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MGA: Chapter 596 – Paying a Visit to the Lovers Terrace

“Eggy, its a Spiritual Being that has gathered for over five hundred years! But it only allows me to make a single level of breakthrough.

If it were Heaven beads instead, I truly do not dare to think how many I would need in order to enter the sixth level from the fifth level.”

Chu Feng felt quite helpless.

Despite already knowing that the cultivation resources he required would get more and more enormous as his cultivation reached higher and higher realms, when he truly faced such a situation, he still felt quite unspeakably bitter.


That Ice Crystal Egg is indeed a Spiritual Being, that is true; but it has only been congregating for five hundred years.

You must know that powerful Spiritual Beings need to congregate for at least ten thousand years.”

“Besides, you need to think like this.

At present, you have found a Spiritual Being shortly after entering this Eastern Sea Region.

From that, it can be seen that the Eastern Sea Region is indeed a place impregnated by oddities.

At least, theres a lot more Natural Oddities here than in your continent of the Nine Provinces.”

“As long as you reach a proficient level with the Pulse Searching Method, would you still worry having no cultivation resources In this place, you are simply like a fish in water.

There are infinite cultivation resources you can use.” Eggy sweetly smiled and said.

“Mm, you do know how to comfort people, but you are correct.

Whatever, its time to go.” Actually, Chu Feng already understood the things that Eggy said, but after hearing her speak them, he still felt quite a bit more comfortable.

“Where” Eggy asked puzzledly.

“Of course, to the Lovers Terrace to find Qiushui Fuyan.” Chu Feng smiled lightly, then leaped into the air and stepped onto the journey towards the Lovers Terrace.

The Eastern Sea Region was very big, and the road to the Lovers Terrace was very far as well, so logically speaking, he had to spend quite a bit of time.

However, after Chu Feng travelled for a while, he discovered a huge Teleport Formation within a vast city.

The Teleport Formation was very ancient, but it was a lot more profound that the ones in the Four Seas Academy.

They were said to be left behind by powerful World Spiritists from past eras, so regardless if it was teleportation speed or number of people it could teleport, both were of very high levels.

But, the Teleport Formations from the Ancient era were all controlled by the Immortal Execution Archipelago.

If one wished to use them, they had to pay high fees.

Longer the distance teleported, higher the fee.

Not to mention normal people, even ordinary cultivators could not take out such a sum.

Even if there were some people who could take out such money, they were not willing to spend them on such fees for travelling.

Only true rich, noble clans could use them.

Although Chu Feng wasnt anything like that, he still had a large number of Heaven beads currently on him, and as the Heaven beads didnt have too much help towards his cultivation, it was good enough to be used for travelling.

So, with the assistance of the Ancient Teleport Formations, Chu Feng greatly reduced the time he needed to journey.

Within a few short days, he arrived at the Lovers Terrace.

It was dozens of times quicker than what he would have taken if he were to have flown himself.

“These Ancient Teleport Formations are truly not simple.

They are even several times quicker than the ones in the Four Seas Academy.

Eggy, from what you see, what kind of World Spiritist laid these antique formations”

After walking out of the Teleport Formation, he was deeply stunned by its horrifying speed.

To know that in a few short days, he had stepped over countless lands and sea regions.

Seeing such profound and powerful methods, Chu Feng, who was a World Spiritist, was involuntarily amazed because as a Purple-cloak World Spiritist, he had already learnt how to create a Teleport Formation as well, and from that, he knew clearly how skillful one needed to be in controlling Spirit Formations as well as the special methods required to lay such long-distance Teleport Formations.

“From my understanding, it should have been laid by a Royal-cloak World Spiritist.

But, as too much time has passed since the time it had been laid, the Teleport Formation has deteriorated.

It requires long-term restoration by at least a Gold-cloak World Spiritist in order to continue using them.”

“So, the Immortal Execution Archipelago cannot be blamed for demanding such high teleportation fees.

After all, it costs quite a bit to get Gold-cloak World Spiritists to come repair these Teleport Formations often.” Eggy explained.

“So Royal-cloak World Spiritists huh”

“If Royal-cloak World Spiritists are already so powerful, what degree of strength would Immortal-cloak World Spiritists reach”

Originally, Chu Feng thought such outstanding Teleport Formations were laid by an Immortal-cloak World Spiritist, but now, he knew that it was a Royal-cloak World Spiritists instead.

Once again, he learnt of the unfathomableness of Immortal-cloak World Spiritists.

No wonder it was a realm that required one to be at least a Martial Emperor to enter.

The Lovers Terrace was, in reality, an island in the ocean.

Moreover, it was a huge island with an enormous surface area.

The scenery on the island was beautiful, as if it were a paradise in the human realm.

There were all sorts of strange flower and odd grasses.

There were even mid-air waterfalls.

It was very gorgeous.

But on such an island, there were no sects.

It wasnt that sects didnt want to set up camp there, but that there were really too many experts on the island.

Those expert lived in concealment and disliked rowdiness, so naturally, they did not allow the arrival of any powers.

The experts hiddenly living on the island already laid an invisible confinement formation that covered the skies and went deep underground.

It sealed the entire Lovers Terrace, and in only in a few designated entrances could one enter.

“Halt!” Just as Chu Feng went up to the entrance, he was yelled at and stopped by a young man.

The young man was just over twenty years old, but had the cultivation of the third level of the Heaven realm.

Usually speaking, that cultivation at his age was relatively good, but in front of Chu Feng, it was quite insignificant.

“Brother, I am here to see Lady Qiushui.” Chu Feng very politely said.

Lady Qiushui was, in reality, Qiushui Fuyan, but she had already hid her name so even if it was the people from the Lovers Terrance, they might not know her to be the Holy Daughter of the Burning Heaven Church.

Chu Feng learnt all of that from his master, Qiu Canfeng.

“Youre here to see Senior Qiushui From what I see, you want to be her disciple”

“Let alone that Senior Qiushui doesnt accept disciples anymore, even if she does, it wouldnt be your turn.”

“Not to mention Senior Qiushuis disciple, you cant even become a disciple of any of the seniors in the Lovers Terrace.

Thats for no other reason but because you are not qualified.

Quickly leave, dont taint this holy ground, the Lovers Terrace.”

The young mans attitude was very arrogant.

Although Chu Fengs cultivation was above his, in the gaze he looked at Chu Feng with was still full of disdain and contempt.

As he spoke, he even pointed at a nearby stone tablet.

And only at that instant did Chu Feng discover on the stone tablet, several rows of big words were written: “Those twenty years old and above may not step upon this island and find a master; those yet to be twenty years old but havent entered the Heaven realm may not step upon this island and find a master!”

After seeing the stone tablet, everything clicked.

Chu Feng then knew the method to enter the island, so he wasted no words.

After a light smile, he turned around and left.


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