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MGA: Chapter 834 – Shocking Everyone

“Chu Feng, damn all your ancestors!” Seeing that Chu Feng still attacked despite his humbleness, and killed several geniuses who were extremely rare to come by, the old ancestor of the Gao Dynasty was enraged and started shouting at him, “You brainless animal, I planned to dissolve this matter into nothing, and avoid a life-and-death battle or any desperate measures.

“But you reject such advances and kill the younger generations of my dynasty! Since you ignore the steps I give you, and reject the face I grant you, I will let you know that my Gao Dynasty is no pushover! You want to destroy my clan I will still make you pay a price!

“All members, attention! Today is a day to spread the might of our dynasty! Destroy these bastards from the Crippling Night Demon Sect!


After his order, the people from the Gao Dynasty echoed his shout and all of them released their auras.

In an instant, an uncontrollable might spread through the world, one that fought against the might from the Crippling Night Demon Sect.

*boom rumble rumble* However, just at that moment, Chu Feng flipped his palm suddenly.

The Royal Armament, the Silver Dragon Spear, appeared in his hand.

After it appeared, an incomparable pressure was exuded from the Royal Armament, and it instantly enveloped everything.

Who could even contest against an actual Royal Armament

The might of the entire Gao Dynasty was instantly pressed back down.

Not only was their power suppressed, even their physical bodies were being suppressed.

They were like pigs and dogs as they curled up on the ground.

If they were not rolling around, they were crawling.

They had completely lost their ability to fight.

Even the old ancestor of the Gao Dynasty was no exception.

His arms pushed his body up, his knees were on the ground, and he was kneeling in front of Chu Feng.

*ta, ta, ta…*

After subduing all of the dynasty experts with the power of the Royal Armament, Chu Feng slowly walked up to the Gao Dynastys old ancestor with the Silver Dragon Spear in hand.

He coldly smiled, then said, “Old thing, what did you say just now Repeat it.”

*gulp* Facing the power Chu Feng emanated, and seeing the scene of absolute death, the old ancestor first gulped, then made a decision.

He gnashed his teeth, raised his head, widened his mouth, and howled to Chu Feng, “I damn all your ances—”

*puchi* But before he was able to finish his words, a cold glint flashed past.

Then a squirt of blood.

Chu Feng pierced through the neck of the Gao Dynastys old ancestor with the Silver Dragon Spear.

“The likes of you cannot insult my ancestors.” After speaking, Chu Feng abruptly flicked his spear, then after a bang, the strongest person in the Gao Dynasty, the old ancestor, was made into a pool of blood.

“In the instant you served the Immortal Execution Archipelago you committed a capital offence.” After executing the old ancestor, Chu Feng raised the Silver Dragon Spear up.


At that instant, the runes on the Silver Dragon Spear flared.

First, a dragons roar rang out from the inside of the spear, then a powerful burst of might surged out from the spear and swept below.


Being struck by such power, the people from the Gao Dynasty all cried out.

Then, after many consecutive muffled explosions, several thousand experts from the Gao Dynasty, in front of the surprised and frightened gazes of the crowd, all became a large pool of blood.

There werent even any remnants; they were all slaughtered by Chu Feng.

“Heavens!” When they saw that, not to mention the people from the continent of the Nine Provinces, even the experts from the Crippling Night Demon Sect who had come from such a distance couldnt help gasping deeply.

From start to finish, Chu Feng had simply not even asked for their help.

With his own strength, he completely wiped out the experts from the Gao Dynasty.

Putting aside his overwhelming strength, his ruthlessness and decisiveness was not something an ordinary person possessed.

“Who is this young man What a terrifying way to kill, and hes also from the continent of the Nine Provinces Such a genius appeared from the continent of the Nine Provinces”

“This is inconceivable.

I even thought there had never been anyone outstanding from the continent of the Nine Provinces, but it seems now that we were absolutely incorrect.”

As for the people who came from other dynasties, they were stupefied by Chu Fengs actions.

In terms of age, Chu Feng didnt even seem to be that much older than Jiang Wushang, but in terms of strength, the distance between the two was really too big.

Putting aside the fact that they themselves were far inferior to Jiang Wushang, Chu Feng, with his cultivation, was simply like a god to them because he did indeed have the strength to look down on all of them.

“Tidy up their resources.” Chu Feng indifferently looked at the weapons and Cosmos Sacks bathing within the blood, then ordered the experts from the Crippling Night Demon Sect behind him.

“Yes sir!” They did not dally and all of them leapt in, starting to carefully organize the resources the Gao Dynasty left behind.

“Brother Wushang, are you okay” At that instant, Chu Feng came to Jiang Wushangs side.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, Im fine.

Youve truly come back at the perfect moment.

Otherwise, it would have been disastrous.” Jiang Wushang nodded, but then added, “Big Brother Chu Feng, the weapon in your hand is so powerful! What is it”

“This is a Royal Armament.” Chu Feng lightly smiled, then put away the Silver Dragon Spear and flew towards the Azure Dragon Founder and the others.

He left Jiang Wushang standing on the spot, unable to come to his senses for a long while.

He said, with an extremely shocked tone, “I-Its a Royal Armament!”

After coming up to the seniors who had helped him before, he paid his respects.

The Azure Dragon Founder, Li Zhangqing, the Monstrous Monkey King, Qi Fengyang, old ancestor of the Jiang Dynasty, Jiang Hengyuan, Gu Tianchen…1

These were all seniors who had watched Chu Feng grow up bit by bit.

At that moment, as they looked at Chu Feng, they couldnt hide their smiles.

They were very happy.

They were very excited, so much that they couldnt even speak.

They didnt know how to express their current emotions, because Chu Fengs current achievements far surpassed their imagination.

Even though, some time ago, they had stood in front of Chu Feng with the position of super experts, and had given him different degrees of assistance, at present, their identities had been reversed.

Today, it was not they who saved Chu Feng, but Chu Feng who saved everyone.

Chu Feng, the boy who was being chased after everywhere, had now become a true expert.

Moreover, his strength surpassed everyones expectations.

He was now an existence every person in the Nine Provinces revered but could never reach.

“Lord Chu Feng, these are the resources taken from the Gao Dynasty.” Soon, thirty-eight Martial Lords came up to Chu Feng, and along with them were the resources obtained from the blood of the Gao Dynastys experts.

The so-called resources not only included Heaven beads, but also many Martial Medicines.

There were also innumerable Elite Armaments—things that were called priceless treasures in the continent of the Nine Provinces.

Li Zhangqing is the former head of the Azure Dragon School; Qi Fengyang is the head of the Qilin Princes Mansion (which rules the Azure Province); Jiang Hengyuan is, or was, the mysterious World Spiritist, close friend of Qi Fengyuan; Gu Tianchen is the old ancestor of the World Spirit Guild.


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