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MGA: Chapter 867 – Chu Feng’s Attack

“Chu Feng Its Chu Feng!” After they saw his person, everyone was shocked.

The famous people within the peak of the palace all stood up, as if they were facing a huge enemy.

The disciples on the plaza all rose into the air, quickly backing away, creating some distance.

At present, his name was too ferocious.

And, since everyone here was a part of the Immortal Execution Archipelago, they were enemies to the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

So, to them, Chu Feng was definitely an extremely dangerous person.

However, at that instant, the person who felt the most alarmed was none other than the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

He was the only person here who had seen Chu Fengs strength and techniques.

He knew very well what sort of person he was.

Not only was his strength unbelievably strong, as a person, he was ruthless and cruel.

He would never forget how Chu Feng and Eggy tortured him when he was receiving the backlash of the Forbidden Medicine.

If the Third Immortal hadnt arrived, who knew how much more pain he would have felt.

So, when he saw Chu Feng again, he felt very afraid.

His fear towards Chu Feng was already imbued into his bones.

But, no matter how afraid he was, he could not display any of it, and when he thought of the Third Immortals subordinate, Lord Yan, he felt quite a bit more at ease.

So, the head of the Stone Sword Sect coldly snorted, and said domineeringly, “Chu Feng, you truly have quite the nerves! Back then, I spared your life, yet you still dare to stir up trouble in my Stone Sword Sect Do you truly think I wont kill you”

“Haha, what a joke! Spared my life You are quite shameless.

“Have you forgotten the torture you felt back then in the Arctic Killing Formation” Chu Feng laughed loudly.

His laughter was very ridiculing.

“What Arctic Killing Formation Torture What happened” The crowd was taken aback by those words.

As they looked at each other, they felt confused.

Then, they cast their gazes, pleading for answers, at the head of the Stone Sword Sect, asking, “Sect Head Shi, what does that Chu Feng mean”

“Dont listen to his rubbish! When have I been tortured by him” The head of the Stone Sword Sect had quite an unsightly face as he heard the crowds question.

But, he still refuted Chu Fengs accusation.

He couldnt, after all, admit that he was nearly killed by Chu Fengs torture in the Arctic Killing Formation, right

He was planning to rule over the people here! If he admitted to such a thing, where would his face go Where would his dignity go So, even if he were beaten to death, he would not speak the truth.

“Thats right! Back then, I had personally seen Sect Head Shi chase after Chu Feng as he was escaping.

I didnt think he would dare to so brazenly claim he tortured Sect Head Shi in the Arctic Killing Formation!

“Sect Head Shi, this person doesnt want any face, so theres no need to give him any mercy! Just do the same before and give him a good lesson!” someone shouted suddenly.

“Thats right! Hes right! This Chu Feng killed the Stone Sword Sects six seniors! That is a capital offense! Sect Head Shi, you dont need to be kindhearted and spare him.

You must kill him and avenge your six elders!” At that moment, even more people spoke.

“Kill him, kill him!”

The recollection of the six supreme elders being killed incited the fury of the elders and disciples from the Stone Sword Sect.

In an instant, various shouts exploded and like thunder, resounded within the Stone Sword Sect.


At that instant, the head of the Stone Sword Sect tightly furrowed his brows.

He felt his heart beating as though his heart were a drum.

He knew very well he could not defeat Chu Feng.

“Whats wrong Without Forbidden Medicine, youre afraid

“Or perhaps, you know youre no match for me, yet youre afraid of your lies being revealed, thus you dont dare to fight me” Just at that moment, Chu Feng calmly smiled and spoke with ridicule.

“Nonsense! You think Im afraid of you” Although he was indeed afraid of Chu Feng, his words still enraged the head of the Stone Sword Sect.

Chu Feng was humiliating him in front of the many elders and disciples of the Stone Sword Sect, as well as all peak experts in the Winter Plains

If he didnt counterattack, it would mean he admitted Chu Fengs words to be fact.

It would be akin to using his face to sweep the ground! He wouldnt hold any more power then.

Amidst his helplessness, he cast his gaze at Lord Yan behind him.

Seeming to understand what he was worried about, Lord Yan calmly smiled and sent a mental message to him.


With me here, I wont give him any chance to humiliate you.”

After Lord Yan spoke, the head of the Stone Sword Sect rejoiced.

Although Chu Fengs fighting strength was quite powerful and he had a Royal Armament, he knew Chu Feng wasnt so strong as to defeat a rank eight Martial Lord.

If Lord Yan made his move, Chu Feng was undoubtedly dead.

With Lord Yan supporting him, the head of the Stone Sword Sect wasnt as afraid as before.

But, just in case, he still said, “Chu Feng, the reason youre so arrogant is only because of you have a Royal Armament.

If you dont, do you think youre worth anything”

“Hoh, it seems that youre just afraid I will use this Royal Armament.

No problem, Ill satisfy your wish.

I wont use the Royal Armament.

“Come, I dont need a Royal Armament to litter the ground with your teeth and make you into a cripple,” Chu Feng said confidently.

“Quite the words you have there! Today, Ill show you the distance between us!”

The head of the Stone Sword Sect gained much more confidence seeing Chu Feng truly didnt plan to use his Royal Armament.

He leapt into the air, and soon after, with his palms waving about, bursts of violent Martial power surged forth.

They became glowing huge hands which slammed down at Chu Feng like a meteor shower.

It was a rank eight martial skill, and its power was very frightening.

As such, one could see that the head of the Stone Sword Sect truly feared Chu Feng.

Even though he didnt use a Royal Armament, that didnt mean the sect head could be careless.

His first attack was a killing blow.

However, against all expectations, Chu Feng stood on the spot and didnt even move while such a horrifying attack came towards him.

“What is that Chu Feng doing Hes not attacking, nor is he dodging! Is he looking to die” Chu Fengs action spread bewilderment amongst the crowd.

All of their eyes glittered as they were clueless to Chu Fengs action.

*boom boom boom boom boom*

Amidst the confusion, the sect heads attack had struck their target.

In an instant, not only did shock waves burst outward, explosions endlessly rang out.

The plaza Chu Feng stood in was being bombarded.

The ground was even violently shaking.

Seeing the chaos stirred up by the horrifying shock waves, everyone revealed joyous expressions because the sect heads attacks were very terrifying.

Very few people on scene could block them.

Yet, such a powerful martial skill had blown on Chu Fengs body.

Regardless of Chu Fengs strength, he was most likely dead—that was everyones feelings.


But just at that moment, a gale suddenly swept out and instantly blew away the turbulent shock waves.

At the same time, Chu Feng once again appeared within the crowds line of sight.

“Heavens! This… How is this possible!”

After seeing Chu Feng, everyone was dumbfounded.

A single word was written across their faces: astonishment.

There were even some cowardly people who backed away, quite frightened.

Even Lord Yan from the Immortal Execution Archipelago had a great change in expression.

He too felt disbelief.

Because at that very instant, the plaza Chu Feng stood on was filled with pits and holes.

It was horrifically blown up, yet Chu Feng was still standing on the spot, his hand behind his back.

Not only were his clothes undamaged, he was uninjured in any way.

There was even a mocking smile on his face.


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