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Chapter 5058: An Affair Concerning the World of Cultivation

“Chu Feng, you look like you have something on your mind,” Wang Yuxian said concernedly.

Instead of answering the question, Chu Feng posed one of his own, “Lele, you should be able to sense it too, right”

“Sense what” Wang Yuxian replied in confusion.

“We dont have full control over the puppet army.

Im not sure how it is for you, but my level of control over the puppet army is only around 10%,” Chu Feng replied.

“10% I do sense some difficulty in controlling the puppet army, but I cant assess whats my level of control over it.

How are you able to tell that your level of control is 10%” Wang Yuxian asked.

Chu Feng began explaining his deduction.

The puppet army was indeed powerful, but Chu Feng was worried about how he didnt have full control over the puppet army.

If they were to lose control over this puppet army, it could very well land them in a bad position.

The fate that befell the Monstrous Spirit Clan tens of thousands of years ago was the perfect example.

While the Monstrous Spirit Clan was the one who had done wrong, the slaughter wouldnt have taken place if they had full control over the puppet army in the first place.

In view of that, Chu Feng had been wondering how he could gain more control over the puppet army.

The focus of his thought wasnt on the puppet army itself but the formation he had cleared and the military seal in his palm.

Initially, he was unable to deduce anything from just the military seal itself, but when he thought about his own experiences clearing the formation, he swiftly noticed something amiss.

The trial inside the formation contained a dangerous web of black treads, but upon scrutiny, Chu Feng realized that they came together to form a mysterious formation that was connected to the military seal.

His instincts told him that his control over the military seal would increase as his understanding of the mysterious formation deepened.

That would further reinforce his control over the puppet army too.

“The way I cleared the formation was different from yours.

Mine is much simpler, so there werent any clues of that sort.

It could also be possible that I simply didnt notice anything at all.

But Chu Feng, are you really able to deepen your control over the puppet army” Wang Yuxian asked.

“I cleared the formation in a rush, but I still have an impression of the mysterious formation in my head.

I should be able to do it with sufficient time.

Im just worried whether Sima Xiangtu will grant me the luxury of time.

Forget it, Ill just do whatever I can.

The greater my control over the puppet army, the safer we will be.”

Chu Feng closed his eyes and focused his attention on recalling the mysterious formation made out of black threads, hoping to decipher it.

The crowd understood what Chu Feng was worried about, but they didnt slow their traveling speed through the ancient teleportation formation at all.

Time simply wasnt on their side.

A massacre would indubitably occur the moment Sima Xiangtu was done with his preparations.

By then, Chu Feng and the others would have to step in to stop Sima Xiangtu regardless of whether they had full control over the puppet army or not.

Meanwhile, a group of cultivators from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect were standing outside a palace of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

It was an announcement to the world that they were Sima Xiangtus backing.

They werent bothering to hide since there was no need for it anymore.

They were now the new overlords of the Nine Souls Galaxy, such that even those from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan had to kneel and kowtow to them.

Anywhere they stood, the members of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan would have to take a detour around.

All of a sudden, a figure descended from the sky and landed in front of the palace.

It was a dark-skinned man with an ordinary appearance, but he gave off an air of loftiness that instilled fear.

The members of the Pill Dao Immortal Sect broke out in smiles upon seeing the man.

They quickly kneeled onto the floor and kowtowed deeply.

He was none other than Jiang Kongpings older brother, Jiang Yuantai.

Unlike Jiang Kongping, Jiang Yuantai didnt have a playful streak in him.

On the contrary, he was obsessed with cultivation and was proficient in managing sect affairs.

For that reason, their father had high hopes for him,

Jiang Yuantai didnt pay the kneeling sect members any heed.

Upon landing on the ground, he marched straight ahead and kicked down any doors that stood in his way.

Soon, he arrived before a bedroom.

“Goddamnit! Who dares to interrupt my rest” a furious bellow echoed from the bedroom.

A naked Jiang Kongping suddenly stood up from a huge bed.

There were two other naked figures lying together with him on the bed, but they were men from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

Jiang Kongping had a preference for men, and the men of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan were right up his alley.

In fact, he had been fully indulging himself over the last few days.

He hated it when someone interrupted his fun, and killing intent gleamed in his eyes.

However, when he saw Jiang Yutantai standing by the entrance of the bedroom, his anger immediately subsided.

Fear took its place.

“Scram! All of you, get lost right now!”

Jiang Kongping quickly kicked the two men from the Nine Souls Sacred Clan out of his bed.

Then, he hurriedly put on his robe before walking up to Jiang Yuantai with a fawning smile.

“Big brother, when did you arrive Is father… coming over too”

Despite the huge smile on Jiang Kongpings face, he could hardly conceal his unease and fear.

He seemed to be afraid of his older brother.

On the other hand, Jiang Yuantai calmly walked into the bedroom and settled down on a chair.

He poured out a cup of tea and began sipping on it.

“Kongping, when are you going to stop fooling around You possess great talents.

You arent just letting down fathers expectations; youre letting your talent go to waste too!” Jiang Yuantai said.

He wasnt angry, just disappointed.

“Big brother, dont you know me I have been working hard on my cultivation too, just that my path differs from yours.

I personally believe in the importance of work-life balance.

We should work hard and play hard.

You mustnt tell our father about this though!” Jiang Kongping replied.

“Dont worry, our father isnt coming.

However, Im here to tell you something important,” Jiang Yuantai said.

“What is it” Jiang Kongping asked.

“Something huge has happened in the world of cultivation,” Jiang Yuantai said.

“Something huge What is it”

Jiang Kongpings curiosity was piqued.

“Here, use this and look at the Seven Realms Galaxy.”

Jiang Yuantai took out an oval stone and passed it to Jiang Kongping.

It appeared to be an ordinary stone at first glance, but there were many delicate formations constructed on it.

Interestingly, the oval stone resembled an eye when looking at it together with its formations.

“Waaa, isnt this the Heavenview Divine Rock Our father gave this to you”

Jiang Kongping appeared to be extremely fond of the rock.

Born into a powerful clan, he had seen plenty of interesting treasures.

Even so, this was the first time he was coming into contact with something as rare as the Heavenview Divine Rock.

“You know how to use it, right” Jiang Yuantai asked.

“Yeap! I saw our father using it once.

He infused his martial power into it, and it revealed a map of the entire world of cultivation.

By focusing his attention on the specific place he wanted to look at, hes able to get a general idea of the happenings in the region even across galaxies,” Jiang Kongping said.

“Then hurry up and use it.

Dont zoom in to any starfield.

Focus on the entirety of the Seven Realms Galaxy,” Jiang Yuantai instructed.

“Sure, sure.


Let me see if the Heavenview Divine Rock is as amazing as the legends put it out to be.”

With a chuckle, Jiang Kongping began peering at the Seven Realms Galaxy.

“Holy **! W-what the hell is that!”

The smile on Jiang Kongpings face was wiped out in an instant, replaced with a look of shock.

The Seven Realms Galaxy was one of the larger galaxies in the world of cultivation.

It was filled with countless realms and stars that it was not easy to find ones way around.

However, the galaxy was currently shrouded by a colossal apparition.

It was translucent, reminiscent of a soul.

It appeared to be neither a human nor a beast, but its very presence exerted huge pressure on ones soul.

It didnt appear to be alive.

Its size was the reason why Jiang Kongping was so shocked by it.

Even ten thousand realms put together might not be able to match up to its size.

That was why Jiang Kongping immediately noticed it despite all of the twinkling stars in the massive Seven Realms Galaxy.

It felt like everything else was insignificant compared to it.

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