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Chapter 5200: Another Fight

“Ive already warned you about the dangers.

You can enter if you really wish to; I wont stop you.

If you survive, wait for us outside the pit.

Dont linger here.

Ill be able to find you,” Tao Wu said.

“Alright, elder.

Ill be heading in then.”

Chu Fengs body suddenly vanished the next moment.

He had activated the gate with his thoughts and entered it, though an outsider would only see him disappearing into thin air.

“This is an amazing place.”

Old Cat saw Chu Feng disappear with his own eyes, but it was still unable to sense anything at all despite placing its cat paws on the cliff face.

“Whats more amazing is Chu Feng.

I already told him that whatever treasure that lies inside the gate is only beneficial to world spirits, but he still insists on heading in.

Is there a need to go this far for a mere world spirit” Tao Wu expressed his incomprehension.

“Thats because you dont know that Brother Chu Feng is actually a lustful man.

He has plenty of beautiful world spirits.

You also know what men are like.

There are plenty of heroes in history who had stumbled when it comes to women.

I reckon Brother Chu Feng is no different,” Old Cat said gleefully.

“Your explanation sounds oddly weird,” Tao Wu replied.

It was not as if there was anything wrong with what Old Cat said, but it somewhat changed the nature of what Chu Feng was going to do.

He was still thinking that Chu Feng was bravely risking his life out of loyalty to his world spirits, but after hearing what Old Cat said, Chu Feng suddenly seemed more like a lustful man who was putting everything on the line just to please a woman.

“Well, thats what younglings are like.

They have never suffered any setbacks before, so they still naively believe in love and whatnot.

Only those who are older like us know that its best to rely on ourselves.

“Brother Tao Wu, lets ignore him and go ahead with what we need to do.

Where should we head to first” Old Cat said with glowing eyes.

This incident convinced him that he would reap the most benefits by following Tao Wu, so his attitude toward the latter took a major change.

“Just follow me.

I might not be able to guarantee anything else, but you can be certain that youll be able to advance to the depths of this pit,” Tao Wu said.

He started rising back to the six world spirit gates above together with Old Cat.

Shortly after Tao Wu and Old Cat left, the space where Chu Feng had disappeared earlier suddenly jolted a little.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng had already entered a cavern.

Advancing ahead, he soon stumbled upon a locked gate that had to be deciphered before he could proceed on.

He carefully examined the gate, but his spirit power, Heavens Eyes, and even the Celestial Masters Horsetail Whisk werent providing him any clues at all.

He suddenly recalled the formation deciphering method he had memorized right before Xue Ji stole the rock key, but there were no formations on the gate at all.

The formation deciphering method wasnt going to be useful here.

Then, it struck him.

Since orthodox means didnt work here, perhaps he could try unorthodox means instead.

He tried the same method that Wu Tao taught him earlier to find the gate.

It worked, but he was only able to take a small peek into the gates deciphering method.

He continued working on it, he was slowly able to gather more and more information.

He soon figured that the gate would automatically open for him once he fully grasped the gates deciphering method.

There was no need to resort to spirit power or formations at all.

Roughly two hours later, the gate finally opened with a rumble.

On the other side of the gate was a majestic hall suffused with the aura of the Asura Spirit World.

Chu Fengs face lit up with joy.

He saw a huge amount of rocks neatly embedded in the wall located at the opposite end of the hall.

Those werent ordinary rocks but Asura God Stones, and there were over a thousand pieces of them.

He could still remember how excited Eggy was when they stumbled upon an Asura God Stone.

She told him that it was a valuable cultivation resource in the Asura Spirit World that was highly sought after by Asura World Spirits.

The Asura God Stone eventually turned out to be an Asura God-Demon Stone, an even higher-level cultivation resource.

Even so, Asura God Stones were still invaluable treasures.

It was a huge deal to find over a thousand Asura God Stones at once, not to mention that none of them had been used yet.

That was why Chu Feng was so excited.

However, these Asura God Stones had protective formations cast around them, just like the blue rocks he had found in the cavern earlier.

He would have to decipher these formations if he wished to take the Asura God Stones away with him.

Similarly, what was more important when it came to deciphering these protective formations was the world spiritists skills rather than their spirit power.

And the protective formations for these Asura God Stones were much stronger than the ones for the blue rocks.

Chu Feng would likely require quite some time to retrieve all thousand Asura God Rocks.

“Asura God Rocks, not to mention so many of them.

Not bad,” a voice suddenly sounded behind Chu Feng.

“Surely not”

Goosebumps rose all over Chu Fengs body, for he could tell that it was Xue Jis voice.

He had already been robbed by her once, and he dearly hoped that it wouldnt happen again.

Reality ran contrary to his wishes.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Xue Ji standing by the doorway, looking at him with a seductive smile.

“How did you get in here” Chu Feng asked in astonishment.

Based on what he knew, Xue Ji shouldnt have been able to access this place.

“Does it matter Im already here,” Xue Ji replied.

“Xue Ji, shouldnt you at least show some generosity here We used to be master and servant, after all.

Youve already robbed me once; do you really have to do it a second time” Chu Feng said.

“As youve said, we used to be master and servant.

How about you help me just this once Besides, Im not planning to rob you.

I would have appeared after youre done harvesting all of the Asura God Stones if that was my intention,” Xue Ji replied.

“What do you want then” Chu Feng asked.

“I want you to retrieve those Asura God Stones for me, and Ill compensate you in return,” Xue Ji replied.

“How will you compensate me” Chu Feng asked.

“There are a thousand Asura God Stones here.

If you take all of them down, Ill let you keep one for yourself,” Xue Ji replied.

Chu Feng burst into laughter upon hearing that.

“How is that different from robbing me” Chu Feng asked.

“There is,” Xue Ji replied.

“Im not robbing you but enslaving you.”


With a crackle of lightning, Chu Feng activated his Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and Four Symbols Divine Power.

At the same time, he whipped out his Immemorial Heros Sword.

Negotiations had fallen through.

A fight was inevitable.

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