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Chapter 4955: A Hero to the End

“Thats right.

Theres a requirement to ones world spiritist bloodline to control the defensive formation.

In the clan, the only one who can control it other than me is Feiluan.

However, Ive already reached my limit.

If I dont move the energy onto someone else, itll start flowing away from me. 

“The only one in the Zhuge Clan who can fight against the Situ World Spiritist Clan now is Feiluan.

Feiluans world spiritist bloodline is above mine, and itll be further amplified once he consumes the Divine Spirit Trees Black Fruit.

If he gives it his all, there might still be a chance at victory,” the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief answered Chu Fengs question. 

“But how can Brother Feiluan withstand the power of the defensive formation in his current state Why dont I do it in his stead” Chu Feng said.

“You That wont do.

The defensive formation is created for the members of our Zhuge Clan.

Outsiders will only be killed by its power,” the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief replied. 

“There are always exceptions to things.

How would you know without giving it a try” Chu Feng replied as he attempted to snatch the jade token over.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you cant fool around with this.

Youll really lose your life!” 

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief evaded Chu Fengs attempt to snatch away the jade token.

He wasnt willing to hand the jade token over to Chu Feng. 

“Lord Clan Chief, we cant hold on much longer!” an elder from the Zhuge Clan shouted out. 

Glancing over, most members of the Zhuge Clan werent just bleeding from their seven apertures anymore.

Their skin had ruptured, causing blood to cover their bodies.

At this rate, their bodies might really explode under the pressure. 

In fact, many of them had already fainted. 



Dull thuds began sounding.

Several people had succumbed to the power of the formation and exploded.

As a result, the flood formation that had been suppressing the blue-cloaked woman started to weaken.

“The Zhuge Clan sure is pathetic.

Its a defensive formation constructed for you, but the only ones who can control it are just an aged clan chief and a mere junior.

I really dont understand why Situ Qi entrusted his legacy to a weak clan like yours,” the blue-cloaked woman ridiculed the Zhuge Clan before launching a counterattack. 

Those from the Zhuge Clan, including the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief, immediately exerted their full prowess to fend against her attack, not daring to get careless in the least, but the tables were clearly turning.


Seeing the worsening circumstances, Zhuge Feiluan decisively snatched the jade token over. 


However, the moment he grabbed the jade token, he let out a cry of agony and began plummeting to the ground.

Even the jade token slipped from his grasp. 

He was simply far too weak to take on the power of the formation. 

Meanwhile, the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief was using the remnants of the energy from the defensive formation to fight against the blue-cloaked woman.

He couldnt afford to divert his attention to help Zhuge Feiluan.

It was fortunate that Chu Feng reacted fast to grab Zhuge Feiluan and the jade token.

“Young friend Chu Feng, you mustnt hold onto the jade token.

Hurry up and toss it away!”

It wasnt just those from the Zhuge Clan who panicked.

Even Master Yin Ren and Daoist Niantian were shocked as well.

The two of them appeared instantaneously and shouted at him to toss away the jade token.

They knew that the jade token was the key to the defensive formation.

In order to prevent the defensive formation from falling into the hands of an outsider, Zhuge Guangyao had once set up a formation on it.

Outsiders who tried to control the jade token would be devoured by its power. 

However, Chu Feng didnt do as he was told.

He could feel the power harnessed within the jade token now that it was his hand.

He knew that the power would be necessary to turn things around. 

There was no one else who could tap into its power other than him. 

So, he made a choice.

Since he had already chosen to play the hero, he would do it till the end. 

He tossed Zhuge Feiluan toward Princess Xiaoxiao and told her to take care of him.

Then, he clenched his jaws and tightly grasped the jade token. 


Aquamarine flames burst out from the jade token and swallowed Chu Feng whole.

“Chu Feng!!!”

Princess Xiaoxiao wanted to rush forward to help Chu Feng, but before she could even take a step, Master Yin Ren had already dragged her back.

“Dont go, thats Zhuge Guangyaos formation.

No one can save him anymore,” Master Yin Ren said.

Shengguang Baimei wanted to save Chu Feng too, but Daoist Niantian dissuaded him from it.

They were all well aware of how powerful the formation was.

“Why does young friend Chu Feng refuse to listen to us This really is… Haa!” 

