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Chapter 5091: Sima Xiangtus Final Step

The Asura World Spirit Army had combed the vicinity of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan, but they were unable to find Sima Xiangtu.

Meanwhile, the Pill Dao Immortal Sect had retreated from the Nine Souls Galaxy, taking the Immortal Cauldron back with them.

Chu Feng knew that the Immortal Cauldron was a formidable treasure and had wanted to take it for himself, but he had already made peace with the Pill Dao Immortal Sect and didnt want to renege on his promise with Jiang Kongping and the others.

Naturally, this meant that he couldnt take the Immortal Cauldron from them.

The Pill Dao Immortal Sect definitely wouldnt have allowed him to have the Immortal Cauldron.

In truth, this negotiation was a bet that the Pill Dao Immortal Sect knew of gratitude and wouldnt turn their backs on them in the future.

He was hoping that his show of kindness would at least reduce his number of enemies by one.

There was no doubt that it was a risky bet, but he chose to go on with it due to the favor Jiang Kongping had shown him back then.

He would have died to Jiang Yuantai if Jiang Kongping hadnt pleaded on his behalf.

If not for that, he would have simply killed everyone from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect.

It was Chu Fengs nature to prioritize relationships over benefits.

At this very moment, those from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect had boarded a warship and entered an ancient teleportation formation under Jiang Taibai and Jiang Kongpings command.

“Hmph! That Chu Feng doesnt know that theres a much larger world out there than what he sees! He was just lucky to have grasped control over a bunch of evil spirits.

What rights does he have to negotiate with us Just wait till Lord Lingtian arrives! I bet hell be scared witless!

“In any case, we really have young master Kongping to thank.

If not for young master Kongping, that Chu Feng definitely wouldnt have let us off!”

The members of the Pill Dao Immortal Sect praised Jiang Kongping while insulting Chu Feng.

Despite their vicious words, they were feeling deeply relieved that they had managed to escape from that near-death situation.

“Who told you that I was lying to Chu Feng” Jiang Kongping questioned with a hostile voice.

That stunned everyone on the warship.

They thought that the negotiation was nothing more than a ploy to placate Chu Feng, but it was clear now that Jiang Kongping had different thoughts from theirs.

“Kongping, you cant possibly be intending to make peace with Chu Feng just like that Didnt you see what he did to me I nearly got my cultivation crippled!”

Jiang Yuantai stood up and glared at Jiang Kongping with eyes blazing with fury.

He was displeased that his younger brother was siding with a stranger here.

Jiang Kongping was actually afraid of Jiang Yuantai, especially when the latter was angry.

However, he bucked up his courage this time around to face Jiang Yuantai.

“Big brother, let this go on my account.

Your grudge with Chu Feng started because of me.

Dont try to exact vengeance on him anymore,” Jiang Kongping said.

“This matter is now between Chu Feng and me.

It has nothing to do with you anymore,” Jiang Yuantai replied.

“Big brother, as long as youre willing to let this matter go, Ill cultivate just as you have requested of me,” Jiang Kongping said.

Jiang Yuantai widened his eyes in surprise.

He was initially determined not to let Chu Feng go, but his determination wavered upon hearing those words.

Even Jiang Taibai and the others also turned to look at Jiang Kongping in a mixture of astonishment and delight.

“Kongping, are you serious about this” Jiang Yuantai asked after a moment of silence.

“Big brother, I mean what I say.

If I cant fulfill my promise, you can do whatever you like.

However, if I manage to hold to my promise, I hope that you wont cause any trouble to Chu Feng anymore.

This includes all of us,” Jiang Kongping said.

“Very well.

Since youre willing to go this far, Ill let this matter go on your account.”

Jiang Yuantai walked up to Jiang Kongping and embraced him tightly.

“Kongping, your feelings for Chu Feng dont seem to be just admiration.

You like him, dont you I never thought that there would be a person in the world who could induce such a change in you,” Jiang Yuantai spoke with a heartened smile.

It was such an abrupt change in mood as if the humiliation he suffered from Chu Feng was nothing compared to this.

Jiang Taibai and the others were also delighted by the turn of events.

Everything else was of lesser importance compared to Jiang Kongping taking his cultivation seriously.

“This is not a decision Im making because of Chu Feng.

Big brother, didnt you tell me that Gods Era has already started I dont know whether Im the one wholl reach godhood, but I hope to make a name for myself in this era,” Jiang Kongping said.

“Kongping, you have finally thought things through.

Im proud of you.”

Jiang Yuantai burst into hearty laughter.

He was very satisfied with Jiang Kongpings response.

While the Pill Dao Immortal Sect was retreating from the Nine Souls Galaxy, a powerful formation was activated in one of the Nine Souls Galaxys Lower Realms.

Within the formation were the 32 puppets whose cultivation Chu Feng was unable to see through.

They were accompanied by the traitor of the Monstrous Spirit Clan, Yao Cheng.

All of a sudden, a concealment formation was released, and another person appeared in the Lower Realm.

It was Sima Xiangtu.

“Xiangtu, you came faster than I thought.

Did everything go well”

Yao Cheng quickly rushed up to Sima Xiangtu with eyes filled with affection.

“I underestimated Chu Feng.

Chu Feng managed to grasp control of the Asura Graveyards Asura World Spirit Army.

Its fortunate that I had a protection talisman I acquired from an ancient remnant, or else I would have lost my life,” Sima Xiangtu harrumphed.

“What! Are you injured, Xiangtu”

Yao Cheng anxiously examined Sima Xiangtus body for injuries.

“Im fine.”

Sima Xiangtu turned his sights toward the 32 puppets.

“It looks like they have been completed,” he said with a delighted smile.

“Really” Yao Cheng asked with a tinge of joy.

She couldnt comprehend the formation even though she had been guarding it all this while.

She was only doing it in accordance with Sima Xiangtus request.

“Look, the color of the puppets has changed.

This shows that they have been completed.

All thats left is one last step to unseal their powers.

As long as I do it, Chu Fengs Asura World Spirit Army will be nothing before me!” Sima Xiangtu spoke gleefully.

“Thats wonderful! Xiangtu, I knew that you would be able to do it.

Whats the final step” Yao Cheng asked.

“Youre the final step,” Sima Xiangtu said.


Yao Cheng was stunned.


A sharp pain suddenly assaulted her dantian.

Sima Xiangtu had penetrated her dantian with his hand while her guard was down.

There was a formation in his palm that sapped her bloodline power.

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