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MGA: Chapter 818 – Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning

“Brother, save me, quickly!” Old Lei, who was even boasting to give Eggy a lesson, was now hysterically yelling.

Even his voice was trembling; his words were filled with fear.

At that very moment, blood was all over his body.

Not only was his graceful robe shredded, even his flesh was wounded as well.

Where did all his arrogance go He was already devastatingly terrified by Eggys ferocious attacks.

“How is this possible That girl is this strong Could it be that shes truly a World Spirit from the Asura Spirit World” Seeing his younger brother unable to continue fighting, and also looking carefully at Eggys strange black flames, Old Fengs forehead was immediately drenched with perspiration.

He leapt forward and wanted to go help his brother.

“Oi oi oi, old thing, where are you going” However, Chu Feng, who was responsible for distracting him, would of course not let him go easily.

Not only did he take away that chance, he also increased the strength of his attacks towards Old Feng as he held the Royal Armament.

He was simply making it so Old Feng could not even move a single inch.

“Dammit!” At that instant, Old Feng gnashed his teeth in anger, yet could do absolutely nothing.

After all that had happened, he had to admit Chu Feng was really too troublesome.

If the present circumstances continued, Old Lei would definitely be killed, and if he were to die, then the next would be Old Feng himself.

The situation before their eyes dictated their definite loss.


Just at that moment, Old Lei cried out in pain once again.

Black flames in the shape of a sword pierced through him, making a bloody hole at his chest.

If he hadnt dodged it quick enough, it was likely that Eggys strike would have pierced through his dantian, and destroyed his cultivation.

Old Lei had already completely lost the ability to continue fighting against Eggy.

What awaited him were only fiercer attacks.

“You forced this onto me, you forced this onto me!!” Old Feng too was enraged when he saw that.

He suddenly started roaring those words in madness, and after doing so, he said to Old Lei, who was a step away from death, “Use that! Even if we die, we will drag this master and servant with us!”

“Mm!” Old Lei did not even have a hint of hesitation.

After nodding with gritting teeth, a touch of fierce resolution flashed past his aged face.

Then, the single eye that had always been closed gradually opened, and bolts of lightning were flashing inside the eye.

At the same time, Old Fengs single shut eye also opened.

Within it, though there was not lightning, there were gales swirling about.

So actually, Old Feng and Old Lei didnt close their single eye because they were blind, it was because they were concealing special power.

After they opened their eye, their auras also became completely different.

“Eggy, careful.” At that instant, even Chu Feng couldnt help but frown slightly.

With his sharp Spirit power, and the Heavens Eyes that could see through everything, Chu Feng discovered a tremendous change occurring within Old Fengs and Old Leis body.

The two old men definitely concealed a trump card.

“Chu Feng, you forced this onto us! You want us dead, so you shouldnt even consider leaving alive!”

“Before we die, we will first tear your corpse into a million pieces!”

Suddenly, both of them shouted explosively.

Then, from their “blind” eye, two rays of light were shot out, straight onto the surface of the ground.

“This feeling!”

Chu Fengs complexion immediately changed because he discovered that after the rays of light were shot out, both of their bodies fell down, roughly crashing onto the ruined grounds.

There wasnt a single trace of life remaining, as if their bodies were two corpses, as if their life had entered the earth from the rays of light that shot out from their eyes.

*rumble rumble rumble rumble rumble*

At the same time, the land also started violently trembling.

Moreover, strange patterns, like a swimming snake, quickly surged about on the ground surface.

There were more and more patterns until finally, it covered the entire vast Flower Valley.

“Zi Ling, run!”

Chu Feng could no longer remain calm when he saw that.

He could immediately tell it was a special technique used by the two old men.

They prepared a very powerful formation.

If it were activated, even he and Eggy wouldnt be able to defend against it because a painful price was paid in order to prepare that formation—life.

The life of two rank seven Martial Lords.

“You want to run None of you will be able to!”

However, before Zi Ling and the others were able to react to that, layers upon layers of barriers created by wind and lightning were created.

They rose into the air from the borders of the Flower Valley, pierced through the endless white clouds, into thousands and thousands of miles high in the air, sealing everything.

At the same time, two large figures rose from underground along with the activation of the formation.

Those two figures, to speak accurately, didnt appear to be human, but more like gods.

It was because one was formed by bustling gales, while the other was formed by lightning.

Those two powerful figures were Old Feng and Old Lei.

“Brat, do you know why the Immortal Execution Archipelago arranged us two to guard this place

“I dont mind telling you the truth: its because the special techniques we cultivated can activate this Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning!

“It can be activated only once, and it takes the price of our lives and all the cultivation we achieved in our life.

So, today, even if you have wings you will not escape!” shouted Old Feng and Old Lei together.

At that moment, a fierce and furious expression were on both of their faces because technically speaking, they were already two dead men.

And, the reason they were dead was all because of Chu Feng.

“Using life as a price to activate a formation No wonder.

No wonder these two said they would drag Chu Feng down even if they died.”

When they heard those words, not to mention Chu Feng, even the observing crowd were stunned.

They could feel that the so-called Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning was very powerful.

At that moment, no matter if it was Chu Feng, who held the Royal Armament, or Eggy, who came from the Asura Spirit World, their powerful might was completely suppressed by the Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning.

At that moment, in that place, there were only two powerful existences—Old Feng and Old Lei.

They were no longer humanoid.

It was as if they were the gods who ruled this land.

Whoever they wanted alive would live, and whoever they wanted dead would die.

“It seems that Ive still underestimated the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

Even though they only sent two rank seven Martial Lords to guard this place, these two are clearly no pushovers.” Chu Fengs eyes glittered uneasily.

He was completely aware of the present awful circumstances.

“Chu Feng, since theyve done this, we can only fight with our lives on the life.

Are you willing” said Eggy with a smile.

She had now backed away, returning to Chu Fengs side.

“Theyve already sacrificed their own lives just to drag me down with them.

What thing would I not dare to do At most, Ill just die.

However, I dont want her to go down with me…” As Chu Feng spoke, he looked at Zi Ling who was below because he had already thought of one possibility of retaliation.

In terms of putting lives on the line, would Chu Feng fear Old Feng and Old Lei They, with their lives, activated the Slaughtering Formation of Wind and Lightning.

However, if Chu Feng sacrificed his life, the thing he were to release would not be as simple as a formation.

It would definitely surpass everyones imagination, because it would be a calamity.


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