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Chapter 5137: News

“What Another person I cant mess with What the hell… Whats with this I know that I wasnt one of the strongest back in the Ancient Era, but I was at least a notable figure.

Yet, why are there so many people in the present era whom I cant offend Are the cultivators of the present era that formidable”

The Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal looked both aggrieved and indignant.


The terrifying massive face burst into laughter.

It was an amused laugh, devoid of any malicious intent.

It could fully relate to how the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal felt because that was what it felt back then too.

“Milord, what are you laughing at Is there anything wrong with what I have said I came from the most prosperous Ancient Era.

I thought that I could easily win the admiration of the masses once I show myself and be revered as a god, but before I could even step out of the Ancestral Martial Starfield, there are already two people whom I cant mess with

“At this rate, I wouldnt even dare to tell others that Im from the Ancient Era.

The cultivators of the present era will only mock me for training for tens of thousands of years, only to be weaker than those many generations younger than me,” the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal cried in indignation.

“Its probably just a coincidence.

I dont think that the cultivators of the present era are that powerful.

We probably just happened to stumble onto some of the strongest ones.

Judging from the time of development of the present-day cultivators, they shouldnt have reached their peak yet,” the massive terrifying face said in a rare show of consolation.

However, he himself knew that those words were also aimed at consoling himself too.

“Thats true.

No matter how powerful the cultivators of the present era are, they cant be that ridiculously strong.

Not to mention, were in the Ancestral Martial Realm, the homeland of Lord Providence Ancestor.

It wouldnt be too surprising if two monstrously talented cultivators appear on this land,” the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal said.

“No one truly knows where Lord Providence Ancestor comes from.

Its all nothing but conjecture.

Speaking of which, its interesting how there are cultivators in the present era who know about Lord Providence Ancestor.

There are even stories circulating around,” the terrifying massive face said.

“Oh There are actually people here who know about Lord Providence Ancestor What kind of stories are going on” the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal asked out of curiosity.

“How could the cultivators of the present era possibly know about Lord Providence Ancestor I dont know how they heard of his name, but the stories they have of him are nothing but ridiculous,” the terrifying massive face said.

“Im not surprised to hear that.

Mortals are foolish, after all.

They concoct stories in an attempt to explain existences they are incapable of comprehending.

Forget it, I shant ask about that anymore.

Back to the main topic, milord, whats the name of the person who kidnapped Chu Fengs family and friends Why did he do that” the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal asked.

“How would I know Ive already told you everything I know, so its your turn to fulfill your end of the bargain,” the terrifying massive face said impatiently.

“Look, look.

Your temper is really horrible.

It was just a moment ago that we were still chatting nicely, but your tone changes all of a sudden,” the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal said.

He wasnt angry about it since he had known about the terrifying massive faces fickle character.

“Cut the nonsense and speak!” the terrifying massive face urged.

This time, it exerted an even stronger oppressive might mixed with killing intent.

“Alright, alright! Ill speak, Ill speak!”

The Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal knew that he wouldnt be able to gather any more information from the terrifying massive face anymore, so he quickly gave in.

“Based on what I know, the Peach Garden Immortal isnt dead yet.”

“He isnt dead yet”

The voice of the terrifying massive face suddenly crumbled into panic and fear.

“Where did you hear the news from Did you meet him” the terrifying massive face asked.

“I overheard others talking about it, so I cant guarantee the authenticity of the news either.

However, I think that theres a good chance that its true.

Im telling you this because I heard of the grudge between you and the Peach Garden Immortal.

“Milord, I think you should leave the Ancestral Martial Galaxy.

Otherwise, the Peach Garden Immortal will surely come after you if he hears that youre still alive,” the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal said.

“Things are different now.

I dont fear him anymore.

If youre done speaking, you may leave now,” the terrifying massive face said.

“See, see.

You immediately try to chase me off after I deliver such an important piece of information to you.

Fine, Ill take my leave then.

See you!”

Despite the terrifying massive faces rude attitude, the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal still directed a bow at it before taking his leave.


As soon as the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal left, the space within the realm suddenly distorted.

A massive red-haired monster that looked as if it was drenched in blood manifested out of thin air.

It was completely covered in fur, revealing nothing but its two humongous empty eyes.

It stood at a height of thirty thousand thousand meters, almost as if it were a humongous mountain.

Xianhai Shaoyu had seen millions of such red-haired monsters before, but there was a difference between those and the one in this realm.

The red-haired monsters were unclothed and equipped with bloodied scythes, reminiscent of frightening butchers who existed for the sole purpose of slaughter.

However, this red-haired monster was decently dressed, looking much more civilized than the others.

On top of that, the aura it emanated was much more powerful than those million red-haired monsters.

“Milord, are you going to let the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal go just like that What if he reveals your whereabouts to the Peach Garden Immortal” the red-haired monster asked.

“The Eight Trigrams Dao Immortal isnt the type to do such stuff.

Besides, cant you tell that he doesnt fear me despite his humble attitude You should know that the Eight Trigrams Dao Immortals cultivation hasnt stagnated over the years,” the terrifying massive face said.

“Milord, are we going to stay here” the red-haired monster asked.

The terrifying massive face lowered his head contemplatively.

“Since the others have already regained their memories, theres no reason for us to remain here.

Inform the clans that well be leaving this place today!”

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