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MGA: Chapter 515 – Panic and a Cold Smile


Brat, dont even think of being arrogant.

Even if they dont help out, I can still easily kill you and avenge my son.”

The old ancestor of the Zhao Dynasty flipped his palm.

A silver-coloured pike then appeared within his hand.

The pike was covered with symbols.

As the symbols and radiance swirled, they emitted a unique powerful aura.

It was a Mastered Elite Armament.

Quickly after, the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor waved both of his arms.

The tip of the pike trembled, then tens of thousands of pike tips shot out.

Like a pointed white-coloured storm, they densely flew towards Chu Feng.

The stronger one was, the greater they could show the might of the Elite Armament, and in the hands of the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor, the expert in the 9th level of the Heaven realm, the Elite Armament could be said to have shown its strongest power.

So, when the tens of thousands of pike tips appeared, the sky and earth trembled, the weather changed, and the might shown was extremely frightening.

At that instant, almost everyone in the Jiang Dynasty broke out in cold sweat for Chu Feng because the attacks of the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor were indeed very terrifying.

However, Chu Feng did not evade nor dodge.

He clenched to form a fist, then the Asura Ghost Axe was grasped within his hand.

Afterwards, he waved his arm, and countless black-coloured blades of light surged out from his axe.

When the black-coloured blades of light interweaved with the tens of thousands of pike tips, instantly, explosions burst out, ripples spread endlessly, and even the remnants themselves caused several people to die.

*boom* But suddenly, within the ripples, there were actually more pike tips shooting out and flying towards Chu Feng.

The attacks that the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor made actually broke through Chu Fengs black-coloured blade of light.

*whoosh* In a situation like that, Chu Feng also lightly furrowed his brows.

He hurriedly used the Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens and became a blur of light.

He flew towards the distance and avoided the attacks.

“Indeed, although this brats battle power is extremely powerful, after all, his aura is unstable and his cultivation is one level weaker.

He will definitely not beat that old Zhao guy.” Seeing that scene, the corners of the Liu Dynastys old ancestors mouth rose to form a hint of a relieved smile.

Although he did not interfere, in reality, he was hoping that the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor would win because right now, he, the Liu Dynasty, and the Ji Dynasty, were being threatened by the Jiang Dynasty, so they were unable to attack them.

The ones able to attack the Jiang Dynasty was only the Zhao Dynasty.

As long as the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor could defeat Chu Feng, within the Jiang Dynasty, there would be no one who could hold the Zhao Dynasty back.

Even if the two of them didnt do anything, the Zhao Dynasty itself could easily eradicate the Jiang Dynasty.

“Arrogant brat, let me see where you are escaping to!” Seeing his attacks were pressuring Chu Feng, the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor even became conceited.

The silver-coloured pike in his hand endlessly waved, madly stabbing towards Chu Feng.

But it was useless as he underestimated Chu Fengs speed.

The speed of Chu Fengs Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens climbed by many times along with the great rise of his cultivation.

In a situation like that, no matter how much stronger the Elite Armament of the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor was, he was unable to harm Chu Feng in the slightest, and the attacks were all evaded by Chu Feng.

“Damned brat, are you the reincarnation of a monkey Do you only know how to run everywhere” After the old ancestors attacks were dodged several times, his eyes could spit fire from being furious as he gnashed his teeth.

“Old bastard, your abilities are inferior so you start insulting people You have truly wasted so many years of living and you lack any good qualities.”

“This young master here has quick speed, but what can you do about it If you can do something about it, go ahead; if you cant, then just accept it.

Just from running, I can run you to death!” Chu Feng didnt feel shame from escaping.

Rather, he mocked the inferior speed of the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor.

“Ignorant brat, dont even think of being arrogant! Do you truly think only you have bodily martial skills” The Zhao Dynastys old ancestor coldly snorted, then stepped on air, and while holding the silver-coloured pike, he became a blur of light and rushed towards Chu Feng.

