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Chapter 5050: Odd Yao Cheng

According to Yao Cheng, the members of the Monstrous Spirit Clan usually wouldnt come to the area where Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian were residing at.

As long as they didnt wander around the area, it was unlikely that anyone would notice them.

Yao Cheng didnt just leave them be after settling them in the cabin.

She would occasionally visit with local specialties from the Monstrous Spirit Clan, making sure to take good care of them as if she was an elder of their family.

During this period of time, Chu Feng also voiced one of the doubts in his head: Why is the Monstrous Spirit Clan unable to control the puppet army formation

Yao Cheng was unable to answer that question.

She only knew that the puppet army formation appeared eight hundred years ago, shortly after the man created the puppet army.

Some members of the Monstrous Spirit Clan had asked that man whether the puppet army formation was his doing, but that man said that the formation had nothing to do with him.

He had no idea why the puppet army formation appeared either.

As a result, the puppet army formation remained a mystery to the Monstrous Spirit Clan.

However, they thought that it might be related to the power that was used to construct the puppet army.

Chu Feng also asked about the man who had appeared eight hundred years ago.

He figured that the man was no ordinary cultivator since he was able to swiftly control the power that the Monstrous Spirit Clan was unable to harness for tens of thousands of years.

Unfortunately, Yao Cheng knew nothing about that man at all, not even his name.

He was an elusive figure.

The third day after Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian arrived at the Monstrous Spirit Clan, the talent assessment formation was finally fully activated.

Yao Cheng immediately brought the two of them to a square where the talent assessment formation was located.

It was in a square located in the midst of the jungle.

Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian decided to keep a distance away so as to avoid detection.

There were three thousand women gathered in the square.

They were all members of the Monstrous Spirit Clan, but unlike Yao Cheng, they were all gorgeous beauties.

Even the grannies were divas amongst their peers.

For a moment, Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian thought that they had entered a country of beauties.

This was very different from what they had expected.

The first person they had encountered that was from the Monstrous Spirit Clan was Yao Cheng, who was more masculine than she was feminine.

Her appearance was off-putting even if one were to look at her as a man.

Due to that, the two of them assumed that the others from the Monstrous Spirit Clan would look the same too.

However, it turned out that Yao Cheng was the odd one out.

The Monstrous Spirit Clan was indeed full of ravishing beauties, just as what was depicted in the legends.

Every single one of them would easily attract long queues of suitors outside.

There were 23 juniors amongst them.

They were presumably the ones who would have their talent assessed later on.

The talent assessment formation was in the form of a circular platform.

It looked no different from any other talent assessment formations on the surface, but Chu Feng felt a jolt in his heart the moment he laid his eyes on it.

Similar to the spirit formation key that Yao Cheng had previously used, he felt a sense of familiarity with the talent assessment formation too.

However, he still couldnt recall where this feeling of familiarity was coming from.

Yao Cheng had explained how the talent assessment formation worked to them beforehand.

There were three stone tablets on the talent assessment formation, each of them with an ancient character inscribed on them.

They were ancient inscriptions, but their meanings were easily deciphered.

The characters on each of the three stone tablets wereLower,Middle, andUpper, similar to how starfields were categorized.

A junior of the Monstrous Spirit Clan stepped onto the stage, and she soon induced a pillar of light from the stone tablet that had theLower character inscribed on it.

The pillar of light rushed into the sky, such that it was visible even from a distance away.

The result was self-explanatory.

Her talent was of lower rank.

Despite this, the junior of the Monstrous Spirit Clan didnt look disappointed at all.

On the contrary, she began celebrating joyfully.

The other juniors who were waiting for their turn on the talent assessment formation also revealed looks of envy.

They saw triggering theLower character stone tablet as an honor.

Soon, the second junior stepped onto the platform of the talent assessment formation.

Spirit power swiftly enveloped the junior before seeping back into the formation.

This time around, there was no reaction from any of the stone tablets.

The second junior lowered her head in disappointment before stepping down from the platform.

“Juniors who are able to light up theLower character stone tablet are considered to be prodigies in our clan.

For theMiddle character stone tablet, its considered to be a sign of a top-notch prodigy.

Only ten people in our clan have been able to achieve that over the years.

As for theUpper character stone tablet, no one has been able to light it up thus far.

“As long as one of you can light up theMiddle character stone, you should be able to win our clan chiefs acknowledgment.

She might just grant you the permission to challenge the puppet army formation,” Yao Cheng explained.

Chu Feng finally understood why the first junior was so happy to have been able to light up theLower character stone tablet.

She probably thought that it was impossible for her to light up theMiddle andUpper character stone tablets, so she was content with just theLower character stone tablet.

“Chu Feng should be able to make theUpper character stone tablet light up,” Wang Yuxian said.

“TheUpper character stone tablet Are you serious about it” Yao Cheng asked in disbelief.

It was not that she was looking down on the two of them, but such a thing sounded improbable to her.

“Elder, you must be unaware of how formidable Chu Fengs talent is.

Youll know in a while,” Wang Yuxian replied confidently.

“Lele, youre flattering me.

Wouldnt it be awkward if I cant even make theLower character stone tablet light up later on” Chu Feng asked.

“Stop humblebragging.

Do you think that I wouldnt know what youre capable of”

Wang Yuxian shot Chu Feng a look of disdain.

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