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Chapter 5057: Chu Fengs Worry

“What does these changes mean”

They thought that the pendant had only reverted to its initial form before it was petrified, but it looked like there was more to it than they thought.

They couldnt understand why these changes were occurring all of a sudden.

“Could this have happened because someone has successfully grasped control of the puppet army Even though the puppet army was created by the guest who came eight hundred years ago, its a fact that it was made out of the lords energy.

Im thinking that the pendant might be reacting to that,” a member of the Monstrous Spirit Clan deduced.

“That could be possible.”

Quite a few amongst the Monstrous Spirit Clan expressed their agreement.

Chu Feng also examined the pendant as well, but he couldnt figure out why such a change was occurring.

So, he turned to the Monstrous Spirit Clans Clan Chief and asked, “Elder, may I make a request”

“Young hero, feel free to ask anything of me,” the Monstrous Spirit Clans Clan Chief replied.

Her attitude toward Chu Feng had become much more courteous and friendlier, just like how she addressed Wang Yuxian.

“If its not presumptuous of me to ask this, Id like to see the energy that was left behind by the lord.

I understand that this request might be inappropriate, and I ask for your pardon if I have offended you in any way,” Chu Feng said.

“Young hero, the energy has been depleted by the guest to create the puppet army.

The guest told us that the energy has been fused into the puppet army, awaiting the arrival of a fated person to siphon the energy out of it and put it to better use.

Speaking of which, shouldnt you be able to feel the energy since the puppet army is now under your control” the Monstrous Spirit Clans Clan Chief asked.

“Lele, are you able to sense the energy” Chu Feng asked Wang Yuxian.

“I dont think so.

I can feel the strength of the puppet army, but its only to a superficial level.

I cant even clearly discern the cultivation of those puppets through my link with them, let alone the energy left behind by the lord.

If Im not mistaken, it should be the same for you too, right”

Wang Yuxian gestured toward the 32 puppets that she was unable to confirm the cultivation levels for as she spoke.

Initially, they thought that they would be able to fully sense the cultivation of the puppets once they grasp control of the puppet army, but to their surprise, they still werent able to properly discern the puppets cultivation level.

“I cant sense it either.”

Chu Feng shook his head before turning to the Monstrous Spirit Clans Clan Chief.

“Elder, is the guest from eight hundred years ago a trustworthy person” Chu Feng asked.

“That guest has helped our Monstrous Spirit Clan greatly; were indebted to him.

However, I cant say with certainty that hes a trustworthy person.

Young hero, are you suspecting that the guest has taken the energy away” the Monstrous Spirit Clans Clan Chief asked.

“To be honest, thats indeed what Im suspecting,” Chu Feng replied.


The members of the Monstrous Spirit Clan couldnt remain calm after hearing those words.

After all, the energy that was left by the lord was the hope of their clan.

They were still hoping for a prodigy to emerge who could grasp control of the energy to emerge amongst them and bring the Monstrous Spirit Clan back to its previous glory.

If the guest from eight hundred years ago had truly taken the energy away, their Monstrous Spirit Clan would have lost its greatest hope of returning to greatness.

This was a huge shock to them!

“Are you certain Is it possible for the energy to be hidden so deeply in the puppets that you arent able to sense it” the Monstrous Spirit Clans Clan Chief asked in agitation.

“I cant exclude such a possibility.

Even though were able to move the puppet army now, we still dont have absolute control over it.

Its possible that the energy is hidden too deeply for us to find.

“Elder, please be assured that were only borrowing the puppet army to deal with our enemies.

Well return the puppets to you once we achieve victory.

Im not too sure whether the guest from eight hundred years ago has really taken away the energy or not, but I promise you that the puppet army will surely return to your hands,” Chu Feng said.

“Young hero, Im heartened by your words.

I wish you the best of luck dealing with the foreign invaders and the traitor of the eastern region.

“If youre not in a rush, why dont you stay at our Monstrous Spirit Clan for a few more days We would be grateful if you could give us an opportunity to make up for our earlier rudeness,” the Monstrous Spirit Clans Clan Chief said.

Before Chu Feng could answer the question, Yao Cheng had already sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, lets hurry up and look for Sima Xiangtu.

The lives of your master and the cultivators of the Nine Souls Galaxy are still in Sima Xiangtus grasp.”

Even if not for Yao Chengs reminder, Chu Feng wouldnt have stayed in the Monstrous Spirit Clan either.

He couldnt possibly rest easy when his masters life was at risk.

The Monstrous Spirit Clans Clan Chief also didnt try to retain them any more than that.

She led the clan members to see Chu Feng off.

When the Lady of Dao Sea and the others saw Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian leaving the spirit formation gate with an army of puppets and the members of the Monstrous Spirit Clan, they immediately realized that Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian had succeeded.

Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian filled the others in on what had happened inside the Monstrous Spirit Clan along the way to the Nine Souls Sacred Clan.

That brought about a wave of compliments from the Godwish Grandmother, the Lady of Dao Sea, and Princess Xiaoxiao.

This was especially so for the Lady of Dao Sea.

She could hardly keep the edges of her mouth from curling upward.

It was extremely rare to see such a bright smile on her face.

She was overjoyed because she thought that the prophecy had come true.

She was certain that they could overcome the calamity with the overwhelming prowess of the puppet army.

As a result, the initially tense atmosphere relaxed considerably.

In contrast, Chu Feng, who was usually quite talkative, was oddly silent ever since they left the Monstrous Spirit Clan.

There was a grave look on his face, and he hardly spoke a word along the way.

It looked as if he was worried about something.

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