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Chapter 4860: Impact

The face of Long Xiaoxiaos mother turned pale upon catching a closer look at the person Chu Feng had just hurled out of his gourd.

It was Shengguang Yunyue!

Despite her usual dignified and graceful demeanor, she was even more feared than Shengguang Fuhai.

There were even some who gave her the nickname,Vicious Hag of the Holy Light.

And she did live up to that nickname.

How did that feared demon end up in such a state

What was even more incomprehensible were the words that Shengguang Yunyue uttered right after being cast out.

Long Xiaoxiaos mother wondered if she was hearing things.

“Young hero Chu Feng, Ive already told you everything! Please dont torture me anymore, please! Just grant me a quick death!” 

Those were the words that came out of Shengguang Yunyues mouth in a tearful voice.

“Chu Feng, what did you do to Lord Yunyue!”

A furious roar sounded.

It was from Shengguang Haifu.

Despite being a grand elder himself, the fact that he addressed Shengguang Yunyue asLord Yunyue showed that he viewed her in high regard.

He was so angered that he pointed a trembling finger at Chu Feng as killing intent poured out of him, filling the entire palace. 

It looked like he wouldnt let Chu Feng go if the latter didnt give him a satisfactory explanation.

Shengguang Yunyue also finally snapped out of her state upon hearing those words.

She realized that she was in the Holy Light Clans base. 

“Shengguang Haifu, run! Call Lord Clan Chief here!” Shengguang Yunyue mustered all of her strength to shout.

Yet, her shout only made Shengguang Haifu freeze in place.


She was telling a rank four Martial Exalted level expert like him to run from a junior

Had anyone said those words to him, he would have surely sent a tight slap on his face.

How could someone like him possibly need to run away from a mere junior

But the one saying those words to him right now was Shengguang Yunyue, forcing him to think deeper into it.

Could it be that Chu Feng isnt alone Did he bring helpers with him Or did something else happen here Why would Lord Yunyue tell me to run


While Shengguang Yunyue was deep in thought, brilliant lightning started appearing in the palace.

When he took a closer look, he finally realized the rationale behind Shengguang Yunyues words.

The brilliant lightning was coming from Chu Feng.

He had summoned the Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and his Divine Power. 

These were evidence of Chu Fengs overwhelming talent.

It was his ability to use both his Heavenly Bloodline and Divine Power simultaneously that he was viewed as a threat by the Holy Light Clan.

Shengguang Haifus face finally started warping in shock.

It was not because of the great talent Chu Feng had displayed but his current cultivation level.

Based on what he knew, Chu Feng should be at rank six Utmost Exalted level.

No matter how talented he was, the most he could do was to make a breakthrough to rank seven Utmost Exalted level in this limited period of time.

Yet, he actually managed to push his cultivation all the way up to rank five Utmost Exalted level, a rank higher than him. 

Even if his Lightning Mark, Lightning Armor, and Divine Power had raised his cultivation by a rank each, that was still only an enhancement of three ranks! Didnt this mean that his base cultivation level had already reached rank two Martial Exalted level

“You arent Chu Feng.

Who are you”

Shengguang Haifu didnt sound as confident as before.

He was starting to think that the person before him wasnt Chu Feng but someone else disguised as him.

“Who else am I if not Chu Feng Your father” Chu Feng sneered.

He walked up to Shengguang Haifu, grabbed him by the hair, and dragged him over to Shengguang Yunyues side.

“Take a good look at her.

You better tell me what I want to know if you dont want to land in the same plight as her! Speak, how is this cultivation formation activated” Chu Feng asked.

“No matter who you are, theres no way Ill betray my own clan!”

Shengguang Haifu refused to admit that the person before him was Chu Feng, and he spoke with a determined attitude.

“Trying to play the tough man with me, huh Interesting.

Since thats the case, allow me to rephrase my question.”

Chu Fengs lips curled into a mocking smile as he took out a black vat from his Cosmos Sack.

“Of the two of you, the one who tells me the way to activate this cultivation formation first will get to live.

Ill let the other one enjoy this vat,” Chu Feng said.


Upon seeing the black vat, Shengguang Haifu burst into frenzied laughter.

“Brat, I dont know who you are, but Ill concede defeat here today.

However, you shouldnt even dream of squeezing out even a single secret regarding the Holy Light Clan from me!”

He turned to Shengguang Yunyue right after and continued.

“As for Lord Yunyue, shes even more fiercely loyal to the Holy Light Clan.

Its impossible for you to force anything about the Holy Light Clan from her tightly guarded lips!”

Shengguang Haifu had already made up his mind to face the torture.

His conviction emboldened him, granting him the courage to speak to Chu Feng arrogantly. 

But more than he was confident in himself, he was more confident in Shengguang Yunyue.

His gleeful attitude showed just how certain he was that Chu Feng wouldnt get even a squeak out of the two of them.

“I-Ill speak! Dont torture me, Ill speak.

Young hero Chu Feng, I admit my fault for what I did earlier.

I was foolish to even think of going against you.

I deserve death!

“G-give me another chance! You want to know the way to activate this cultivation formation! Ill give it to you! Just dont torture me…”

Yet, who could have thought that Shengguang Yunyue would betray his expectations right after Her tone was subservient, and her attitude showed her deep fear toward Chu Feng.

“Lord Yunyue, you…”

Shengguang Haifu widened his eyes in shock, unable to believe what he was seeing. 

The person in front of him was definitely Shengguang Yunyue, but her behavior was completely different from the Shengguang Yunyue he knew of. 

How did the loyal and domineering Shengguang Yunyue turn so weak and cowardly

“Dont play tricks on me.

Im not that patient as to entertain you.”

Chu Feng glared at Shengguang Yunyue warningly.

His gaze made Shengguang Yunyue sweat profusely.

“I-I know.

I wont trick you.

Ill tell you the way to activate the formation.”

Shengguang Yunyue ignored Shengguang Haifus shocked gaze and began explaining the details surrounding the cultivation formation to Chu Feng. 

Long Xiaoxiaos mother was completely dumbfounded by Shengguang Yunyues behavior.

It was simply too inconceivable. 

She could tell that the man before her was indeed Chu Feng, but that was precisely what made this entire situation even more bewildering.

She could clearly feel the aura of a rank five Martial Exalted level cultivator gushing through her body in waves.

That was a level that she could never hope to reach in her lifetime, but here it was, coming out from Chu Feng.

She had known about Chu Fengs immense talent beforehand, but this was still too unbelievable.


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