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Chapter 5281: Dao of Specialization

“You can become stronger, and I can give you the chance to do so.

Its just whether youre willing to accept my offer or not,” the glowing woman said.

“Elder, youre willing to help me It goes without saying that Ill accept your offer,” Chu Feng asked.

“Dont be in such a hurry to answer.

Youll have to make sacrifices for that.”

“What kind of sacrifices”

“Youll have to give up on your Divine Power”

“My Divine Power”

“Thats right.

Your ability to simultaneously control your Heavenly Bloodline and Divine Power does prove that youre highly talented, but youre still too weak right now.

Attempting to grasp those two powers at once will only divert your attention.

At this rate, youll struggle to juggle between those two powers and eventually be forced to settle with mediocrity, having failed to unlock the full potential of your two powers.

“You have to choose whether you want to focus on your Heavenly Bloodline or your Divine Power if you wish to become stronger.

Seal off one of them and channel your attention on the other,” the glowing woman said.

“Elder, are you planning to take away one of my powers” Chu Feng asked with a frown.

He couldnt bear the thought of losing his powers.

“Thats not it.

Ill only be sealing it off.

Youll eventually be able to unseal and continue cultivating it if you wish to, but Id still recommend you to focus on one,” the glowing woman said.

“Elder, how do I seal off my power” Chu Feng asked.

To be honest, he was moved by the proposal.

He had met quite a few prodigies in the Totem Galaxy who were able to raise their fighting prowess by three cultivation ranks solely through their bloodline, with Xu Tianjian being one such example.

That was a feat that he was incapable of.

Of course, he could raise his fighting prowess by three cultivation ranks too, but that was him simultaneously utilizing his Heavenly Bloodline and his Divine Power.

It left him thinking about his own insufficiencies, but he wasnt able to figure out a solution for it.

“I can help you seal it off and even impart to you the Dao of Specialization,” the glowing woman said.

“The Dao of Specialization Whats that” Chu Feng asked.

“Heh…” The glowing woman laughed.

“You should have noticed that Long Xiaoxiao has obtained the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnants legacy, but do you know why”

Chu Feng didnt understand why the glowing woman was suddenly mentioning Long Xiaoxiao, but he figured that she had her own reason for it.

Thus, he asked, “Why”

“I gave the legacy to her because of you.

Its unfortunate that you arent a descendant of the Dragon Clan, or else I would have given it to you instead,” the glowing woman said.

“Was that the reason” Chu Feng was bewildered.

He didnt think that Long Xiaoxiao would receive the legacy because of him.

“In other words, I have acknowledged you,” the glowing woman said.

A moment later, she added, “Long Xiaoxiao has not fully assimilated the legacy yet.

If you wish so, I can take away the legacy from her and give it to someone else whom you favor more.

Of course, that person has to be a descendant of the Dragon Clan, or else they wont be able to inherit the legacy.”

“Elder, thats not what I mean.

You can leave the legacy with Xiaoxiao.

Shes the only descendant of the Dragon Clan amongst my friends.

Elder, may I know why you have such a high opinion of me” Chu Feng asked.

Xu Tianjian had told him that the legacy of the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant was only a legend.

Countless experts had challenged the remnant, but none had ever come close to acquiring it.

Yet, the glowing woman actually gave it to Long Xiaoxiao because of him

She even openly stated that she had no qualms about taking the legacy away from Long Xiaoxiao and giving it to whomever Chu Feng favored.

This left Chu Feng feeling rather flabbergasted.

He knew that there must be a reason behind the glowing ladys high opinion of him.

“You need not feel pressured.

The legacy means nothing to me.

All this while, I have refused to open this remnant not because I was unwilling to give away the Saint Dragon Legacy but because there was no one qualified to learn the Dao of Specialization.

“However, I believe that you are qualified to grasp the Dao of Specialization.

Its just a pity that you arent a descendant of the Dragon Clan, so I chose to entrust it to your friend instead,” the glowing woman said.

Chu Feng widened his eyes in realization.

It turned out that the true treasure of the Saint Dragon Ancient Remnant was the Dao of Specialization.

“Elder, what is the Dao of Specialization” Chu Feng asked.

“It is a type of martial enlightenment,” the glowing woman said.

Martial cultivators had to grasp martial enlightenment in order to advance their cultivation.

While there was a limit to the amount of energy a person could harness within their body, there was no ceiling to martial enlightenment.

“Elder, you must be pulling my leg.

Martial enlightenment needs to be comprehended.

It cant be imparted to someone else that easily,” Chu Feng said.

“What makes you think the Dao of Specialization doesnt need to be comprehended If you prove to be lacking in intelligence, you wont be able to harness it even if I impart it to you.

It will only dissipate from your body over time,” the glowing woman said.

