elders, then you come to my sect to challenge me! Today, with this stone sword, I will take your filthy life!”

After speaking, the head of the Stone Sword Sect released his hand.

The stone sword swirling with radiance flew down, and with such a horrifying aura, pressed its way towards Chu Feng.

That stone sword was an accumulation of nearly all his Martial power.

Its power was truly terrifying.

Before it was even near Chu Feng, the ground he stood on cracked.

The plaza already filled with holes was bearing an enormous pressure.

It was now collapsing.

But even so, Chu Feng remained unmoving.

His hands were behind his back, he looked at the sky, and brought a smile to his face.

He was not planning to dodge at all.

Only when the stone sword was about to collide into him did Chu Feng slowly raise his hand, and opened up his five fingers towards the stone sword.

“What is he doing”

The crowd was puzzled by Chu Fengs action at first, but after the stone sword had reached Chu Feng, they were terrified so much their heads went numb.

Chills went down their spines.

Everyones expression changed greatly.

Chu Feng not only stopped the stone sword with the power of a single hand, and thus stopped this horrifying Stone Sword Execution, with the clench of his sword, and a huge explosion, he shattered the stone sword.

The technique named as the sect heads most terrifying strike was turned into dust by just one of Chu Fengs palms.

That strength truly surpassed all of their imagination.

None of them could accept such a fact.

But that wasnt even much.

After shattering the stone sword, Chu Feng looked at the head of the Stone Sword Sect in the sky and coldly shouted, “Old bastard, your life is finished today.

Get the hell down here and receive death.”

After speaking, an insane suction power surged out of his palm, instantly enveloping the head of the Stone Sword Sect.


Before such suction power, the head of the Stone Sword Sect cried out in alarm.

Not only did he lose his ability to fly, he was even like a kite with its string cut as he lost balance, swayed left and right in the air, and rolled around as he shot straight in Chu Fengs direction.

“Heavens! The difference in their strength is this big”

“How is this the Sect Head Shi who beat up Chu Feng, forcing him to escape He doesnt even stand a chance against Chu Feng!”

“This is unbelievable.

This is truly unbelievable.

This Chu Feng is even stronger than the rumours.” Everyone was tongue-tied and dumbfounded when they saw that.

Discussions arose as they shouted in surprise.

Even though they already knew Chu Feng possessed very powerful strength, they didnt think he was that powerful.

After they saw Shi Jingtian chase after the panicking and escaping Chu Feng before, they naturally felt Chu Feng was now no match for the sect head either.

Yet, when they saw this scene, they were truly taken aback.

They couldnt help but look at Chu Feng in another light because how could the sect head even chase after Chu Feng He simply didnt even have any strength to fight against Chu Feng!

“Lord Yan, save me!” In a situation like that, the head of the Stone Sword Sect knew how poor the present circumstances were.

So, he quickly asked for help from that Lord Yan.

*whoosh* In reality, Lord Yan had already made his move.

He waved his big sleeve and the aura of a rank eight Martial Lord burst out.

A powerful suction power surged from his sleeve, wrapping around the sect head in the air.

He wanted to save him.

“This brat…” However, it was useless.

Even though his suction power had enveloped the head of the Stone Sword Sect, it was unable to save him.

In the end, he could only watch as the sect head landed into Chu Fengs hands and was grabbed by the neck.

“Old bastard, you have been audacious! You dare attack members of the Crippling Night Demon Sect! Right now, I shall skin you alive, and extract your tendons!”

After grabbing hold of the sect head, Chu Feng did not spare him anything.

Back then, Shi Jingtian had killed the Nine-fingered Old Mans family and aimed to kill Chu Feng.

The fury of him wounding Eggy surged into his head.

With anger overwhelming his heart, Chu Fengs next moves were merciless.

Grabbing his neck, he flung him around like a sandbag.

Only after swirling him a few times in the air did he slam down abruptly.

With a bang, he was thrown into a deep pit underneath his feet.


Chu Feng truly put too much force into that slam, so much that the deep pit was unable to bear his strength.

The head of the Stone Sword Sect actually shot straight into the ground like a sharp arrow, and one could only hear his heart-wrenching scream.

“Get the hell back here.” But how would Chu Feng let him go so easily He grabbed out at the pit, and the head of the Stone Sword Sect returned to his hand.

However, at that moment, not only was blood all over him, his body even made creaking sounds—it was the sound of shattered bones.

Chu Fengs strike had nearly completely destroyed the sect heads physical body.

Not only his bones were destroyed, nearly all his organs were broken.

But clearly Chu Feng was not satisfied.

He extended his palm, and like a sharp blade, it stabbed into the sect heads arm.

Then, after pulling it back out, there was a blood thing within his hand—the tendon of Shi Jingtians arm.

At that instant, it was forcibly extracted by Chu Feng.

“AHH—” The pain was unendurable.

Shi Jingtian screamed even more painfully than before.

But that wasnt even much.

After Chu Feng pulled out one of his tendons, he extended his hand, and pulled.

With a tearing sound, Chu Feng had torn off the skin of Shi Jingtians entire face.


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