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MGA: Chapter 607 – Ancient Legend

*hmm* Suddenly, Chu Feng tightly furrowed his brows, a hint of displeasure emerging onto his face.

He felt a burst of Spirit power currently examining his body.

Feeling such change, he hurriedly spun around and cast his alarmed gaze towards behind.

Only then did he discover, nearby, an old man was flying towards him.

The old man was unexpectedly blind.

Although he couldnt see, his clothes were very tidy.

They werent that gorgeous, but very clean.

Especially his snow-white long hair.

It hung down like a waterfall, down straight to his heels.

Although his beard wasnt as long as his hair, it was still not short.

It was also as white as snow, and very clean too.

“Hehe, young man, its the first time youve been to this Everlasting Sea of Blood right” asked the blind old man with a smile as he came up to Chu Feng.

He had the cultivation of the eighth level of the Heaven realm, and was clearly a World Spiritist.

His eyes could not see, so he used Spirit power to observe things.

That was understandable, so Chu Fengs didnt blame him, and politely replied, “Senior, it is indeed the first time Ive been here.

I wonder, why is this place so special”

“This place has existed since ancient times, and the specific origins of it cannot be tracked down.

There are many versions people talk of: some people say it was naturally formed, some say it was formed by oddities… But, my favourite version comes from a legend of the Ancient Era,” said the blind old man rather pleasedly as he stroked his snow-white beard.

“Oh What kind of legend is it Senior, can you tell me”

Hearing him say “a legend of the Ancient Era”, Chu Feng was instantly intrigued.

After all, the Ancient Era from very distant times.

It was several tens of thousands of years ago.

It was a completely different era from the current one—one when martial cultivation just started to flourish, when experts emerged in greater and greater numbers, and when monsters walked upon the lands.

It was a mysterious and unfathomable era filled with stories and legends.

It was said at that time, all sorts of species spread throughout the world, and the gods passed down the method of martial cultivation to the earthly world, allowing all species to study and comprehend it.

Regardless if it were humans, monsters, animals, or even plants, all of them could attempt to understand the martial cultivation method.

And, with powerful intelligence, humans quickly grasped the methods and gained power.

They obtained strength that put them above other species, and very soon became the kings of the world.

However, there was another species that grasped the martial cultivation method along with humans.

They were different than Monstrous Beasts, different than Fierce Beasts, and even more so, different than wild beasts.

They had intelligence no weaker than humans as well as noble bloodlines.

They also enamored peace.

After they grasped the martial cultivation method, they didnt do the same as humans and use it for themselves.

They started to spread their comprehension to various species, and it shook the overlord position that the humans had.

However, the humans did not dare to do anything to them because from what they had heard, their strength was much more powerful than the humans.

But, such a powerful and noble species went extinct after the Ancient Era, and no longer appeared again.

So, people called them “Ancient Organisms”.

Summing it up, the events in that era was filled with mystery, which also caused the people in the present to be very curious about the matters of that era.

Although the things spoken regarding that era couldnt be determined to be true or false, as most were passed down as stories or legends, most people still enjoyed listening about the Ancient Era.

Even Chu Feng was no exception.

“Hehe, its a long story and it may completely overturn your knowledge about the Ancient Era.

Im afraid that even if I speak about it, you still may not believe it and will view me as rambling insane words,” said the old man with a smile.

“The matters of the Ancient Era come from very distant times.

As for which are real and which are fake, who can validate them” Chu Feng smiled, then added, “Senior, theres no harm in telling me it.

I am willing to listen.”

“Haha, not bad.

Young man, youre quite interesting.

Since youve already said so, I can indeed tell you about it.

“Its said in the Ancient Era, it was the Ancient Organisms world.

They viewed other species as slaves, as toys, as pets; but since they were powerful, humans and other species could only remain submissive and live lives even inferior to pigs and dogs under the oppression of the Ancient Organisms.

“However, many people were not willing to live days like those.

Of those people, one was very smart.

He intentionally allowed himself to be caught by the Ancient Organisms and became their slave.

But, using his intelligence, he very quickly seized their trust and became a servant of the Ancient King.

“In that era, a human obtaining such power and even stood above many Ancient Organisms was a very inconceivable thing.

And all of that was because of his intelligence.

“But, his intelligence did not stop there, nor did his ambition stop there.

He stayed by the Ancient Kings side as if he couldnt determine day from night, and observed the Ancient Kings cultivation.

Finally, one day, he grasped the kings method of cultivation and created a cultivation method suitable for humans.

“He started to cultivate furtively and quickly gained power that the Ancient Organisms had.

Moreover, he discovered another type of power—one that even the Ancient Organisms didnt have.

“It was the power to enable one to open a gate to another world, and to call upon that worlds organisms over to theirs.

“However, that power wasnt something all people could obtain.

One had to have a special type of connection method, and the generations to come named that connection methodSpirit power, and named that powerSpirit Formation techniques,” said the old man solemnly.

“Heavens! From what youve said, doesnt it mean that person was the first person to create the martial cultivation method and Spirit Formation technique” Hearing to that point, Chu Feng was endlessly shocked because the old mans words were indeed completely different from what hed heard.

It did indeed overturn his knowledge.

“Sh, dont interrupt, let me finish.” The old man put his finger at his mouth, telling Chu Feng to stay silent.

Chu Feng also quickly quieted down and continued to listen closely.

“His power became stronger by the day, and finally, one day, his strength surpassed countless Ancient Organisms, and only the Ancient King could fight against him.

“He wanted humans to be on an equal level as Ancient Organisms, but obviously, the king was not willing to allow such a thing.

So, an unavoidable battle exploded.

“Its said that the great battle lasted for several days.

The sky and earth truly darkened, but ultimately, the Ancient King was defeated.

“After the king died, blood sprayed across the sea but for a long time, did not fade away and actually merged together with the seawater, making the sea eternally blood-red.

“However, the person who defeated the Ancient King also paid a certain price.

One of his eyes was taken by the king and could never be restored.”


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