“Elder, will I be able to advance my fighting prowess if I grasp the Dao of Specialization” Chu Feng asked.

“Itll take time.

You wont make huge advancements in the short term, but itll help you in the future if you manage to grasp it.

However, theres no point talking about it now when we dont even know whether youll be able to withstand the Dao of Specialization or not,” the glowing woman said.

“Elder, Im willing to give it a try,” Chu Feng said.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Chu Feng was determined to give it a try.

“Chu Feng, the Dao of Specialization is different from any other energy you have absorbed.

It is a dao of martial cultivation, but it is not the only dao.

The Dao of Specialization is unique in the sense that it has no restrictions, which means that you are free to pursue another dao anytime you wish.

Comprehending the Dao of Specialization will only be beneficial to you.

“There are a hundred dao laws in the Dao of Specialization, and Ill be imparting eight of them to you first.

You dont have to bother comprehending them right now.

Whats more important is to accept them into your body.

Itll be an excruciating procedure.

Theres a risk you might lose your mind or even die, so you mustnt force yourself.

“Sound out if you find yourself reaching your limit during the impartation, and Ill stop right away,” the glowing woman said.

“Elder, cant you impart more dao laws to me” Chu Feng asked with a cheery smile.

“Dont be greedy.

This is the Dao of Specialization were talking about.

Even though I have chosen you, I reckon that itll be difficult for you to take in even six of them,” the glowing woman replied as she pointed her finger at Chu Feng.

Chu Fengs surroundings immediately faded into a void.


White light flooded in from all directions, devouring Chu Feng whole.

Then, he found himself standing before a vast starry sky.

The Nine Galaxies were within the starry sky too, but it was insignificant compared to the universe.

“Is this the dao laws of the Dao of Specialization”

Chu Feng could sense the immense prowess of the dao laws.

It was nothing but a concept, but it seemed to tower above all things else.

But again, this was only normal.

All cultivators sought to reach for a higher realm, but the basis of that laid in the comprehension of martial enlightenment.

Martial enlightenment was the foundation of martial cultivation.


Chu Fengs face began to distort.

As the dao laws that had manifested as white light flowed into his body, he found himself gripped by extreme pain.

He felt as if someone was tearing his soul apart.

Nevertheless, he gritted his teeth and held it in.

The Dao of Specialization was highly beneficial to him.

He didnt want to miss out on even the slightest bit of it.

“This isnt right, Eggy.

Its taking longer than I expected to take in the Dao of Specialization.

Even if Im able to withstand it, there isnt enough time for me to work with.

The incense stick outside is going to burn out at this rate,” Chu Feng said.

However, he quickly realized that he was unable to communicate with Eggy anymore.

He had lost connection with Eggy and his entire World Spirit Space.

It was almost as if he had been isolated from his previous world.

“My connection with Eggy has been severed” Chu Feng was shocked.

However, when he thought about it, it didnt seem surprising for the glowing woman to be able to pull off something like this.

She didnt even think that the much-coveted Saint Dragon Legacy was worth much, and she had no qualms giving it away on a whim.

It was understandable for an existence like that to possess exceptional abilities.

Chu Feng decided not to think too much about it and focus on taking in the dao laws first.

He still retained his sense of time during this torturous process, so he could tell how much time it had taken for him to fully absorb the dao laws.

Nine years.

He dedicated the nine years solely to absorbing the dao laws while suffering tremendous pain.

No matter how much time passed, he was never able to grow accustomed to the pain.

On the contrary, the pain seemed to worsen over time.

It eventually came to a point where his mind lost its composure.

Fortunately, he was able to calm down thanks to his many years of training.

Eventually, he succeeded in absorbing all of the dao laws given to him.

The starry sky vanished, and Chu Feng found himself returning to the void.

He looked at his surroundings with a dazed look on his face.

It had really been nine years.

Under normal circumstances, he would have made significant advancements in his martial cultivation within nine years time, but he was so focused on accepting the dao laws that he failed to make any progress in his cultivation.

However, he didnt regret doing so.

He could sense how powerful the dao laws were.

While it wasnt of much use to him in the short term, he would benefit greatly from it in the future.

The nine years he had spent taking in the Dao of Specialization definitely hadnt gone to waste.


The glowing woman appeared in front of Chu Feng once again.

“Elder, thank you for your gift,” Chu Feng said with a bow.

He could sense that there were nine dao laws inside of him, which meant that the glowing woman had given him a bonus one.

“Chu Feng, I am impressed.

I have prepared eight dao laws for you, but it turned out to be insufficient,” the glowing woman said.

“Elder, does time flow differently here compared to the outside” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course.”

“How much time has passed outside”

“Not even a second.

You have gotten nine years for free.”

“Oh Thats a worthwhile trade,” Chu Feng replied with a chuckle.

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