His speed was actually a lot quicker than Chu Fengs Dragon Travelling Through Nine Heavens.

“This is bad! After all, he is truly in the 9th level of the Heaven realm, a character who infinitely nears the Martial Lord realm.”

“With Chu Fengs currently unstable cultivation of the 8th level of the Heaven realm, Im afraid he will not be able to defeat the old ancestor.” Seeing the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor who was speedily chasing and approaching Chu Feng bit by bit, Jiang Yini and the others all tightly knitted their brows, breaking out in cold sweat for Chu Feng.

“All of you dont understand my Junior Chu Feng.” But just at that time, Zhang Tianyi who had appeared along with Chu Feng smiled.

“Wha-what do you mean by that” After hearing Zhang Tianyis words, they revealed puzzled expressions.

“Just look.

Although this person has very powerful strength, when he is against my Junior Chu Feng, he will definitely be defeated.” On the corners of Zhang Tianyis mouth, he still wore the light smile that was filled with confidence.

And after hearing his words, although Jiang Yini and the others still had their doubts, it had to be said that their tense hearts did indeed calm down quite a bit.

They didnt say anything more and continued casting their gazes towards the sky.

Just at that moment, the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor was less than a hundred meters away from Chu Feng.

Furthermore, the pike in his hand quivered once again, and like storms and pear blossoms falling from trees, they shot out.

“Crap.” Seeing that, Chu Fengs face changed greatly as he revealed an unsettled expression.

Because, at such a distance, he was already unable to dodge the attack of the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor.

“Ill kill you!” In a situation like that, Chu Feng furiously howled and endlessly waved the Asura Ghost Axe in his hand.

He actually rushed towards the old ancestor, akin to a fish doing whatever it took to break the net surrounding it, and appearing as if he wanted to die with the old ancestor by dragging him down with him.

“Ignorant brat.

If you want to bet your life, you must also have the strength to do so.” However, seeing the many black-coloured blades of light flying from the Asura Ghost Axe, the smile on the face of the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor became wider and wider because there was simply no way of fighting against his pike tips by only relying on attacks such as the black-coloured blades of light.

Chu Fengs current action was simply suicidal.

But he didnt notice that despite having a panicking expression on his face, the corners of Chu Fengs mouth formed a hint of an unperceivable cold smile.

Just as the pike tips were going to break through Chu Fengs black-coloured blades of light, he suddenly put away the Asura Ghost Axe that was in his hand, then, opened his palm, and suddenly pushed forward, towards the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor.

“White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.”


The cry of a tiger resounded as white-coloured gas explosively shot out from Chu Fengs palm.

The white-coloured gas kept on changing, and at the end, it transformed into a huge striped white tigers claw.

That move was precisely Chu Fengs offensive Secret Skill, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique.

The White Tiger Slaughtering Technique was peerless in offensive power.

Especially as Chu Fengs cultivation grew, its power rose accordingly as well.

In front of it, the pike tips that the Elite Armament gave off was actually extremely feeble.

Before it even neared, it was forcefully fragmented.


This might… Is it possible that its a Secret Skill from the legends!” At that instant, the face of the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor changed greatly.

The calm expression he had before could no longer be seen, and he turned around with his feet and wanted to escape.

Because, within the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique, he was able to feel extremely horrifying power.

So horrifying that even he didnt dare to block it head-on.

But presently, it was too late.

At that moment, the distance between him and Chu Feng was only dozens of meters.

As the White Tiger Slaughtering Techniques shape was already formed, it was impossible for him to dodge at such a distance.


So, just as the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor turned around, the White Tiger Slaughtering Technique already flew over, and it ferociously collided into his back.



At that instant, the Zhao Dynastys old ancestor immediately cried out in pain.

He opened his mouth, and fresh-red blood shot out his mouth like a pillar.

At the same time, crackling sounds came from various places on his body.

The bones and organs in his entire body at many places were forcibly shattered from the shock.


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