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MGA: Chapter 733 – The Pitiful Lan Xi

“So you already made preparations.

No wonder you had me use everything I had to convince my sister to come here with me.

From the start, your goal was my sister.” Lan Yanzhi was a bit angry.

“Thats right.

My goal from the start was her.

My goal from a very long time ago was her.

The moment I laid my eyes upon her ever since arriving at the Four Seas Academy, I fell for her.

“In these near four years of time, I treated her as I would to my ancestors.

When training, I would always stand in front of her and block dangers for her.

When there were good things, I would always be the first to give them to her so she could experience them.

“But she She never looked straight at me, and doesnt even treat me as a friend.

Even if I become a great genius and stand by her side, she will act the same.

“I loved her from the start, but now, I hate her.

I dont need her to like me; I only want her body!” Wang Long was a bit mad, his fury overwhelming.


I cannot help you, I cannot harm my sister like this.” When she saw Wang Long act that way, Lan Yanzhi decisively shook her head.

“What did you say Say it again.” Wang Longs expression instantly twisted when he heard Lan Yanzhi refuse.

Two cold glares shot out of his eyes.

“I-I said I cannot help you harm my sister! Although she is usually strict with me, after all, she is my sister! I… Mm—”

Before Lan Yanzhi finished speaking, Wang Longs hand was akin to an eagles claw as it firmly grasped her neck.

Then, he threatened, “You dare to refuse Do you forget who gave you cultivation resources when your sister was unwilling to Do you forget who helped you refine those resources when your sister did not

“You dare not help me If you dont help me, Ill go get ten Aphrodisiac Beasts right now and have them all violate you, then spread this to everyone in the Four Seas Academy!”

“Mm—” At that moment, Lan Yanzhis face was flushed red and she was soon to run out of breath.

She was waving her hands desperately, indicating Wang Long to let go.

“Tell me, will you help me or no” Wang Long let go and asked fiercely again.

*cough cough* At that instant, Lan Yanzhi first let out a series of sharp coughs.

Not only was there pain on her face, there was also fear.

She finally experienced how revolting Wang Long was.

She regretted her greed for cheap advantages back then and for scheming with Wang Long.

But now, she no longer had any path of return because she knew Wang Long was definitely the sort of person who did what he said.

In the end, she could only compromise, “Ill, Ill help you.”

“Hahaha, thats better.” Wang Long immediately burst in mad laughter when he heard Lan Yanzhi agree, then pounced on her body again, starting to go wild on the beauty beneath him.

“Hell, what a pervert.” Although the Concealment Spirit Formation was soundproof, Chu Feng was able to hear everything clearly.

He did not sympathize for Lan Yanzhi, but he did feel pity for Lan Xi.

Although he and Lan Xi did not interact much, judging by the attitude she treated Su Rou and the others, Chu Feng could tell that Lan Xi and Lan Yanzhi were completely different people.

One could say that Lan Xi was a greatly talented good person who had an outstanding appearance and zero arrogance.

But, as the saying goes: “There is no need to worry about matters unrelated to yourself.” Although Lan Xi had quite a good character, those were, after all, internal issues of Lan Xis family.

Chu Feng currently had a mission in hand, so he did not prepare to casually come out and barge in such a matter.

Besides, even if he did, he had no way of doing so.

If he spoke the truth, Lan Xi would definitely not believe him, and instead, it would be easier for Lan Yanzhi to bite back at him.

If he followed Lan Xi and her sister, then come out to stop them when Lan Yanzhi was about to harm Lan Xi and accuse Lan Yanzhi at that very moment, he would be wasting time.

Chu Feng did not know when Lan Yanzhi was going to make her move.

More importantly, Chu Feng did not have that time in his hands So, Chu Feng only saw it as drama on the side and did not interfere.

He turned around, and left.

After a night of searching, Chu Fengs harvests were quite decent.

He found a total of three Formation Aperture, but only opened one.

In order to prevent Su Rou and the others from worrying, Chu Feng had to return to the Millennium Ancient City and let them know that he not only was fine, he even had quite a good return.

And that even in the depths of the forest, there was nothing that could harm him.

When Chu Feng returned to the city, he saw a special Fierce Beast.

It only had thick steel armor on the outside, but within the armor was fresh, tender meat.

Thinking back, since Su Rou and the others were doing nothing but waiting around within the ancient city, rather than eating dry rations, he might as well give them a good ingredient and let them cook up some delicious foods for themselves.

After all, he now knew that Su Rou had a hand in cooking.

So, Chu Feng killed the Fierce Beast as he passed it, and carried it towards the Millennium Ancient City.

When Chu Feng returned, the sky had lit up brightly.

But, before entering the ancient city, he saw a graceful figure.

It was Lan Xi.

She sat on the peak of a building and looked down from above.

After seeing Chu Feng, she lightly smiled, and after politely nodding her head, she cast her gaze back to the distance.

Even though Lan Xi was calm on the surface, from her soft gaze, Chu Feng could still see her worry.

Chu Feng knew what she was worried about.

She was definitely worried for her young sister, Lan Yanzhi.

But, if Lan Xi knew that currently, her sister was seeking pleasure with Wang Long and plotting against her… who knew what she would feel.

At that instant, Chu Feng felt some bitterness in his heart.

He admit: he truly sympathized a bit with the poor woman.

As he had those thoughts, Chu Feng put down the Fierce Beast corpse in his hand, then after continuous leaps, he arrived at Lan Xis side and said with a light smile, “Youre up so early.

Have you rested well”

“In comparison to you, Ive definitely rested well.

“Arent you working too hard You havent return all night; arent you afraid of meeting dangers” said Lan Xi with a smile.

It was a very kind one, lacking of any maliciousness.

There was no trace of ingratiation either, as if she were treating a normal friend with a bit of concern.

“Being in this world, no matter where or when, there is never an absence of perils.

But, I am usually a cautious person.

If one is sufficiently cautious, any dangers can be avoided.

“Lan Xi.

In this forest, there are innumerable threats.

Sometimes, they are not limited to Martial medicines, or Fierce Beasts.

Sometimes, they can also be humans.

“As a word of advice: Be like me—more cautious.

At times, one must be on guard around the ones closest to themselves.” After leaving those words behind, Chu Feng leaped and returned to the ground.

Carrying the Fierce Beast, he walked deeper into the ancient city.

Only Lan Xi stood where she was as she gazed at Chu Feng back.

Some confusion surged within her eyes, then she curled her lips and cast her gaze back at the distance, looking carefully.

After Chu Feng left, it was obvious that stronger worry had emerged into her eyes.

Chu Feng entered the city, then spread his Spirit power and detected.

He discovered in succession Liu Zhenwei, Wang Yue, and the others, but didnt detect Wang Long and Lan Yanzhi.

Indeed, they hadnt returned all night, and Lan Xi was, as he thought, waiting for Lan Yanzhi.

Finally, Chu Feng returned to the place he left, a resting area personally selected by him for Su Rou and the others.

However, as Chu Feng neared, he inadvertently discovered Jiang Wushang cooking food within the small-scale plaza outside the palaces.

Moreover, they smelt quite nice.


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