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MGA: Chapter 722 – Requesting Taikou

With Chu Fengs assistance, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang both successfully refined the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism.

Like Su Rou and Su Mei, Jiang Wushang broke through two levels of cultivation, rising to the sixth level of the Heaven realm from the fourth level of the Heaven realm.

As for Zhang Tianyi, he was even more impressive.

He continuously broke through three levels of cultivation! From the fifth level of the Heaven realm, he entered the eighth level of the Heaven realm, and had the exact same cultivation as Chu Feng right now!

However, after the two of them refined the Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism with success, Chu Feng had become extremely weak.

From white, his face turned purple, as though he were suffering from a heavy illness.

“Haha, very good! Extremely good! These Immortal Mushrooms of Martialism have quite extraordinary effects!

“Although Little Mei, Little Rou, and Brother Wushang hadnt made breakthroughs as quick as Senior Zhang, the medicinal power remaining in their bodies have yet to been digested.

Afterwards, Im sure they can still make breakthroughs.

“With these Martial medicines, all of you can enter the peak of the Heaven realm within a year, possibly even touch upon the realm of Martial Lords!”

Chu Feng, at present, felt joy emit from his heart.

With his own abilities, being able to help the ones closest to him raise their cultivation greatly was something he took pride in, as well as something that made his heart very relieved.

To wish to protect a person, one does not lay many shields that protect against danger.

The wiser action would be to grant themselves the ability to resist danger.

Rather than protecting the ones closest to him himself, why not give them the power to protect themselves

That was also why when Chu Feng raised his cultivation, he had always thought of Su Rou and the others and, when he had the power, he came straight over to help them.

“Junior Chu Feng, great favours are not thanked with words.

Today, I, Zhang Tianyi, have engraved this grace on my heart.” Seeing Chu Feng, who turned so sickly due to helping them, Zhang Tianyis heart felt quite sour as well.

The usually strong and tough man involuntarily had a bit of red around his eyes.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, I, Jiang Wushang, will follow you for the rest of my life!” Jiang Wushang, the little noble prince of the Jiang Dynasty, felt extremely moved as well.

“We are brothers; there is no need to say words like these.

If it were you, the same course of action would have been taken,” Chu Feng said calmly.

Although he did indeed damage his body by helping them, Chu Feng was still ecstatic.

“Okay, dont speak anymore! Drink this medicine first, then take a good rest!” Su Rou brought a steaming bowl of medicine before Chu Feng, and as she spoke, she fed a spoonful to Chu Fengs mouth.

At that moment, Chu Feng was not hungry, but he knew it was a special medicinal soup with healing remedies.

Besides, it was Su Rou who personally brought it over, so naturally, he could not decline.

Thus, he took the spoonful.

“Waa, what a good-smelling medicinal soup! There isnt even any taste of medicine in it, but instead, it is bursting with savouriness!” After a gulp, Chu Feng gave endless praises because that medicinal soup was truly quite tasty.

“Of course its delicious! It was personally made for you by my sister!” Su Mei said on the side with smiles.

“So Little Rou is skillful in this area as well Haha, then Ive got to have a bit more then!” After hearing those words, Chu Feng immediately took the bowl, and with a few gulps he drank the rest of the medicinal soup, quite cleanly at that too.

After finishing, Chu Feng slept for a while.

With the nourishment of his powerful divine lightning, Chu Fengs visage nearly recovered completely after a short four hours of sleep.

He did not continue sleeping, and after his complexion turned better, he quickly got up and while in the company of the two beauties, Su Rou and Su Mei, as well as his two brothers, Zhang Tianyi and Jiang Wushang, they went forth to Taikous residence.

He had to fight for the chance to enter the Millennium Ancient City, and Taikou was his own hope.

Taikous residence could be said to be in the lands with one of the best scenery in the Four Seas Academy.

However, one could not even bear to look at the buildings within such a land.

It actually lacked even a decent palace, and only a simple small grass hut was there.

It wasnt the Four Seas Academy being selfish by not building Taikou luxurious palaces; Taikous nature was just too peculiar.

He didnt allow the Four Seas Academy to build him palaces, and the small grass hut was built by himself.

Moreover, there were no explicit borders around Taikous land, nor anyone guarding it, because he didnt have any servants.

So, one could enter and leave his land as they wished, but the precondition was not to be found out or it would be quite a tragic end for them.

At that instant, Chu Feng and the others all arrived in Taikous land, and had seen his simple small grass hut.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, youre sure you know this Taikou, and didnt recognize the wrong person, right” As things progressed to their current state, Jiang Wushang felt a bit timid.

It wasnt that he was afraid, but he had seen Taikous fierceness.

In the entire Four Seas Academy, there were probably barely any who did not fear Taikou.

“You dont need to follow me in.

Just wait for me here,” Chu Feng said.

He could see the worry in their hearts.

“That wont do! I will follow you in!” Even though Su Mei too was a bit afraid, she firmly grabbed onto Chu Fengs arm and wasnt willing to let go.

“Big Brother Chu Feng, we share our difficulties.

Taikous character is odd.

It changes all the time and nothing he does is predictable.

If he truly goes on a rampage, we, as disciples of the Four Seas Academy, can speak in your place,” Jiang Wushang resolutely said.

“Then fine.” Chu Feng could only shake his head when he heard those words.

Then, with the four of them, he walked straight to the front of the little grass hut.

Chu Feng did not use Spirit power to examine inside because he felt it was a very impolite action.

Moreover, his instincts told him Taikou was definitely there.

“Chu Feng, enter.

The other four, get the hell out of here.” Indeed, just as they neared the little grass hut, a furious shout rang out.

That voice belonged to exactly Taikou.

Chu Feng shot a glance at Su Rou and the others, telling them to leave first.

Afterwards, he pushed open the broken wooden door, and walked in.

Not only was the grass hut broken outside, the interior was even more broken.

It was so simple it surpassed Chu Fengs imagination.

However, Chu Fengs eyes quickly locked onto a bed made by stones piling on one another because there, a single-legged old man sat—precisely Taikou.

He was currently on the bed with one hand pushing his leg into a half-crossed-legged position and the other holding a large tobacco pile.

With squinting eyes, he was enjoying it with light smacks of his lips.

After seeing Chu Feng enter, his mouth curled up to a grin, revealing his mouthful of yellow teeth.

“My friend Chu Feng, have you finally thought it through and wish to become my disciple”

“Senior, it is something else.” Chu Feng politely bowed to Taikou, not daring to be disrespectful in any way.

Because, even now, Chu Feng was still unable to ascertain Taikous cultivation.

That old man was truly unfathomable.

According to Chu Fengs guesses, he was very possibly not as simple as a Martial Lord.

It was even possible he was a Martial King! If so, no wonder the Four Seas Academy treated Taikou in such a manner; he was indeed very strong.

“Since you are not looking for a master, then you must have some sort of other business.

Just speak your mind.

If I can do it, I will not decline the request,” said Taikou in a very straightforward manner.

Quickly after, Chu Feng told Taikou in detail the events that had occurred and expressed his intentions.

As for Taikou, he laughed, then said, “I was thinking what it was, but it turns out you want to enter the Millennium Ancient City and experience it a bit! Thats fine; take this badge, no one will dare to stop you.”

As Taikou spoke, he waved his hand and a badge then landed into Chu Fengs palm.


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