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Chapter 5123: Chu Feng Arrived On the Field

The outburst of killing intent further intimidated the crowd.

“Song Yuwei, you can die if you want to.

Dont implicate us!”

A woman amidst the crowd pointed her finger at Lord Yuwei and roared.

“Insolent! How dare you speak to Lord Yuwei in such a manner”

Another person immediately criticized that woman.

“Lord Yuwei What rights does she have to lead us What has she done for us The Demonsoul Grass was only able to be cultivated thanks to Lord Bais efforts, not hers! Be it qualification or contribution, she has no right to be our leader!

“Yet, she dares to appoint a random brat who appeared out of nowhere as our young master.

Does she really think that were her servants Are we dogs who serve anyone who deems themselves as our master” the woman spoke even more jarring words.

“Well said! Song Yuwei is selfish and self-motivated.

Shes not qualified to lead us at all.”

“Milord, its not our intention to follow Song Yuwei at all.

Shes blocking you out of her own selfish motive; it has nothing to do with us!”

“Milord, the one who stopped you is Song Yuwei.

Please go after her instead of the rest of us.

Im willing to follow you! Ill head through the gate later on and become your subordinate!”

More and more people started to criticize Lord Yuwei.

Some of them even kneeled down to the leader of the guards.

“Those bastards! They dare to rebel here!”

With a roar, Lord Bai began to march over.

However, Chu Feng quickly grabbed his hand and stopped him.

“Calm down.

Isnt it better to let more people reveal their true colors here” Chu Feng said.


Lord Bai was stunned.

He was taken aback not because of Chu Fengs words but the hostile gleam in the latters eyes.

It sent a shiver down his spine.

It was as if the current Chu Feng he was now talking to wasnt the same one from before.

“What are the rest of you waiting for Are you going to wait till that woman leads us to our doom Is it worth it, dying for a woman like that”

Some started to goad the others to stand against Lord Yuwei.

“Song Yuwei, remove your barrier right now! We dont intend to die with you!”

“Remove the barrier! Dont drag us down to the grave with you!”

The goading worked.

More and more people started to oppose Lord Yuwei, some even going to the extent of cursing her.

In the blink of an eye, the number of people against Lord Yuwei increased from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

“You bastards!”

Those who were loyal to Lord Yuwei finally couldnt stand the sight anymore.

They released their oppressive might with the intention to punish those who dared to insult her.

“Stop! I wont permit any infighting!”

Lord Yuwei stopped them before they could make a move.

“Lord Yuwei…”

Those who were loyal to Lord Yuwei felt indignant.

They couldnt stand seeing her being treated in such a manner, but they still chose to defer to Lord Yuweis decision.

In truth, Lord Yuweis complexion had turned awful too.

She earnestly wanted to help everyone, but she didnt think that it would end up like that.

Despite having so many people turning against her, she still didnt want to give up on any of them.

Unfortunately, her kindness only further emboldened her detractors.

It didnt take long for ten million people to express a divergence of their allegiance from Lord Yuwei, insisting that they had nothing to do with her.

Most of them didnt hurl insults at Lord Yuwei.

There was no need for them to do so when over a million people were already defaming her.

All sorts of awful words were being thrown at Lord Yuwei, and they were intentionally doing it knowing that she would condone them.

Lord Yuwei had lorded over the city for many years, but not once had she resorted to forceful measures.

They were exploiting her kindness.

They were showing goodwill to the leader of the guards in hopes of avoiding death.

It was one thing if it was only one or two of them, but it was extremely jarring when over a million people were hurling insults together.

“Song Yuwei, do you see that Even your own people arent supporting you anymore.

Surrender and admit defeat!” the leader of the guards mocked.

“You might be able to deceive them, but you wont be able to deceive me.

Given your personality, you wouldnt have wasted your time with words if youre really able to break my barrier.

If youre really as great as you put yourself out to be, why dont you break my barrier then” Lord Yuwei said.

“It looks like youre determined to drag your people down with you.”

The leader of the guards released yet another burst of killing intent, but he wasnt making any move on Lord Yuweis barrier.

It was clear to the rational-headed that Lord Yuwei was right, and the leader of the guards was unable to break the barrier.

Yet, there were still some cowards who bought into his words.

Nevertheless, Lord Yuwei stood her ground firmly, not moving in the least despite all of the disparaging remarks targeted toward her.

The criticisms only continued intensifying with time.

Those who were loyal to Lord Yuwei felt aggrieved, but there was nothing they could do to help her.

Lord Yuwei refused to allow them to make any move at all.

“Elder Yuwei.”

Another voice suddenly echoed behind Lord Yuwei.

Lord Yuwei had remained impassive despite all of the insults directed at her, but this single voice caused her to tense up.

She quickly turned her head around, for she recognized Cru Fengs voice.

“Lord Bai, why did you bring the little young master here” Lord Yuwei criticized Lord Bai.

While she was fairly confident of stopping the guards, she didnt want to put Chu Feng through this risk in case a mishap happened.

“Elder Yuwei, I forced Lord Bai to bring me here.

Dont blame him.

Also, theres one thing I need your help on,” Chu Feng said.

“What is it, little young master” Lord Yuwei asked.

“Please rein in your secret skill.

Let those guards come here,” Chu Feng said.


Lord Yuwei was appalled to hear those words.

On one hand, she didnt think that Chu Feng could see through her skill.

Not even the leader of the guards were able to tell that it was a secret skill.

On the other hand, she couldnt understand why Chu Feng would ask her to rein in her secret skill.

He should have been aware of the calamity that would befall everyone once she did so.

“Elder, please trust me on this.

I wont allow any harm to befall those who are loyal to you,” Chu Feng said.

In truth, Lord Yuwei still had no idea why Chu Feng would make such a request, but she still did as the latter requested.

With a wave of her hand, she removed the powerful secret skill protecting everyone.

“Lord Yuwei, you!”

Those who were loyal to Lord Yuwei were appalled to see the dissipation of the barrier.

“Hahahaha! It looks like you know your own place!”

The leader of the guards burst into laughter before turning to Chu Feng.

“Youre the newcomer they spoke of Lad, whats your relationship with Song Yuwei Im surprised that she actually listens to you.”

The leader of the guards assessed Chu Feng curiously.


Chu Feng harrumphed coldly and ignored the leader of the guards.

The latter was taken aback.

He thought that Chu Feng had advised Lord Yuwei to remove the barrier because he was afraid of death, but Chu Fengs current attitude spoke a different story.

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