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MGA: Chapter 856 – Hiddenly Observing the Fight

The surface of the peak full of medicinal plants was serene, as if completely untouched.

However, a strange invisible aura arose from the ground, into the air, and straight through the clouds, enveloping the space above the peak.

An auspicious aura—the indication of special treasure.

Actually, with so many medicinal plants gathered in a single area, there was already an auspicious aura, though very weak.

Yet now, a very strong aura came from the depths of the ground.

The reason for this was naturally due to Chu Feng.

Since the Third Immortal was a powerful World Spiritist, he definitely had special detection abilities others did not possess.

As such, Chu Feng knew if the Third Immortal were to approach this area, he would be quickly pulled into the false auspicious aura he created.

And since Chu Feng had increased the auspicious aura exuded by the medicinal plants and the Medicine King hiding within the Guardian Formation, even the Third Immortal wouldnt discover such a scheme.

After all, Chu Feng too was very skillful in Spirit Formation techniques, and this was also made with intensive preparations.

At that moment, for safetys sake, Chu Feng hid in the air and looked down from above, silently watching the changes occurring to the peak full of medicinal plants.

He had already made all possible arrangements, and concealed his aura to a point barely any was leaked.

Thus, he was not worried he would be discovered by the Third Immortal, nor worried he would be affected by the shock waves resulting from the Third Immortal laying a formation later.

*hmm* Suddenly, there was a ripple in space atop the peaceful mountain peak.

A person then appeared out of nowhere above the sea of medicinal plants—it was the Third Immortal.

“Heh, hes quite cunning.

Not only did he conceal his aura, he even concealed his physical body.”

Chu Feng smugly smiled.

He had to admit, the Third Immortal was quite impressive.

His technique of aura concealment was very powerful as well.

But sadly for him, Chu Feng was prepared.

Regardless of the Third Immortals following actions, he couldnt change the fact that he was in the open, while Chu Feng was hidden in the dark.

“Ive heard there were large amounts of medicinal plants within the Burning Heaven Church, so I reckoned they wouldnt take them away since the plants were not fully grown yet.

My suspicions were correct.

“The Burning Heaven Church has left for many years, and now, these precious medicinal plants have grown fully.

There are so many which havent even been taken by others.

Its clear the heavens have prepared this for me.”

The Third Immortal smiled lightly, but was not in a rush to harvest them.

Instead, he walked over to the burrowing location of the Medicine King, and said with a smile, “The aura of auspiciousness is the strongest here.

There is definitely an intelligent plant hidden underground and secretly growing.

“But sadly, even if you can hide yourself from others, you cant hide yourself from me.

Reveal yourself!”

*whoosh* After speaking, the Third Immortal leapt forth and rushed into the ground.

He didnt even move the soil as he used a special technique that allowed him to pass through normal soil and walls.

It was named the Wall Passing Technique.

“Finally, hes fallen for the trap.” Upon seeing the Third Immortal enter the ground, Chu Feng, observing in the dark, couldnt help making a smile.

Chu Feng felt, after the Third Immortal discovered the Medicine King hiding within the Guardian Formation underground, he definitely wouldnt retreat like Chu Feng due to his strength.

Instead, it was more likely he would attempt to break through the formation with his full strength.

After all, the Third Immortal did have the power to do so.

*boom* As expected, shortly after he burrowed into the ground, the entire peak trembled.

However, the peak was clearly reinforced by some special power.

Despite such intense shaking, only a few rocks fell and it was not destroyed.

It remained quite firm.

*whoosh* Quickly after, a person shot out from the ground—it was the Third Immortal.

However, with contrast to his former calm expression, the Third Immortal now had a hint of seriousness, especially so for his fierce eyes.

They emitted a blinding light, like two lanterns.

He closely gazed at the surface of the Guardian Formation, giving it a careful examination.


Just at that moment, a furious roar suddenly broke out.

Afterwards, the soil on the surface surged and several thick tree branches of ten or so meters shot out from the ground.

Those tree branches were very strange.

They were not only equipped with spikes, they even contained extremely horrifying power.

On every single branch, there was a pair of blood-red eyes, resembling a monster.

“What a powerful Guardian Formation.

Its even scarier than what I initially predicted.

Luckily I didnt activate this before, otherwise I wouldnt even have had the chance to escape.

I would have already been killed while still underground.”

Chu Feng instantly knew the branch wasnt a true monster though.

It was only a technique of some sort stemming from the Guardian Formation.

However, something that couldnt be disagreed upon was the immense power of these several thick branches.

They were extremely troublesome, and even a rank one Martial King would be no match for them.

As such, the Third Immortal didnt dare to be careless in the slightest.

At that instant, Chu Feng was very worried—worried the Third Immortal would give up due to the overwhelming strength of the Guardian Formation.

“Haha, interesting.

The Burning Heaven Church even left behind a killing formation like this Its for protecting the Medicine King, which possesses intelligence

“This killing formation could indeed stop quite a few people, but sadly, it cannot stop me.

All the plants here are mine! Not a single one should even think of escaping!”

However, Chu Fengs worry was unneeded.

The Third Immortal had no plans to retreat, and he even expressed his excitement.

With his sword-like brows furrowing deeply, he overlaid his palms and attacked the branches released by the Guardian Formation.

*boom boom boom boom* The Third Immortals attacks were very fierce.

They werent all that beautiful, but every single strike was skillful and contained endless power.

The special power within the peak had made itself extremely tough.

If it were any other peak, any of the Third Immortals attack would have destroyed it completely.

There wouldnt even be anything left.

In reality, other than that peak, which remained undamaged, all other peaks nearby became dust, disintegrated by the shock waves from the Third Immortals attack.

The power of a Martial King was indeed terrifying.

It was several times superior to a Martial Lord.


However, the branches sent by the Guardian Formation were not there for nothing.

As they slashed through the air, they were able to cut even space itself.

How did those even look like simple branches They were simply unstoppable sharp blades.


Suddenly, another wave came from the Guardian Formation.

After being struck by that wave, flames appeared on the ferocious branches.

The flames were very strange.

They continuously made crackling sounds, and even had the power to burn through everything.

Before such fire, even air was set ablaze.

In an instant, flames arose everywhere and engulfed everything within a hundred miles.

Even though the peak was undamaged, everything outside the peak was buried beneath an inferno.

Luckily, Chu Feng was already prepared—he was hiding in the sky.

Otherwise, the remnants of their battle alone could turn Chu Feng into dust.

*whoosh* However, just at that moment, Chu Fengs complexion suddenly changed.

He couldnt help casting his gaze behind him, because he felt a person floating downwards nearby, landing atop a white cloud.


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