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Chapter 4956: God-cloak World Spiritist

Everyone from the Zhuge Clan kneeled to Chu Feng, including those who were severely injured.

They knew that they would have suffered a catastrophic fate had Chu Feng not stepped out for them today. 

Shengguang Baimei and the others fell into a pensive state.

They had seen how the Zhuge Clan had treated them earlier, so their change in attitude struck them hard. 

Even though Chu Fengs actions had offended the Situ World Spiritist Clan, he had gained a lot out of it too.

Not only did he become the heroes who saved the Zhuge Clan, but he had also won their recognition.

But above it all, what that left them with a feeling of awe inside was the fact that Chu Feng had stepped out not for himself but the entire eastern region.

He overcame all odds and defeated an enemy whom he shouldnt have been able to defeat, thus guarding the honor of the eastern region. 

Such experiences would significantly increase a cultivators self-esteem, building up a strong character that would pave his future path in cultivation. 

A cultivator could easily stand up for himself, but very rarely would they stand against a powerful opponent for the sake of others.

Humans were inherently greedy and prioritized themselves over others. 

Shengguang Baimei and the others didnt think that they would go this far for mere strangers, even if they were fellow people of the eastern region. 

Yet, Chu Feng had the guts to do it. 

There was no doubt that his actions were irrational, but that also showcased his hot-bloodedness.

There was a powerful drive in him that other cultivators lacked.

There were many cultivators in the massive world of cultivation who possessed talent, but those who became deeply respected were those who stood steadfast to their values and dared to step forward even when the odds were stacked against them. 

“I was foolish.

How could I have even thought of killing such a prodigy rising from our Holy Light Galaxy” Shengguang Baimei remarked with a soft sigh.

Shengguang Buyu heard his silent lamentations and smiled hearteningly. 

He knew that the reason why Shengguang Baimei had previously offered to protect Chu Feng was out of fear of the expert backing Chu Feng, but that had changed now. 

Chu Feng had become a star that would potentially lead the Holy Light Galaxy to greater heights, and that was now the primary motivation why Shengguang Baimei wanted to protect him. 

“Elders, please get up.

You should prioritize treating the wounded.”

Chu Feng told those from the Zhuge Clan to rise to their feet, but none of them heeded his words.

So, he walked up to the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief and supported him to his feet. 

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief stood up and gestured for the clan members to get up and treat the wounded. 

While the Zhuge Clan managed to protect their foundations, they suffered heavy losses in the process of doing so.

The dead couldnt come back to life, but the least they could do was to ensure the survival of those who were still living. 

Chu Feng didnt stand by and watch either.

He actively moved around and treated the injured too.

Master Yin Ren, Princess Xiaoxiao, and Daoist Niantian followed suit as well.

Even Shengguang Baimei and Shengguang Buyu did the same after exchanging glances. 

While this was all happening, a spirit formation gate manifested somewhere in the very same realm.

A group of people stepped out from the spirit formation gate.

They were from the Situ World Spiritist Clan.

“Milord, how are you feeling”

The crowd from the Situ World Spiritist Clan were mostly unharmed, but the blue-cloaked woman was in a horrible state.

Just as Chu Feng had predicted, his attack had struck the blue-cloaked woman.

“Is young master Gouyue fine”

The blue-cloaked woman was so weak that she could hardly keep her eyes open, but she was still worried about Situ Gouyues condition.

“Im fine.

Hurry up and swallow this pill,” Situ Gouyue said as he stuffed a pill into the mouth of the blue-cloaked woman.

The pill had a clear texture and made it clear that it was made out of precious herbs.

It was rare for Situ Gouyue to be so generous.

He only gave the pill to the blue-cloaked woman because he knew how powerful Chu Fengs earlier attack was.

Were it not for the blue-cloaked woman blocking the attack on their behalf, all of them might have already lost their lives.

In other words, the blue-cloaked woman got injured trying to save them. 

The blue-cloaked woman also knew how severe her injuries were.

She accepted the pill and swallowed it.

Her weakened state didnt recover right away, but at least her vitals had started stabilizing.

She could barely open her eyes now.

For the time being, she was out of danger. 

“Milord, what should we do now”

Seeing that the blue-cloaked woman was fine, the others from the Situ World Spiritist Clan began discussing their next move.

The blue-cloaked woman was the strongest expert of their group, and losing her would be a huge blow to their overall fighting prowess.

Given so, they would have to make some changes to their plans.

“That brat is a sly one.

I was planning to lure him out so as to kill him, but he didnt fall for my ploy.

If we dont eliminate that brat, hell become a huge hindrance to our ambitions of conquering the eastern region.

We have to get rid of him,” the blue-cloaked woman said.

“Hes indeed powerful.

I have never felt such a powerful world spiritist bloodline from anyone of my age group.

Didnt the Ancestral Martial Galaxy already fell into decline How in the world did someone as terrifying as that fellow appear there”

Even Situ Gouyue felt a little apprehensive talking about Chu Feng.

“The Ancestral Martial Galaxy was once a powerhouse in the world of cultivation, after all.

It isnt surprising for them to have prodigies popping up from time to time.

Still, hes nowhere close to matching prodigies from our Totem Galaxy, let alone the juniors from the Seven Realms Galaxy.

Besides, given the limited resources of the eastern region, even if he does possess exceptional talents, I doubt that hell ever grow to become a threat to our Totem Galaxy. 

“If only Lord Duanyu was here with us today, he wouldnt have been able to act so arrogantly,” the blue-cloaked woman said.

“Where did Lord Duanyu go Didnt he say that he would meet up with us very soon Why is he still nowhere to be seen”

The other members of the Situ World Spiritist Clan murmured grudgingly.

It was only natural for them to feel frustrated after how they nearly lost their lives earlier on.

“Lord Duanyu has keen senses.

He might have discovered some treasures,” the blue-cloaked woman said. 

“But given the strength of Lord Duanyu, even if he did stumble upon some ancient remnant or treasure, it still doesnt make sense for him to be away that long,” Situ Gouyue said.

“Dont underestimate the Nine Souls Galaxy and the Ancestral Martial Galaxy just because they have fallen from grace.

The cultivators who currently fill these lands might be nothing much now, but their predecessors are not to be looked down on.

Some of the ancient remnants here can be tricky even for Lord Duanyu to deal with.

“Since Lord Duanyu isnt here, lets look for him instead.

We shall let Chu Feng, the Zhuge Clan, and the entire eastern region know the prowess of a God-cloak World Spiritist!” the blue-cloaked woman said.

“I concur! Lets look for Lord Duanyu!”

Situ Gouyue and the others expressed their full approval of the blue-cloaked womans suggestion. 


Thanks to the contribution from Chu Feng and the others, they were able to save most of the wounded members of the Zhuge Clan. 

“Im ashamed.

Despite how Ive treated you, you were willing to put aside our differences and help us.

This is especially so for young friend Chu Feng.

You were willing to put your life at risk in order to save our Zhuge Clan.

Our Zhuge Clan has truly behaved shamefully.

Please accept our apology.”

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief and elders stood in a row and bowed to Chu Feng and the others once more.

They didnt bother probing into the reason why Chu Feng and the others had reappeared in the Zhuge Clan. 

It mattered not to them anymore. 

“Zhuge Clans Clan Chief, you may spare with the apologies.

Those words are meaningless.

If you truly feel grateful to young friend Chu Feng, you should let him enter Situ Qis legacy formation,” Master Yin Ren got straight to the point.

That was their main goal here. 


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