They could only look helplessly as the aquamarine flame burned him to cinders. 

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief felt deeply conflicted.

He would have never thought that a prodigy he was trying to protect would end up dead because of their Zhuge Clans defensive formation.

However, he was not in a position where he could lament Chu Fengs death.

Looking at the tragic state of his brethren and the swiftly depleting energy within him, he knew that the Zhuge Clan was doomed.


All of a sudden, the aquamarine flame burning Chu Feng began to retreat, replaced with a brilliant aquamarine light.

It looked identical to the one the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief was imbued with. 


He actually… succeeded”

The crowd was mystified. 

The defensive formation constructed by the Zhuge Clan was actually working in the hands of an outsider!

“Young friend Chu Feng, swallow this!” 

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief tossed the Divine Spirit Trees Black Fruit to Chu Feng. 

Chu Feng caught it and swallowed it whole.

As its energy flowed through his body, he could feel his spirit power getting stronger and stronger. 

At the same time, the prowess of the defensive formation he wielded also grew greater as well.


The earth began to tremor.

Over a hundred pillars of aquamarine light gushed forth from the land beneath and rose to the sky before converging in on Chu Feng, rushing into his body.

Chu Fengs power swiftly grew stronger. 

In the blink of an eye, he had already surpassed the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief, but even so, he was still continuing to grow stronger.

“Damn it! What kind of monster is that brat”

Fear started showing in the eyes of the blue-cloaked woman. 

That very instant, she made a shocking decision.

Instead of continuing her attack on the Zhuge Clan, she constructed a spirit formation gate and swiftly pushed all of the members from the Situ World Spiritist Clan in. 

They were planning to escape!

“Thinking of escaping now” Chu Feng sneered.

Without resorting to any martial skill, he simply raised his hand and gathered a sheer accumulation of martial power.

Yet, it was far stronger than any formation that the blue-cloaked woman had formed thus far. 


The blue-cloaked woman quickly darted into the spirit formation gate herself too.

She managed to run away, but before she could close the spirit formation gate, the humongous accumulation of martial power rushed into it. 


It caused a frightening shockwave that tore apart space. 

However, the members of the Situ World Spiritist Clan had already disappeared.

“Did they manage to get away”

Those from the Zhuge Clan felt both relieved and uneasy when they saw the spirit formation gate close up.

They were glad that they had managed to survive the ordeal, but they were frightened at the notion that the Situ World Spiritist Clan could potentially return in the future. 

“My attack has reached her.

I can feel it.

She should be severely injured at the very least.

I dont think that theyll return in the short run unless they have reinforcement.

In any case, you probably shouldnt stay here any longer,” Chu Feng said as he returned the jade token to the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief. 

Even though the jade token had left Chu Fengs hand, the spirit power from the defensive formation continued to linger in him.

It was several times stronger than what the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief had grasped hold of earlier. 

It wasnt enough to reach Half-God level, but it would be hard for anyone beneath Half-God level to rival him. 

The blue-cloaked woman had decided to escape because she had noticed that. 

“I would have never thought that the one who could put our defensive formation to full use would actually be an outsider and not a member of our Zhuge Clan.”

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief looked at the jade token that had lost its luster with a bitter look on his face. 

Chu Feng also noticed the change in the jade token too. 

“Elder, did the jade token turn into this state because of me” Chu Feng asked in self-reproach. 

He could sense that the power in the jade token had started to dissipate.

This was a sign that the Zhuge Clans defensive formation couldnt be used anymore. 

“It has nothing to do with you, young friend Chu Feng.

The energy inside the formation is limited in the first place.

Our Zhuge Clan chose to let those from the Situ World Spiritist Clan in instead of fighting them off right from the start because we knew that our defensive formation doesnt have much energy left. 

“Its just a pity that our tolerance wasnt enough to earn their magnanimity,” the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief remarked lamentably. 

“Showing tolerance to a beast is futile; itll only embolden them,” Chu Feng replied.

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief was momentarily surprised by those words before he nodded with a smile. 

“Yes, youre right.”

Following that, the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief kneeled on the floor and kowtowed to Chu Feng.

The other members of the Zhuge Clan quickly followed suit. 

“Our deepest gratitude to young hero Chu Feng for saving our clan!”

A deep, unified voice reverberated through the entire Zhuge Clan!


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