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MGA: Chapter 840 – Seeking Quick Gains

The Spirit Power Forging Furnace was entirely black.

Inside, there was a white flame burning.

It looked mysterious, and it was clearly quite peculiar.

After he went near it, the Spirit Power Forging Furnace seemed to have already been completely activated.

On its black exterior, rows of light-blue words appeared.

“The Spirit Power Forging Furnace can only be used once, and after entering, it will be fully activated.

It can become stronger in accordance to the users wish by transforming the flames.

“Its advised that the one destined here to judge your own abilities correctly.

If you cannot continue, please leave the furnace.

Do not be greedy, nor be rash and aim for short-term beneficial effects.

Otherwise, all of your prior work will be lost completely.

“As expected, its for training Spirit power! Moreover, it gives a clear warning.

It seems that the master of this Asura Ghost Tower isnt bad at all,” Chu Feng said quite joyfully.

“Isnt bad Hes clearly showing off his high-level techniques to make others revere him.

“Instead of making a formation like this, how much better would it have been to just leave some wealth behind” Eggy curled her lips.

She didnt seem to be too satisfied with a gift like this.

“Heh, I feel like this is precisely the sincere thoughts of the master.

Of course, it would have been good if he had just left some wealth behind, but if he did that, he wouldnt have been able to test the people who came.

Instead, this Spirit Power Forging Furnace can compensate for such a deficiency.

“To World Spiritists, this Spirit Power Forging Furnace definitely benefits them greatly, and its something that can change ones own strength.

“As for the degree of change, thatll depend on themself.

I must say that the master of this place is quite skillful.” However, in contrast to Eggy, Chu Feng was very satisfied.

“You know how to feel content with what you have, huh Since its like this, quickly enter.

Let me see how long you can stay in the Spirit Power Forging Furnace,” Eggy said with a smile.

“Heh, just wait and see.” Chu Feng smiled, then stepped into the Spirit Power Forging Furnace.

*boom* Immediately after entering, the white-coloured flames surged up to him like a wave.

Not only did they surround Chu Feng, they fiercely attacked him.

Like its introduction, the flames were mysterious.

Clearly they were flames, but they lacked any temperature.

They were unable to burn Chu Fengs clothes, and instead, strangely melded into his body, swirling straight towards Chu Fengs intangible Spirit power.

At that instant, Chu Feng could feel his Spirit power changing slightly with the attacks from the white-coloured flames.

His strength was being honed, but the effect wasnt really noticeable.

It was even inferior to his Asura Ghost Axe which he used to constantly train himself.

*boom* As though feeling Chu Fengs disappointment, another huge explosion came from the Spirit Power Forging Furnace.

The white-coloured flames actually transformed and became grey-coloured flames, which too started to refine Chu Fengs Spirit power.

“Although its almost the same as my Asura Ghost Axes effect, its still too weak.

Cant you give some power into this” Chu Feng loudly yelled.

*boom* Immediately after he spoke, the flames in the Spirit Power Forging Furnace changed once again, and became blue-coloured flames.

At that instant, Chu Feng subconsciously frowned, but joy emerged on his face.

As he was being “burned” by the blue-coloured flames, Chu Feng felt his Spirit power rising quickly in strength.

That effect was superior to the effect of his Asura Ghost Axe; however, alongside this training effect Chu Feng also felt some pain.

It was akin to countless little needles stabbing here and there on his head.

“Finally, its a bit interesting.

Do you dare to make it even stronger” Chu Feng howled excitedly.

*boom* As Chu Feng desired, the flames of the Spirit Power Forging Furnace turned purple from blue.


At that moment, even Chu Feng couldnt help but tightly furrow his brows.

He gritted his teeth, then his legs trembled and with a poof, he knelt onto the ground because in the instant the purple-coloured flames changed, his head started bearing an extremely fierce jab of pain.

That feeling was akin to several sharp blades stabbing again and again at his head.

It was extremely difficult to endure.

However, alongside the pain was an effect Chu Feng went ecstatic for.

With the attacks of the purple-coloured flames, Chu Fengs Spirit power was strengthening with a frightening speed.

“Chu Feng, enough.

These purple-coloured flames are your limit.

Just continue training like this, and your Spirit power will receive a great rise in strength,” Eggy reminded.

“Youre right.

These purple-coloured flames do provide great assistance.

It can train my Spirit power at a frightening speed, and it isnt even a problem for me to receive the power of gold-coloured Spirit Formations.

“However, I will need to train here for a very long time—at least a year.

I need to train here endlessly for a year before my Spirit power can reach that stage.

“I cant wait that long.

I dont have that much time.

So, this time, I can only seek a quick gain and take a risk.” Chu Feng at that instant was pale.

His forehead was drenched with sweat, but he still, resolutely, yelled, “I want even stronger flames!”


Immediately after he spoke, the golden flames were born.

Like ferocious wild beasts, they made ruthless attacks at Chu Feng with deafening roars and horrifying might.


At that moment, even Chu Feng, who had gone through all sorts of pain, couldnt help crying out loud.

Then, his hands tightly hugged his head and he started rolling to and fro within the Spirit Power Forging Furnace.


It was too painful.

It had reached a nearly unendurable state of pain.

It was as if countless small cracks appeared on his brain and insects were consuming him within those cracks.

“Chu Feng, get out, quickly get out! Otherwise, you will die here!” Seeing that Chu Feng could not bear through such agony, Eggy was extremely anxious as she started hysterically yelling.

“No!” But who would have expected Chu Feng to speak those words with gnashed teeth.

Not only that, he turned around, and used his fist to ruthlessly punch the ground.

He had actually stood up.

However, he did not choose to leave the Spirit Power Forging Furnace.

Instead, he sat cross-legged on the ground.

Simultaneously, he held out his hands at the same time and cast a meditation spell.

Under such excruciating pain, Chu Feng did not choose to retreat.

Instead, he chose to face it and continue bearing the suffering.

He was getting used to such suffering.

He had to get used to such suffering because only then could he continue enjoying the benefits brought to him by the golden flames.


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