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Chapter 5116: Lord Yuwei

“Youre saying that everyone here has entered this place through the Darknight Sacred River but were unable to leave” Chu Feng asked.

“Stop feigning ignorance.

Ill wallop you,” the old man said.

“I told you that I didnt lie to you.

Why dont you ask around and see if anyone knows me” Chu Feng suggested.

“You dont need to tell me that.

Ill ask them right now! Ill find out who Chu Xuanyuan is today!”

The old man dragged Chu Feng deeper into the city.

By this point, Chu Feng could already tell that the old man didnt know who Chu Xuanyuan was, though he appeared to have heard the name somewhere.

The old man was a smart person.

Instead of shouting his throat out after entering the city, he headed for the administrative center that recorded the information of the citys population.

However, the old man soon realized that there was no information on Chu Feng at all.

“You… Did you really just enter this place No, that cant be.

The Darknight Sacred River has only opened for less than an hour, so how could you make it in that quickly”

The old man stared at Chu Feng in disbelief.

All this while, he thought that Chu Feng was a local trying to dupe him, but the evidence was forcing him to think otherwise.

It was just that the alternative explanation didnt make sense too, leaving him confused as to what was going on.

“Why dont you think about why I would appear in the palace” Chu Feng asked.

“Yeah, why did you appear there” the old man asked.

He recalled those guards saying that they didnt see Chu Feng entering the palace.

That suggested that Chu Feng had appeared out of nowhere.

“I entered the Darknight Sacred River shortly after it opened, and I found a hidden spirit formation gate in the passageway.

I deciphered the spirit formation gate and entered it, which led me into that palace,” Chu Feng said.

“Such a thing happened”

The old man eyed Chu Feng in suspicion, but he wasnt able to think of any other explanation.

“Forget it, Ill bring you to Lord Yuwei.

Shell get to the bottom of this.”

The old man started making his way toward the depths of the city.

“Elder, you seem to have heard of Chu Xuanyuan somewhere even though you dont know him personally.

May I know where you have heard the name from Was it from Lord Yuwei” Chu Feng asked.

“Dont bother asking about that.

Brat, Ill ask you one last time.

You werent lying when you said that Chu Xuanyuan is your father, right” the old man asked.

“How could I possibly lie about something like that” Chu Feng replied.


The old man grabbed Chu Fengs wrist and dragged him deeper into the city.

Soon enough, they arrived at a palace.

Assessing the palace with his Heavens Eyes, Chu Feng saw a formation that looked to be from the Ancient Era in the middle of the palace, but he couldnt tell what effects it had.

An old lady was sitting before the formation with her eyes tightly closed.

She seemed to be cultivating.

Chu Feng focused his attention on the old lady, knowing that she was Lord Yuwei.

She was likely to be the crux to this mystery.

He was astonished to find that he was unable to see through the old ladys cultivation.

He couldnt even feel her aura.

If not for the old man leading him here, he wouldnt have known that there was an unfathomably powerful old lady inside this palace.

Another thing Chu Feng noticed was that the palace was guarded by the Martial Exalted level cultivators whom he sensed earlier.

He thought that they were important figures here, but who could have thought that they were only serving as guards

This showed that Lord Yuwei was of high standing.

“Lord Bai, Im afraid you arrived at an inconvenient time.

Lord Yuwei is currently in closed-door training,” one of the guards told the old man.

“I have something I need to talk to Lord Yuwei about.”

The old man coolly pushed the door open, not paying any heed to the guards at all.

The guards revealed conflicted looks, but none of them dared to stop him.

It was surprising how highly respected the old man was despite his low cultivation.

The old man navigated through several corridors till they were only a door away from the old woman.

The old man knocked on the door and shouted, “Lord Yuwei, I have something to ask you!”

The old woman quickly replied, “Old Bai, Im in a crucial phase of my cultivation.

Lets speak another day.”

Lord Bai looked hesitant upon hearing that, but he continued saying, “Lord Yuwei, the Darknight Sacred River has opened just an hour ago,”

“The Darknight Sacred River has finally opened I hope that no one enters this place this time around,” Lord Yuwei said.

“Lord Yuwei, someone has already gotten in,” Lord Bai replied.

“Ridiculous! Didnt you say that the river only opened an hour ago How could anyone reach here that quickly” Lord Yuwei expressed her doubt at Lord Bais words.

“Lord Yuwei, I also found it hard to believe, but a young man did appear in the Soultribute Hall.

He said that he found a spirit formation gate in the Darknight Sacred Rivers passageway, and it led straight to the Soultribute Hall,” Lord Bai replied.

Chu Feng had been assessing Lord Yuwei through the door using his Heavens Eyes.

He clearly saw a crack in her expression, which had remained nonchalant all this while.

“Someone actually managed to comprehend the spirit formation gate” Lord Yuwei exclaimed.

“Lord Yuwei, are you saying that the spirit formation gate really exists Is it really possible to access the Soultribute Hall straight from the passageway” Lord Bai asked.

He realized that Lord Yuwei was aware of this matter, which reinforced the credibility of Chu Fengs words.

“Old Bai, well talk about this later.”

Lord Yuwei was concerned about this matter, but she was so anxious to cultivate that she didnt want to talk about it now.

“Lord Yuwei, I wouldnt have interrupted you if thats the only matter.

The young friend who has just entered this place through the Soultribute Hall claims to be Chu Xuanyuans son,” Lord Bai said.


Lord Yuwei immediately opened her eyes to look at Chu Feng.

The moment she saw his face, she shot straight to her feet.

The more she assessed him, the more shocked she looked.

Even her breathing became a little hastened.


She waved her sleeves, and the door before her opened wide.

“Old Bai, is this the young friend you spoke of” Lord Yuwei asked.


He says that hes the son of Chu Xuanyuan, Chu Feng.

Lord Yuwei, who is Chu Xuanyuan” Lord Bai asked out of curiosity.

“Old Bai, Ill have to ask you to excuse us for a moment,” Lord Yuwei said.

She then turned her gaze toward Chu Feng and said, “This young friend here, I need to talk to you.”

Chu Feng replied with a nod before stepping into the room.

“Old Bai, wait for me outside,” Lord Yuwei said.

Lord Bai didnt like the fact that he was being left out here, but he could tell from Lord Yuweis expression that it was something important.

Thus, he turned around and headed off.

After Lord Bai was gone, Lord Yuwei personally walked to the door and closed it shut.

With this, the only ones inside this room were Chu Feng and Lord Yuwei.

Chu Feng felt both nervous and excited about the situation.

He had a feeling that Lord Yuwei would be able to clear many of his doubts.


He was just about to pose his question when he saw Lord Yuwei kneeling before him.

“This old servant pays respect to the little young master!”

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