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Chapter 5155: Final Trial

“Where is Xue Ji now”

Chu Feng decided to turn his attention away from the treasure and instead enquire about Xue Ji.

Xue Ji was his world spirit, and she had a special place in his heart.

Compared to whatever treasure Old Cat might have, he was much more interested in confirming whether Xue Ji was safe or not.

“Brother Chu Feng, Xue Ji is currently in my house.

You can be assured that she’s doing well.

Unlike other world spirits, she’s highly talented.

There’s no way I would treat her like a slave.

On the contrary, I’ve been treating her well with good food and drinks.

So, don’t let that girl torture me anymore.

I’ll bring you to her once we get out of here,” Old Cat said.

It turned to Yu Sha and added, “Lass, your young miss is doing well.

I swear that you’ll regret having made a move once you meet her.

You might even break out in tears and apologize to me.

Your young miss hasn’t suffered in the least ever since parting ways with Chu Feng.

If anything, she’s much stronger than before.

At the very least, she’s stronger than you.”

However, Yu Sha didn’t buy Old Cat’s words at all.

If looks could kill, Old Cat might have died there and then.

Seeing the dirty look on her face, Old Cat immediately zipped up his mouth.

“Old Cat, reveal your martial cultivation.

I’ll know right away if you try to hide anything from me.

Trust me, you wouldn’t want to test me,” Chu Feng ordered.

While he knew that Old Cat was a Purple Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist, he still didn’t know its cultivation level.

He was only able to control Old Cat thanks to the energy from the ancient remnant, or else he wouldn’t stand a chance against the latter.

Thus, he had to confirm whether he would really be able to control Old Cat once they were out of here.

Old Cat eyed the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk before finally exerting his martial power.

“Rank three Half-God”

Chu Feng could tell through the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk whether Old Cat was concealing its cultivation—it wasn’t.

It was indeed at rank three Half-God level, which meant that its cultivation was weaker than its spirit power.

Fortunately, that wasn’t enough to pose a threat to Chu Feng.

Frankly speaking, Old Cat was already much stronger than Chu Feng had imagined.

Back then, he thought that Old Cat was from an Upper Realm and that it was only able to suppress them because they were too weak.

Who could have thought that it was actually this powerful

“That horsetail whisk of yours is an incredible treasure.

You were able to get in here utilizing its powers, right” Old Cat asked.

“Why Are you interested in it” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course not! I wouldn’t dare.

I wouldn’t have the guts to take your possession!” Old Cat replied meekly.

“Old Cat, we can at least be considered as acquaintances.

If not for you kidnapping Xue Ji and snatching away my God Bestowment Bamboo Slip, I might have even considered befriending you.

You can still make up for the God Bestowment Bamboo Slip with another equivalent treasure, but if something happens to Xue Ji, you’ll have to pay with your life.”

Chu Feng’s eyes suddenly became incredibly cold.

Old Cat instinctively lowered its head, not daring to meet eyes with Chu Feng.

The killing intent coming from Chu Feng was so chilling that it sent shivers down its spine.

“Yu Sha, you should return first.”

Yu Sha obediently returned to the World Spirit Space as she was told.

Then, Chu Feng directed his hand toward the unconscious Bai Yunqing, and the latter’s Cosmos Sack immediately flew into his hands.

It had a protective formation cast over it too.

While Chu Feng’s spirit power was augmented by the ancient remnant’s energy here, it refused to aid him in breaching the protective formation.

This meant that he could only do so with his own strength… which was clearly beyond his means at the moment.

So, he chose to direct his attention toward searching Bai Yunqing’s body with his assault formation instead.

After all, Bai Yunqing’s master was a true powerhouse.

He should have even more treasures on him than Old Cat.

However, right after he started searching around, the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk sent him a danger alert.

“Danger A protective formation”

Regardless of what it was, Chu Feng knew better than to continue searching Bai Yunqing’s body.

He trusted the Celestial Master’s Horsetail Whisk enough to not go against its advice.

“Disciples of powerhouses are really nothing to be made light of.

It’s just a pity that Bai Yunqing is too cowardly,” Chu Feng murmured in contempt.

He felt like laughing whenever he recalled how Bai Yunqing’s ego instantaneously deflated before Old Cat’s threats.

Bai Yunqing’s arrogance stemmed from his master’s power and his own strength, which was justified.

It was just that he was a coward on top of that, making him appear like a hypocrite.

Following that, Chu Feng turned his sights to Old Cat.

“Follow me and don’t play any tricks, or else you’ll have hell to suffer for.”

Chu Feng split the assault formation into two.

One was used to confine Bai Yunqing whereas the other morphed into a chain to shackle Old Cat.

He hadn’t forgotten about his primary goal here.

Lord Zhenlong’s legacy was definitely a huge deal.

He was determined to take it.

It was just that Old Cat was a cunning one to deal with.

He didn’t feel safe leaving it here, which was why he decided to bring it with him to the next hall.

He figured that since it was possible to cross blows in the corridors and he had won the battle, it should be possible for him to bring Old Cat into the hall shackled.

If it really didn’t work, all he had to do was to release Old Cat then.

It was not as if he wasn’t able to deal with Old Cat anyway.

Putting all things aside, the Asura King would be more than enough to subdue it.

“Brother Chu Feng, I’m afraid that it won’t work for you to bring me in.

After all, fighting isn’t allowed in the halls.

Why don’t you just leave me in front of the spirit formation gate I’ll obediently wait for you,” Old Cat said.

“If Lord Zhenlong really tells me to free you, I’ll do as I’m told.

Otherwise, I don’t see an issue here.

Don’t even dream about retaliating.

There’s no way I’ll leave you here by yourself.”

Chu Feng forcefully grabbed Old Cat and pulled him through the spirit formation gate.

The hall on the other side of the spirit formation gate was identical to the preceding ones.

Lord Zhenlong’s projection was already waiting for them.

Previously, all three of them had to be present in order to activate the trials, but this time around, the formation activated even though Bai Yunqing was still trapped in the corridor.

“It looks like there’s only one young friend left,” the projection of Lord Zhenlong said.

“M-milord, didn’t you say that fighting isn’t allowed in the hall How can you allow him to shackle me You should tell him to free me!” Old Cat protested.

He wanted to remain in the corridor so that he could figure a way to free himself from Chu Feng’s shackles.

It would be much easier to pull that off with the energy from the ancient remnant.

That being said, he didn’t mind entering the hall either.

The energy of the ancient remnant only worked in the corridors, and Lord Zhenlong had made it clear that fighting wasn’t allowed in the halls.

This spelled an opportunity for him to free himself too.

Yet, he found that Chu Feng’s formation was still as powerful as before after entering the hall, which meant that the power of the ancient remnant was still working.

In other words, his only way out here was to plead with Lord Zhenlong.

However, the projection of Lord Zhenlong didn’t pay any heed to Old Cat, almost as if he couldn’t see it at all.

His eyes were focused solely on Chu Feng.

“Young friend, this is the final trial.

As long as you can clear this trial, you’ll be granted an opportunity to inherit my legacy.”


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