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Chapter 4964: The True Demon


Shengguang Baimei let out a cry of agony.

Master Yin Ren had manifested ten sharp swords using his spirit power and pierced them into Shengguang Baimeis flesh.

One must know that even though Shengguang Baimei was being suppressed at the moment, his cultivation had reached rank nine Martial Exalted level.

A rank eight Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist couldnt hope to harm him at all. 

The only reason why Master Yin Rens spirit power was able to injure Shengguang Baimei was due to him having reached rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation!

“This fellow…”

Fear could be seen reflected in the eyes of Shengguang Buyu and Daoist Niantian.

They had known all along that Master Yin Ren wasnt one to be underestimated, but they didnt expect him to have reached this level. 

Not only was he a rank nine Martial Exalted level cultivator with the power to further raise his cultivation by a rank, but he was also a rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist on top of that. 

With his strength, even those from the Situ World Spiritist Clan wouldnt have been a match for him. 

It was fortunate that Master Yin Ren didnt take Shengguang Baimeis life right away after curbing him.

Instead, he turned his gaze toward Chu Feng.

“Young friend Chu Feng, theres still ground for reconciliation here.

I have no intention to take your life.

Its just that your soul is of use to me.

Surrender obediently, and Ill spare your friends.

What do you think” Master Yin Ren asked. 

“How do you want me to do” Chu Feng asked.


Ill construct another formation.

I want you to enter Princess Xiaoxiaos soul once more and do what I asked you to,” Master Yin Ren replied.

“I doubt that you want my soul to treat Princess Xiaoxiaos illness.

It was likely also an intentional move on your part to raise my spirit power.

What is your goal” Chu Feng asked.

“Heh… Surely a man as smart as you are can figure it out by yourself” Master Yin Ren replied with an evil smile. 

The contrast between the benevolent appearance he put on earlier and his current attitude was truly chilling.

A terrifying aura enveloped the area, leaving Chu Feng and the others unnerved. 

None of them had the power to escape from the encirclement of the terrifying aura.

“Brat, looks like youre in need of help”

A familiar voice suddenly echoed in Chu Fengs ears, sending a delighted jolt through his body.

“Elder, youre willing to help me” Chu Feng asked excitedly.

The one who had talked to him was none other than the Divine Deer.

Even though Master Yin Ren had sealed off the area with his tremendous strength, Chu Feng was still confident that they would be able to escape from here with the Divine Deers help.

The Divine Deer didnt respond to Chu Fengs question, but a familiar surge of energy started rising from within Chu Fengs body.

It was the Divine Deers power.


Master Yin Ren noticed the changes in Chu Feng, and he turned his gaze over.

“Heed my advice, Chu Feng.

Dont try to play any tricks and obediently surrender,” Master Yin Ren warned. 


However, Chu Feng sneered disdainfully in response to Master Yin Rens warning.


Sensing that something was amiss, Master Yin Ren quickly channeled his spirit power to form a binding formation to trap Chu Feng in place.


There was a sudden flash of light before he could make a move.

Master Yin Ren froze up and Princess Xiaoxiao was dumbstruck. 

They realized that Chu Feng, Daoist Niantian, Shengguang Buyu, and Shengguang Baimei had all vanished from sight!

“What was that earlier Did Chu Feng wield such power within him” 

Master Yin Ren quickly scanned his surroundings as he reassessed the situation.

He didnt think that Chu Feng would have the ability to escape from his grasp. 

However, after a momentary bout of shock, he didnt get too angry about it.

Instead, a sinister smile formed on his lips.

“That makes things much more interesting,” Master Yin Ren said as he licked his lips.

He was a completely different person from before, as if someone had swapped the amicable master world spiritist inside him with a malevolent demon. 

“Master Yin Ren, when did you reach your current level What were you planning to do with Chu Fengs soul” Princess Xiaoxiao asked. 

It would appear that she didnt have a deep understanding of Master Yin Ren either.

“Princess Xiaoxiao, you should know better than to stick your head into places where it doesnt belong.”

Master Yin Ren suddenly turned around to look at Princess Xiaoxiao. 

When Princess Xiaoxiao caught sight of the look on Master Yin Rens face, she subconsciously staggered several steps back.

There werent any changes in Master Yin Rens appearance, but the look in his eyes and his attitude were completely different from the kind master world spiritist she was familiar with. 

She felt appalled by the changes that had come over Master Yin Ren.


A person suddenly appeared by the horizon and quickly landed in their vicinity.

Upon seeing the face of the figure, Princess Xiaoxiao, who had just distanced herself from Master Yin Ren, anxiously hid behind Master Yin Rens back once more.

She recognized the person.

It was none other than the Wretched Black Demon!!!

“What are you doing here” Princess Xiaoxiao questioned warily.

However, the Wretched Black Demon ignored Princess Xiaoxiaos questions and continued walking toward them.

This left Princess Xiaoxiao incredibly nervous.

The Wretched Black Demon was simply too infamous that she couldnt help but worry even though Master Yin Ren had displayed prowess far greater than she had expected.

She wasnt certain whether Master Yin Ren truly had the strength to deal with the Wretched Black Demon or not. 

However, what happened next left her utterly shocked and confused. 

Upon walking up to them, the Wretched Black Demon suddenly fell to his knees and cried out, “Your humble servant, Wretched Black Demon, pays respects to Milord!”


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