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MGA: Chapter 839 – Breaking Through the Gate of Life and Death with Intellect

“Mm, youre right.

Even if its dangerous inside, its a test.

What comes after the test are definitely things greatly beneficial for you.

“Youve already looked through the entire palace, and the only thing interesting is this Spirit Power Forging Furnace.

If there truly is something good in this place, then it can only be this.

“What are you preparing to do now Do you want to venture in, or retreat” Eggy asked with a smile.

“Hehe, since Ive already arrived here, I do want to give it a try.

Would you dare as well” Chu Feng said with a smile.


It wouldnt be me if I didnt dare.

Go in.

You can bear the brunt of the blame anyway.” Eggy curled her lips as an expression of yearning and excitement emerged on her beautiful face.

“Dont worry.

I have a feeling that my intuition wont be wrong.

The master of this place wouldnt have set a trap for no reason.

As you said, it will be at most a test, and since were here already, why would I fear his test”

Chu Feng lightly smiled and similar to Eggy, a smile of yearning appeared on his face.

Then, he stepped forward and headed towards the Spirit Power Forging Furnace.

But before he even came all that close to it, Chu Feng felt his vision distort, and everything around him started to quickly spin.

When everything became silent, Chu Feng couldnt help but tightly furrow his brows as a hint of graveness flashed into his eyes.

He thought, “Theres indeed something good here, but it wont be that easy to get it.

However, thats fine.

Ive already prepared for this.”

The reason Chu Feng had such thoughts was because everything around him had changed.

He was no longer within the palace but had entered a cuboid, medium-sized space of Spirit Formations.

There were two doors by the sides, and at the center, there were two people made of wood: one black and one white.

As for the ground, there were rows of words.

On the topmost one, there were five: GATE OF LIFE AND DEATH

Underneath these words, there were the rules on how to deactivate this challenge formation:

Two Spirit Formation gates.

One to life, one to death.

Two wood people, and both know which leads to life and which leads to death.

However, one only speak truths, and one only speaks lies.

Theres only one chance, and you can only choose one of the two wood people, and ask it a single question.

As for life and death, its not up to the heavens.

Its up to you.

“How should we ask Isnt this a bit too difficult At least tell me which one speaks truths and which one speaks lies!” Eggy couldnt help cursing when she saw the rules.

“If they tell you that, it would be too simple, right” Chu Feng shook his head as he smiled, and felt they wouldnt have given such an easy challenge.

“Then what should we do now Rather than asking these two woodheads, why not just choose one yourself Regardless, we dont know which one will tell you the correct answer.

You can only ask one question, but no matter what they say, you cant believe it.

In the end, isnt it just up to fate” Eggy said as she curled her lips.

“That may not be so.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, and without hesitation, he walked towards the white wood person.

After coming up to it, Chu Feng pointed at the black wood person before asking the white one, “If I ask it which one is the door of death, how will it reply”

*hmm* Immediately after Chu Feng spoke, the body of the white wood person trembled slightly.

Then, it exuded a faint aura of life before it pointed at the door on the left, spitting out six words with a stiff and odd tone, “That is the door of death.”

“Thank you.” Chu Feng smiled, then strode forth, briskly walking straight towards the door of death as pointed by the white wood person.

“Oi, Chu Feng, have you gone mad That wood person said this is the door of death!” Eggy was terrified by Chu Fengs actions.

However, as if he couldnt hear Eggys words, he continued moving forward and in the end, without hesitation, stepped into the door of death.

*hmm* In the instant Chu Feng stepped in, everything in his surroundings twisted and transformed.

When it all returned to normal, Chu Feng had returned to the palace and passed the invisible Spirit Formation.

Currently, he was standing right in front of the Spirit Power Forging Furnace.

“Waa, were out! Chu Feng, how did you do it” At that instant, Eggy was stunned.

She could not understand how Chu Feng chose the correct one, and from the “door of death” nonetheless!

“Heh, I didnt think the great intelligent queen would have such a slow-witted moment!” Chu Feng said smugly.

“Ehh… Less of that.

I was just too lazy to think about it.

Now quickly tell me how you did it!” Eggy quickly asked impatiently.

“This is actually very simple.

I pointed at the black wood person and asked the white wood person what the black ones reply would be if I asked which one was the door of death.

“If the white wood person spoke the truth and the black wood person lied, then the white wood person would definitely point at the door of life and tell me it was the door of death,” Chu Feng explained.

“Why The white wood person speaks truths, so why did it tell you a lie” Eggy was even more confused.

“Because I asked what the answer of the black wood person would be.

Its the one that speaks lies, so if I ask it, it will tell me a lie and say the door of life is the door of death.

“As for the white wood person, since it speaks truths, it wont trick me so it will say the exact same answer as the black wood person,” Chu Feng explained.

“But, how are you certain the white wood person speaks truths and the black wood person speaks lies” Eggy asked quickly again.

“Silly, if its swapped and the white wood person speaks lies and the black wood person truths, then the black wood person will tell me which the true door life death is.

However, the white wood person must speak lies, so it cannot say the same answer as the black wood person, as it would be a truth.

As such, it will still give me the wrong answer,” Chu Feng explained in detail.

“Ah, I understand! Its not that you took a guess at which spoke truths and which spoke lies, its that your question was very tricky.

No matter its reply, it will say the wrong answer so as long as you do the opposite youll be fine!

“Haha, Im truly too smart!” When she heard all that, Eggy, the queen, was elated as if it were all analyzed by her.

One could tell that she felt really happy to have been able to solve the mystery in her heart.

Chu Feng lightly smiled at Eggys reaction.

It was in her nature to be so odd, but it was still rather cute.

However, right now, Chu Feng didnt have the mindset to admire Eggys cuteness because after passing through the invisible Spirit Formation, Chu Feng was able to feel the exceptionality of the Spirit Power Forging Furnace at such a close distance.


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