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Chapter 4953: Rank Nine Dragon Transformation Sensation

“Is that so You wont hand over the treasure even if it spells the death of your Zhuge Clan” the blue-cloaked woman asked with narrowed eyes.


Great spirit power gushed out from the blue-cloaked womans body.

It swiftly filled up the sky, emanating an intimidating aura that made others shudder.

It was spirit power comparable to the might of a rank nine Martial Exalted level cultivator.

She was a rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation world spiritist. 

“Rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation; shes just a step away from reaching God-cloak.

Its no wonder why shes so confident.”

Even Shengguang Buyus breathing hastened upon sensing the blue-cloaked womans aura.

Despite being enemies, he felt a sliver of respect for her.

He knew just how difficult it was to reach rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation.


Faced with the blue-cloaked womans spirit power, the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief harrumphed coldly.

He formed a series of hand seals that made his hands light up.

Then, he clasped his hands together.


The earth rattled, and an aquamarine pillar gushed into the sky reminiscent of a volcano before swiftly rushing into the body of the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief.

It imbued the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief in aquamarine light covered in formation runes. 

The formation runes were beautiful, covering him like armor. 

At the same time, his fighting prowess rose to the level equivalent to a rank nine Martial Exalted level cultivator. 

The eyes of Chu Feng and the others lit up at this sight.

They knew that the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief had finally evoked the power of the defensive formation.

“The defensive formation is actually that formidable”

Shengguang Baimei felt a sliver of fear.

It was fortunate that he had refrained from making a move on the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief earlier on, or else he would have been the one to suffer.

At the very least, he was certain that he wouldnt be able to defeat the buffed Zhuge Clans Clan Chief. 

“This must be the defensive formation set up by Zhuge Guangyao.

Not bad.

It looks like the treasure is indeed something extraordinary.”

However, the blue-cloaked woman showed no fear at all.

If anything, she only got even more excited. 

“Our Zhuge Clan has treated you with respect ever since you stepped in here.

Even when you harmed our clan members, we still upheld our civility.

Were willing to return Situ Qis items to you, but if you wish to humiliate a hero of your Zhuge Clan, Lord Zhuge Guangyao, Im afraid that we cant let you have your way.”

After saying those words, the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief turned to look at the elders beside him.

“Activate the formation!”

The elders quickly formed a series of hand seals.

They were channeling their spirit energy to construct a formation.




Shouts ofactivate could be heard all over the Zhuge Clan.

They were setting up a formation within their body.

Outsiders might not be able to see what was really happening, but without a doubt, the eventual formation they constructed was bound to be formidable.

The Zhuge Clan had finally bared its fangs!

This made Chu Feng see them in a different light.

Despite casting away their dignity earlier to tolerate everything from the Situ World Spiritist Clan, they didnt allow the latter to insult their ancestors.

It was not that they didnt have a temper; they only chose to hold it in to resolve things amicably. 

However, if one dared to touch their reverse scale, they wouldnt hesitate to resort to violence.

And Zhuge Guangyao was their reverse scale.

“Things are getting interesting,” Shengguang Baimei murmured in excitement.

This matter had nothing to do with him, but he was still excited to witness this fight.

The Situ World Spiritist Clan was a formidable foe, but things were not hopeless for the desperate Zhuge Clan either.

It was bound to be a thrilling fight between the two. 

“Despite all your talks about respect, you have been gathering your men in preparation to fend against us right from the start.


Did you think that I didnt notice your movements” the blue-cloaked woman scoffed.

“Our Zhuge Clan has no wish to cross hands with you, but we have no choice if you insist on cornering us.

We cant allow others to sully the name of our ancestors.”

As he said those words, the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief released the oppressive might of a rank nine Martial Exalted level cultivator toward the blue-cloaked woman. 

The blue-cloaked woman quickly gathered her spirit power to fend against the oppressive might.

She managed to deflect it, but those standing behind her were still forced to take a step back. 

For the first time, the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief was warning them.

He was telling them that the Zhuge Clan was no pushover. 

However, the blue-cloaked woman didnt lose her nerves after experiencing the power of the defensive formation.

Instead, her smile deepened.

“That defensive formation of yours is quite interesting.

I guess Zhuge Guangyao wasnt all talk.

Now Im more curious than ever to know what the treasure he has left behind is.

Stop being stubborn and hand over Zhuge Guangyaos treasure!” the blue-cloaked woman said.

“Even at the cost of our lives, well guard our ancestors honor.

If you insist on proceeding ahead, our Zhuge Clan will have no choice but to drop all civility,” the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief said. 

“Youre willing to die for your values It looks like you have some spunk.

Very well then.

You can all die now!” 

Murderous intent blazed in the eyes of the blue-cloaked woman as she waved her sleeves grandly. 


A tremendous gush of spirit power morphed into countless wind blades and flew toward those from the Zhuge Clan. 


In response, the Zhuge Clans Clan Chief quickly drew an Exalted Armament and swung his sword against the wind blades.

A great martial power arc that spanned over ten thousand meters long swept across the air. 

It was an Exalted Taboo Martial Skill.


The arc of martial power clashed against the wind blades made out of spirit power, creating a huge shockwave that rattled the earth.

Even in the palace, Chu Feng was finding it difficult to maintain his balance.

After all, this was a fight between two individuals who had reached the pinnacle of Martial Exalted level.

“How laughable.

A world spiritist clan is actually using the means of a cultivator to fight against us.

Youve truly sullied the honor of all world spiritists!” the blue-cloaked woman mocked.

She swiftly formed yet another series of hand seals and launched yet another attack.

This time around, multiple white dragons spawned in front of her. 

It was the offensive formation that Situ Gouyue had constructed earlier on, but the blue-cloaked woman was able to construct it nearly instantaneously with just a wave of her hand, and the prowess far surpassed that of Situ Gouyue too.

This was the prowess of a rank nine Dragon Transformation Sensation expert. 


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