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Chapter 4853: I Want You to Suffer a Fate Worse Than Death!

“You bastard! I shall end your life here today!” 

A vicious glint flashed across Shengguang Yunyues eyes.

A powerful burst of martial power gushed out from her body, converging toward the Exalted Armament dagger she wielded in her hand. 

Even the surrounding space was trembling in response to the terrifying power amassed inside her weapon. 

She realized that Chu Feng wasnt the pushover he once was, so she dared not to hold back against him anymore.

She decided to go all-out right from the start.

In fact, she was unleashing an extremely powerful Exalted Taboo Martial Skill. 

But the next moment, she suddenly froze up and stared at Chu Feng with a dumbfounded look on her face.

To her horror, the martial power she had gathered in her Exalted Armament had been completely neutralized.

She couldnt even exert her martial skill!

And the person who had neutralized her martial power was no other than Chu Feng.

They were both rank five Martial Exalted level cultivators, but Chu Feng was actually able to neutralize her Exalted Taboo Martial Skill with ease.

This could only mean one thing.

Chu Fengs fighting prowess was far above hers.

“You might have reached rank five Martial Exalted level, but your actual strength is nowhere near there.

In your current state, youre no different from any other rank four Martial Exalted level cultivator,” Chu Feng sneered.

He was showing contempt toward the grand elder of the Holy Light Clan, and he meant it from the bottom of his heart.

The latter would be much weaker than he had expected, to the point that he actually felt disappointed.


Chu Feng raised his arm and snatched the dagger in Shengguang Yunyues hands with just two fingers.

Then, with a flick of his finger, the dagger ricocheted right into Shengguang Yunyues dantian.



The sheer might behind the dagger far surpassed the earlier attack from the Dragon Clans Clan Chief.

It pierced right through Shengguang Yunyues dantian and sent her flying through the palace walls. 

But before she could land on the ground, her body abruptly halted in mid-air before hurtling back into the palace. 

It was Chu Feng.

His palm was opened wide, directed in Shengguang Yunyues direction.

He was using his martial power to pull her back in. 

But it wasnt just Shengguang Yunyue he was pulling back here.

He was also pulling back her Exalted Armament dagger too. 

Shengguang Yunyue was dragged back into the palace till she was right in front of Chu Feng.


As soon as she landed on the ground, she was forced to kneel before Chu Feng.

She raised her head to look at Chu Feng with eyes filled with indignance and fury, but before she could utter a word, her face warped in pain.


Fresh blood spurted from her body. 

It was the Exalted Armament dagger.

It had pierced through her body once more before falling into Chu Fengs hand. 

Upon seeing this sight, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief shuddered fearfully by the corner, not daring to utter a word or flee the scene.

His imposing eyes used to be capable of instilling fear, but all that could be seen in them were unease and fear.

It was hard for him to believe it, but the person before him was indeed Chu Feng.

Despite being still a junior, Chu Feng was no longer the same person he used to be.

Within a short period of time, Chu Feng had grown to a terrifying level. 

Even someone of Shengguang Yunyues standing had no choice but to kneel before him.

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief knew that he was nothing more than an ant before Chu Feng.

Even a mere sneeze from Chu Feng was enough to decimate him.

He was starting to regret his decision back then.

He shouldnt have bowed down to the Holy Light Clan.

Had he chosen to stand with Long Xiaoxiao, believe in Chu Feng, and fought against the Holy Light Clan, it would have been a very different story for him now. 

But after all he had done, there was no longer room for reconciliation. 

His knees suddenly weakened, and he slumped onto the ground.

Chu Feng noticed the reaction of the Dragon Clans Clan Chief, but all he did was direct a disdainful glance in his direction before turning his eyes back to Shengguang Yunyue.

“You were the one who disfigured Long Xiaoxiaos face”

Chu Feng pressed the sharp dagger against Shengguang Yunyues face.

As menacing as the dagger was, it came nowhere close to being as frightening as the person holding it.

“She was the one who wanted to do it.

All I did was fulfill her wish and make it even more thorough! Hahahaha!

“Chu Feng, I know what youre thinking.

You want to avenge her, right Go ahead then! Torture me.

Show your worst! Who do you think I, Shengguang Yunyue, am Do you think that Id fear you”

Like a mad dog, Shengguang Yunyue roared at Chu Feng with a cold sneer.

“What a bold look you have on your face.

I doubt that someone like you has ever really suffered in your lifetime,” Chu Feng spat contemptuously.

Shengguang Yunyue was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, possessing great power and authority.

But it was people like this whom Chu Feng looked down on.

In his experience, this kind of people tended to think the value of human life insignificant, never hesitating to shed the blood of others.

Yet, they themselves had never experienced pain and suffering.

They had grown up in a comfortable environment.

How else could they have become so arrogant and lofty

“Chu Feng, who do you think you are Do you think that your mere means can make me submit No matter how talented you are, you are no more than a bumpkin! Have you seen how huge the world is Have you really seen true torture

“Hah! Do your worst, but those little things that you can fathom aren\'t worth anything at all! If I were to even lower my head, I, Shengguang Yunyue, wouldnt be worthy to be a grand elder of the Holy Light… Gahhhh!”

She had already let out a scream before she could finish her words.

This scream sounded bone-chilling, as if someone was twisting a blade in her abdomen. 

It was Chu Feng. 

He had sliced the dagger across Shengguang Yunyues face, inflicting a glaring wound on her face along with a spurt of blood. 

After destroying her face, he moved on to her body.

In response, Shengguang Yunyues scream grew more and more miserable.

Her wounds werent just constrained to her physical body but her soul as well.

Every single cut was inflicting irreparable damage upon her.

Even the Dragon Clans Clan Chief couldnt bring himself to watch the sight. 

Someone of his standing had seen all sorts of cruel torture, but the one that was receiving the torture right now was none other than a grand elder of the Holy Light Clan, Shengguang Yunyue!

It was unimaginable to him that someone like that would actually suffer in the hands of a junior.

Even such was the plight of Shengguang Yunyue, what about him What kind of unthinkable torture was awaiting him

He shuddered just at the thought of it.


Shengguang Yunyue let out an ear-splitting shriek.

Just her voice was enough to make ones goosebumps rise up.

Chu Feng had plunged the dagger into Shengguang Yunyues body, brandishing it skillfully like an agile worm digging through her flesh, severing her blood vessels and grinding down her bones.

“S-stop! Stop! Kill me, Chu Feng! I dare you to kill me!!!!”

Shengguang Yunyues tears mixed together with her blood and flowed down her cheeks.

Just like what Chu Feng had guessed, she was just putting on a strong front.

He had barely gotten started here, but she was already at her limits.

But again, he had already anticipated such an outcome. 

A person who had never been through real torture could never hope to bear his means.

“Kill you Isnt that just making things easy for you”

With a cold sneer, Chu Feng took out a vat from his Cosmos Sack and opened it.

Black smoke gushed forth from it.


Countless black snakes rushed forth from the black smoke.

These black snakes had terrifying crimson fangs that made one shudder at the sight of them.

“W-what are you going to do”

Shengguang Yunyue retreated fearfully at the sight of those black snakes.

“What am I going to do For starters, Ill have you experience pain worse than death.”


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