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Chapter 4856: An Unworthy Father

Chu Feng was infuriated to hear the Holy Light Clans intention to turn Long Xiaoxiao into a cultivation resource, but he suppressed his rage and continued his interrogation.

“Since you have already come to a decision, why dont you just capture Long Xiaoxiao right away Is there a need to have her marry into the Holy Light Clan”

Since Long Xiaoxiao was going to be dead by the end of it, there was no need for the Holy Light Clan to go through the additional hassle here.

This anomaly piqued Chu Fengs intrigue.

“Its because of you.

Our clan chief knows that youre on close terms with Long Xiaoxiao, so he thought that youll feel humiliated once you learn of the marriage.

Perhaps, it might just be able to lure you out of your hiding. 

“Ive been staying at the Dragon Clan not just to keep an eye on Long Xiaoxiao but also to see if youd show up,” Shengguang Yunyue replied.

“That makes sense.

It turns out that its all directed toward me.”

With a flick of his wrist, Chu Feng picked up the poison bottle on the palaces floor.

It was the bottle of poison that the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was forcing on Long Xiaoxiao earlier.

“This poison isnt as simple as it looks.

It must have something to do with the assimilation formation you spoke of earlier” Chu Feng asked.

“T-thats right.

Itll maximize the effects of the formation if she enters it a month after consuming the poison,” Shengguang Yunyue replied.

“You seem well-versed in it.

I reckon that this isnt the first time the Holy Light Clan is doing such a thing.”

Shengguang Yunyue didnt answer his question, but her awkwardness verified his conjecture.


Chu Feng took out a chain and bound Shengguang Yunyues body.

“Chu Feng, Ive already told you everything I know! What else do you want All Im asking ofr is death.

Are you going to go against your promise” Shengguang Yunyue exclaimed.

“Dont worry, I have no intention of allowing vermin like you to continue existing in this world.

However, I need to verify the authenticity of what youve just said.

Surely I dont have to explain to you what will happen next if I were to find out that you have lied to me

Chu Feng quickly formed a series of hand seals to construct a barrier.

The barrier interweaved with itself before finally forming a gourd, which swiftly released a powerful suction force that pulled Shengguang Yunyue inside.

After subduing Shengguang Yunyue, Chu Feng turned his eyes to the Dragon Clans Clan Chief.

“After the trouble the Holy Light Clan went through to prepare this poison, dont you think that itll be a waste to just throw it away I dont think you would want to snub their sincerity given how much you revere them,” Chu Feng said.

“Chu Feng, Xiaoxiao, I really didnt know that the Holy Light Clan is this vile! I would have never agreed to the marriage had I known in advance!”

Frightened, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief kneeled on the ground and began kowtowing to Chu Feng and his daughter.

He was really afraid that Chu Feng would feed that poison to him.

He knew that Chu Feng was more than capable of doing that.

Long Xiaoxiao was conflicted by the behavior of the Dragon Clans Clan Chief. 

She once thought that her father was the most amazing person in the world, but it turned out that he was an utterly shameless person deep down.

She felt ashamed to be related to a person like that. 

“Chu Feng, forget it,” Long Xiaoxiao said with a sigh.

As much as she hated her father, she couldnt bear to kill him.

“Xiaoxiao, youre too soft.

Ill spare him since you said that you dont want him to die, but someone like him needs to be punished or else hell never learn his lesson.”

Chu Feng stowed away the poison bottle, only to take out another one right after.

The moment he uncorked a bottle, a putrid stench burst forth and drifted straight toward the Dragon Clans Clan Chief.

“Spare me, Chu Feng! Spare me!”

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief knew that the content of the bottle was another poison, so he quickly pleaded for mercy while making an escape attempt.

Before he could get far, a force dragged him all the way till he was standing in front of Chu Feng.

Chu Feng pried open his mouth and poured the poison down his throat before releasing him.

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief fell to his knees.

He desperately tried to vomit the poison out, but it was to no avail.

“Rest assured, this is a poison I concocted.

It has an antidote.

Ill allow you to live as long as you obediently heed my instructions.

If you dare to play tricks on me, Ill bestow a bottle of this to every single person in your Dragon Clan.

Ill make sure that the Dragon Clan is completely eradicated from the face of this world!” Chu Feng said.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I wouldnt dare to play tricks on you! Even if you didnt feed me this poison, Id still do as you say.

Xiaoxiao is my daughter.

I want to right her grievances too!

“However, I understand that you dont trust me.

It was my foolishness in trusting the Holy Light Clan that landed Xiaoxiao in her current plight.

Feel free to ask anything of me.

Ill carry your orders out without any hesitation!”

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief understood the position he was in, so he decided to display absolute subservience to Chu Feng instead. 

“I want you to act as if nothing has happened here.

I want the marriage to proceed as intended, but Ill be bringing Xiaoxiao away with me.

You should know what to do,” Chu Feng said.

“Leave it to me.

Ill make sure that no one finds out about what happened here!” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief replied. 

“Dragon Clans Clan Chief, Ill put it out to you directly.

Even if I cant completely eradicate the Holy Light Clan, Ill weaken it to the point where it cant threaten the Dragon Clan anymore.

As long as you dont commit any mistakes, I can guarantee the continued prosperity of the Dragon Clan.

Just know that this is all because you have a good daughter.

“Im only letting you off this once because Xiaoxiao has spoken on your behalf.

If you dare do something that disgusts me once more, not even Xiaoxiao will be able to save you!”

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief could only nod his head profusely in response to Chu Fengs warning.

How could he possibly dare to have any objections

Had it been the previous Chu Feng who said those words, he would have just laughed it off.

However, the current Chu Feng did have the power to make such a threat to him. 

“Xiaoxiao, it isnt safe here.

Follow me,” Chu Feng said.


Long Xiaoxiao nodded in response.

At this moment, she wanted nothing more than to be with Chu Feng.

He wasnt just the man she loved; he was also the one who gave her the greatest sense of security. 

Chu Feng rose into the air, and Long Xiaoxiao followed him like an obedient little kitty.

Chu Feng didnt speak a word, so she chose to remain silent too, as if fearing that she would disturb him.

“Xiaoxiao, arent you curious what Im intending to do” Chu Feng asked.

“You can do whatever you want.

I believe that youll be able to save my mother.”

Long Xiaoxiaos eyes showed her unreserved trust for Chu Feng.


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