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MGA: Chapter 732 – Bastard Couple

It was deep into the night, and all was silent, with the exception of the rustling of light wind.

Inside the seemingly serene forest, there were endless dangers lurking about.

It was the depths of the forest.

There were vicious Heaven medicines, and occasionally, Chu Feng also met ferocious Martial medicines.

There were even some Fierce Beasts that had absolutely no intelligence, only the nature of killing within.

Chu Feng was cautious and his movements were peculiar.

He was akin to a spirit as he drifted about the vast forest.

No human, nor beast, could discover traces of him.

Chu Feng was still carefully searching for Formation Apertures.

But suddenly, he felt something out of place.

With his sharp hearing, he heard bursts of odd sounds.

Finally, Chu Fengs heart was shaken because he could tell what sound it was—it was a womans voice.

It was a cry of a woman, but it was a wavering, even pleasurable, cry.

Ones heart would go limp upon hearing it.

Listening more closely, as the sudden highs and lows, sudden longs and shorts of a womans voice sounded, there were even rough panting sounds from a man.

God damn, there are people doing such improper things in the depths of such a perilous forest They are truly too reckless.

Humans all had curious hearts.

Chu Feng, of course, was no exception.

He was really curious: Who would even have the mindset to do something like that in a place like this Chu Feng thought carefully and analyzed the people who entered this place and made judgements based on the attitude they faced one another.

Chu Feng felt that there shouldnt be a pair that had such a special relationship.


It was a whimsical act of making love! There were actually people doing that!

In their group, in the group that entered the Millennium Ancient City, other than him and Su Rou and Su Mei, there was clearly no one else who had a lovers relationship.

Yet, there were people performing such licentious acts.

If that wasnt making love on a whim, then what was it!

“Who exactly are they” Due to curiosity, Chu Feng gradually neared the origin of the voices.

Then, he discovered a Concealment Spirit Formation laid there.

But that was no trouble for Chu Feng.

With the Heavens Eyes, even Formation Apertures showed themselves.

It was simply as if the mere Concealment Spirit Formation werent there.

Immediately after using the Heavens Eyes, the things before Chu Fengs eyes instantly became different.

They started to slowly ripple and become dim.

He first saw a layer of a purple-coloured Spirit Formation appear, which meant it was a Concealment Formation laid by a Purple-cloak World Spiritist.

But soon, the Spirit Formation started to dissipate.

Finally, it completely disappeared and Chu Feng could then see everything concealed within the Spirit Formation.

He saw the figures of a man and a woman currently doing lascivious activities.

“Its them”

Chu Feng couldnt help being a bit surprised when he saw the scene in front of him because he had already recognized the pair.

It was Lan Xis younger sister, Lan Yanzhi, and Wang Yues elder brother, Wang Long.

Lan Yanzhi seemed to be interested in Qin Yu, but it didnt seem that she was into Wang Long And Wang Long was obviously interested in Lan Xi, but it didnt seem that he was into Lan Yanzhi


They hid it quite deep.

Looking at their current controlless situation due to emotions, Chu Feng felt that their improper relationship had not gone for merely one or two days.

Otherwise, how were they so practiced, so lost, so absorbed by it Even as he observed on the side, they didnt detect him.

“Hoh, if its them two, then theyre quite fitting.

I truly dont know how they got rid of their younger brother and elder sister.

Whatever, I wont disturb you.

Continue enjoying yourselves.” After knowing who were pleasuring each other, Chu Feng faintly smiled, then prepared to turn around and leave.

Although he was quite intrigued, he was not interested in watching their live broadcast.

If he had the time, he would rather return and hug the two beauties Su Rou and Su Mei.

In terms of countenance, in terms of figure, and even in terms of skin and the feeling he got from his hands, Lan Yanzhi was too far away in comparison to Su Rou.

However, Chu Fengs main mission now was to break the formation that concealed the ancient city, so he did not have the mind to do that sort of thing.

“Lan Xi, you give me the cold shoulder You treat me coldly You dont look straight at me

“Now, are you not still toyed around as I wish Hahaha~~~”

But just as Chu Feng turned around, he heard something off.

Wang Long was calling Lan Xis name.

At that instant, when Chu Feng turned his head around to look, he discovered that Wang Long turned mad.

As he howled, he burst with anger, as though he had turned into a demon.

But, when he looked again at the woman who was doing it with Wang Long, he saw that it was evidently Lan Yanzhi—not Lan Xi.

“Damn, has this Wang Long gone insane” Chu Feng felt completely baffled.

“Aiya, Big Brother Long, youre terrible! Clearly Yanzhi is with you, why did you call my sisters name” Just as Chu Feng felt confused, Lan Yanzhi opened her eyes with bewitching pants and spoke with a slight bit of displeasure.

“Haha, youre mine, and your sister will be mine as well! Didnt you promise me that you would help me take care of your sister” said Wang Long with laughter.

“I did promise you, but you have to give me time! After all, you know how my sister is.

I still have to slowly work hard in order for her to have good feelings towards you.

As for making her like you, thatll be even more difficult,” Lan Yanzhi coquettishly said.

“Like me I dont need that.

I only need to get my hands on her; I dont need her to like me.

“Lan Yanzhi, after you return tomorrow, go hunt Martial medicines with your elder sister.

When shes tired and has her guard down, sneak this into her food, then use the signal to notify me.

At that time, naturally, I will take care of your sister.” As Wang Long spoke, he took out a bottle of drugged water.

It was a special drug.

One that made women produce special desires, yet also enter a muddled state.

After seeing the bottle, even Lan Yanzhis complexion changed.

She revealed a terrified expression and as she hurriedly shook her head, she said, “I cant! If you force it like this, my sister will know I did it later on.

She will kill me! Judging by her nature, she will definitely kill me!”

“Dont worry, she wont.

Ive already planned it out.

In the depths of the forest, theres a special type of Fierce Beast, called the Aphrodisiac Beast.

“That Aphrodisiac Beast has already mutated.

When it sees males, it will kill; but when it sees females, it will violate.

It is its nature, and it can also release a special type of gas that is only effective towards females but not males.

However, it can indeed formlessly bewitch women and turn them into wenches, allowing it to do whatever it wishes to do.

“After your sister takes this drug, her awareness will become blurred.

I will take down you two sisters, and as I do so, I will lay a formation to imitate the cry of the Aphrodisiac Beast and create the silhouette of the beast as well.

“With that, your sister will think she was defiled by the Aphrodisiac Beast and she wont know it was due to you, nor will she know it was me.” As Wang Long explained, he laughed loudly.

Obviously, not only did he plot a long time ago for this day, he looked forward to this day a long time ago.


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