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MGA: Chapter 836 – A Shocking Discovery

At that instant, Chu Feng seemed to have walked to the end of the seventh floor because in front of him, a huge door appeared.

The door was surrounded by decorations, and even the relief statue above was quite exquisite.

Most importantly, the door was not locked.

If one went forth and gently pushed, it would be opened.

However, before that door was opened, it blocked all detection abilities.

No matter if it was Spirit power, or his unique Heavens Eyes, neither was able to see what was behind the door.

Chu Feng thus could not determine if it was evil or luck, if it was fortune or misfortune.

“Weve already walked up to here.

No matter whats behind the door, judging by your nature, youre still going to take a look, right” Eggy said as she sweetly smiled because she too did not know what was behind the door.

“Thats true.

Since weve come here, lets just open the door and take a look.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then waved his big sleeve.

A pushing force came out from his sleeve which slowly pushed open the door.

When the door was opening, a blinding ray of light shone through.

When the door completely opened, even Chu Feng couldnt help but widen his eyes slightly, and the smile on his face couldnt help but widen even more.

At that instant, what appeared before Chu Feng was truly a whole new world.

Some person truly made a whole new space with Spirit Formation techniques.

Although that world wasnt very big, it was still rather large.

Not only were there mountains, creeks, rivers, plains, valleys, there were even white clouds, a blue sky, and a sun high up.

Moreover, there was a revolution of day and night.


I wonder what sort of techniques are required to lay such a powerful formation.”

Chu Feng knew everything in this world, despite how realistic it appeared, was all fake.

No matter if it was the mountains and creeks, or the rivers, or the blue sky, white clouds, stars, sun, or moon, all of it was fake.

They were created by powerful formations, and as long as that formation was deactivated, everything inside would disappear along with it.

However, what sort of powerful technique was needed to create such a formation, and what sort of power was needed to maintain such a formation

“Heh, it looks like the master who created this Asura Ghost Tower is truly not simple at all.

This person has surpassed my imagination.

However, the more powerful the master, the more dangerous this Asura Ghost Tower becomes.

“But since weve come, we cant do nothing here.

Chu Feng, look around this fake world.

The Asura Ghost Tower itself is a Sealing Formation.

There would be no one who creates a tower like this just for display.

The creator wants people to come here, so look around carefully.

Perhaps there will be unexpected harvests.

“However, you must be careful because the master here is too powerful.

The Spirit Formation traps outside are but a childs play.

If he had truly wanted to seal this place, you would have simply not been able to enter.

This is the most important location.

If there are any traps here, unless you find something, avoid them.

Otherwise, if they are triggered, you will certainly die,” Eggy reminded very seriously.

“Mm.” Chu Feng nodded.

He knew the degree of strength the master here possessed, but because of his nature, he was absolutely not going to leave empty-handed.

As such, he leapt into the air and carefully observed the fake world.

Chu Feng first flew towards the east, but other than finding some beautiful sceneries, there were no other discoveries.

Furthermore, he quickly reached the end.

So, he could only turn around and head in the other direction.

Finally, Chu Feng discovered that this world was a rectangle.

If he flew to the east, west, or south, he would arrive at the end very soon and would be stopped by an invisible Spirit Formation.

However, if he headed to the north, it was very vast, almost as if it were endless.

“Heavens! That bird… Its so big!” After passing several mountains, Chu Fengs pupils suddenly shrank.

His heart was also shaken because on a nearby mountain range, he discovered an enormous skeleton.

It was the remains of a huge bird.

It had already died for a long time—at least several tens of thousands of years.

On the skeleton itself, one could feel the old and ancient aura it exuded.

From the skeleton alone, Chu Feng knew that the bird was definitely terrifyingly powerful when alive because based on the strange and huge skeleton alone, it was enough to know it was not an ordinary species.

Casting aside its sharp claws, its size was really too big.

It was as large as a small hill, and if it were still alive, it would have definitely covered the sky when it flew and stunned the world.

A mere flap of its wings could create a violent hurricane, destroy mountains, ruin all living things, and slaughter a population.

Doing all that would require it no more effort than a thought.

As such, it was definitely not something kindhearted.

“Heh, it seems like its a Monstrous Beast from ancient times! Theyre extinct now, but when it was alive, it looks like it was a peak Martial King.

With just a step in cultivation, it would have been able to become a Martial Emperor, an existence that could rule this world.

But sadly, when it was shaken by someone elses might, the bones throughout its body cracked, all of its organs broke down, and, in the end, even its Source Energy was cleanly sucked away,” Eggy narrated.

When he looked carefully, Chu Feng too discovered countless small cracks on the huge birds thick bones.

It did seem like it was shocked to death by a persons might.

When he saw that, another hint of solemnness emerged into his eyes.

With might alone, an existence such as this was killed.

How powerful was that person

“Wait, its not only one! This looks like an enormous group of the same species.” After flying past that mountain, Chu Feng felt even more shocked.

On the vast mountain ranges, there were countless horrifying skeletons of huge birds scattered everywhere.

The total number was truly too big.

There were at least several tens of thousands, and there were varying sizes, and varying strengths.

However, the smallest was still several tens of feet high while the weakest was at the Heaven realm.

Moreover, they were all killed by pressure of a persons might.

That was definitely a powerful Monstrous Beast species, yet it was eradicated by someone.

After passing through those mountain ranges, Chu Feng arrived at a vast valley.

Within the valley, there was also an accumulation of countless skeletons of Monstrous Beasts.

They were another Monstrous Beast species that were similarly powerful when alive, but now, they were only a pile of white bones.

In his journey afterwards, he was nearly able to see bones everywhere.

Most of them came from Monstrous Beasts, and all of them belonged to a single species in unimaginable numbers.

From the shape of their bones, one could imagine how powerful and terrifying they were when alive.

On the road, even Chu Feng, who had experienced quite a bit of the world, felt his heart tremble from fright.

Complicated emotions and questions emerged as well.

So many powerful Monstrous Beasts were all killed by the pressure of might alone.

The same method, the same massacre, thus it was likely all done by a single person.

Yet, what sort of existence was able to slaughter so many powerful Monstrous Beasts, and what sort of deep animosity did that person have which led to such an eradication


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