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Chapter 4954: The Prowess of the Defensive Formation

Not even the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief dared to let his guard down against an attack of this caliber.

He channeled the power of the formation into his Exalted Armament, causing it to emanate an aquamarine glow too. 

He swung his sword, releasing innumerable after shadows that rushed straight toward the white dragons. 

Neither of them was backing down at all.

Boom boom boom!

A series of explosions ensued.

The world darkened as the fabrics of space were ripped time and time again.

The shockwaves produced by the clash between spirit power and martial power destroyed everything in the vicinity, tearing the Zhuge Clan to ruins. 

As the battle got more and more intense, Princess Xiaoxiao and the others had no choice but to back away. 

A clash between two pinnacle Martial Exalted level experts was simply too frightening.

Even experts of Shengguang Baimeis caliber would have to back away, or else the slightest carelessness could spell his death. 

As for Chu Feng, it was fortunate that the palace was quite a formidable treasure.

He was at the center of the fight, but the palace walls were able to easily block off the shockwaves that struck violently on it. 

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief was also trying to protect Chu Feng as well.

He was going all out on offense to push the blue-cloaked woman back, till the latter was no longer in direct reach of the palace.

“Young friend Chu Feng, are you able to come out” the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief asked.

“Yes, I can,” Chu Feng replied.

“Ill block her attacks.

Hurry up and escape,” the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief urged. 

Chu Feng quickly did as he was told.

He left the palace and hid behind the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief.

He knew that the safest place right now was to remain under the protection of the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief.

“Young friend Chu Feng, Im only able to hold them back for the time being.

You should quickly escape with Princess Xiaoxiao and the others,” the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief said.

“Elder, these people came with malevolent intentions.

You cant go easy on them.

A moments compassion could very well cost everyones life,” Chu Feng said. 

Against the Situ World Spiritist Clan, the only way the Zhuge Clan could hope to survive was to eliminate them.

There was no meaning in showing mercy or escaping anymore. 

“I know, but… Haa.

Young friend Chu Feng, you should quickly leave this place.

I cant hold on for much longer,” the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief spoke through voice transmission.

Following those words, Chu Feng could sense that the attacks of the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief swiftly weakening.

To be more exact, it was the aquamarine power he was imbued with that was getting weaker. 

The formation was swiftly losing power, and the blue-cloaked woman noticed it too.

She quickly ramped up her offense to exploit the situation, seeking to defeat the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief while he was growing weaker. 

Beads of sweat kept pouring from the body of the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief, and his face swiftly turned ghastly pale. 

Everyone could tell that the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief was in a disadvantageous position and couldnt hold on for long anymore.

“Just as Ive said, your Zhuge Clan is nothing but a clan of trash.

So what if you have a defensive formation It makes no difference at all!” the blue-cloaked woman scoffed as she pressed on with her attack.

Her jarring laughter echoed in the air, ringing loudly in the ears of those from the Zhuge Clan.


The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief sneered in response.

His exhausted eyes suddenly glowed with reanimated fervor. 

“Didnt you say that I have sullied the honor of all world spiritists because Im not fighting with formations Right now, Ill show you the prowess of our Zhuge Clans formations!”

He suddenly stowed away his Exalted Armament and retracted his martial power.

In return, he began to emanate his spirit power. 

Under the buff of the defensive formation, the prowess of his spirit power rose to a level comparable to that of rank nine Martial Exalted level cultivator.

At the same time, the glow suffusing the members of the Zhuge Clan began concentrating on the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief as well.

At this very moment, the spirit power harnessed by the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief actually surpassed that of the blue-cloaked woman.

This was the purpose of the formation constructed by the members of the Zhuge Clan earlier on.

“Zhuge Clan Formation, Boundless Realms!”

With a roar from the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief, the formation that harnessed the combined power of the Zhuge Clan morphed into a flood of water and gushed forth in waves, threatening to devour the members of the Situ World Spiritist Clan. 

Under this wave of flood, even the blue-cloaked woman was forced to retreat.

What made it even scarier was that the flood was seemingly endless.

It continued pouring forth without any signs of stopping, tightly suppressing the blue-cloaked woman.

But was it truly endless Of course not.

It was obvious just by looking at the members of the Zhuge Clan.

Many of them had started bleeding from their seven apertures.

Even the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief was bleeding from his ears. 

Their conditions were getting worse with each passing second.

Chu Feng knew that this attack wouldnt be enough to defeat the blue-cloaked woman.

It was just a futile attempt to stall for time.

“Chu Feng, lets go!”

“Young friend Chu Feng, come over to our side!”

Voice transmissions reached Chu Fengs ears.

They were from Princess Xiaoxiao, Daoist Niantian, and the others.

They didnt want Chu Feng to get involved in this fight. 

Chu Feng knew where they were at the moment.

As long as he headed over to Master Yin Rens side, he would be able to extricate himself from this conflict. 

However, looking at the struggling members of the Zhuge Clan, Chu Feng couldnt bring himself to leave just like that.

Putting aside the fact that he hadnt accomplished his goal at the Zhuge Clan, he was the trigger who had sparked the fight.

It would be heartless of him to abandon the Zhuge Clan.

“How are Feiluans injuries”

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief turned around and shouted at the crowd from the Zhuge Clan.

It was only then that Chu Feng noticed that Zhuge Feiluan and several members of the Zhuge Clan didnt participate in the formation.

They were trying their best to treat Zhuge Feiluan.

It was just that Zhuge Feiluans injuries were too severe.

They had repaired his physical body, but his aura was still extremely weak. 

Even so, Zhuge Feiluan still struggled to his feet upon hearing the voice of the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief.

He limped his way over to the side of the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief.

“Feiluan, are you alright”

The Zhuge Clans Clan Chief felt an ache in his heart seeing how Zhuge Feiluan was struggling to even remain standing. 

“Lord Clan Chief, our Zhuge Clans survival is at stake here.

Im willing to give it a try,” Zhuge Feiluan said. 

“Feiluan, you might lose your life,” the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief replied.

“Lord Clan Chief, Im prepared for it.”

Zhuge Feiluan was determined. 

Seeing that the other party had already made up his mind, the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief felt his eyes turning moist.

He knew the strain that their plan would heap on Zhuge Feiluan. 

“Feiluan, no matter what, youre a prodigy whos on par with Lord Zhuge Guangyao in my eyes.

Youre the pride of our Zhuge Clan.”

Following that, he reached into his robe and took out two objects.

One was the Divine Spirit Trees Black Fruit which they had just received from Princess Xiaoxiao and the other was an oval jade token. 

The jade token was a little special.

Chu Feng had seen it coming out of the hand of the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief.

Even at this point, it was still embedded in his palm.

It appeared to be made out of spirit power, and it harnessed an incredibly powerful formation. 

The moment he took out the jade token, the aquamarine glow imbued in the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief departed with it. 

Zhuge Feiluan reached out to grab the two objects.

“Wait a moment, what are you doing Are you trying to get Zhuge Feiluan to control the defensive formation”

Chu Feng could already guess their intention.


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