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Chapter 4852: Extreme Shock

“Heh… So this is the true reason why youre here”

Long Xiaoxiao had also noticed that the bottle was filled with poison, but she wasnt surprised at all.

She seemed to have already expected this. 

Or rather, she had suffered so much in the hands of her father that she wasnt surprised by anything that he would do to her anymore.

“Xiaoxiao, dont worry.

Lord Yunyue said that this medicine will not take your life.

Itll just make you more obedient.

As long as you marry Shengguang Jiahao, shell give you the antidote.”

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief began making his way toward Long Xiaoxiao.

Long Xiaoxiao didnt attempt to retaliate either.

She had already resigned herself to fate.


But the Dragon Clans Clan Chief suddenly froze in place.

The hand that he was holding the bottle of poison with simply wouldnt move.

He could feel that someone was grabbing his hand.

But who could it be Who had the means to sneak into this palace without him knowing

A hint of fear crept into the eyes of the Dragon Clans Clan Chief.

Before he could say anything, Chu Fengs voice had already boomed loudly in the palace, “Dragon Clans Clan Chief, you sure have lost all scruples of your moral.

You would even resort to feeding your own daughter poison for your own ambitions!”

Chu Fengs silhouette finally came into appearance.

“Chu Feng!”

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief was horrified to see Chu Feng.

But compared to her father, Long Xiaoxiao was even more traumatized.

She quickly turned her head away, trying to hide her own face.

But soon, she recalled something.

Despite trying to hide herself a moment ago, she bravely turned to Chu Feng and shouted, “Chu Feng, run!!”


The Dragon Clans Clan Chief suddenly thought of something upon hearing those words, and his eyes turned cold.

“Young friend Chu Feng, pardon me.”

He released his might as a rank three Martial Exalted level and sealed off the surroundings.


However, a streak of lightning flashed across the area, and the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was sent flying across the room, slamming heavily into the wall.

This strike caused the Dragon Clans Clan Chiefs bones to be smashed into bits.

However, he wasnt even in the mood to moan at the excruciating pain he was feeling.

He stared at Chu Feng with widened eyes, not daring to believe what he was seeing.

“W-who are you” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief asked.

He dared not believe that the person standing before him was Chu Feng.

The latter was only at rank six Utmost Exalted level when they last met, but under the enhancement of the Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor, his cultivation actually terrifyingly reached rank four Martial Exalted level!

That was a rank above him!

Even the Monstrous Herd Temples sectmaster and the Yu Clans Clan chief wouldnt be a match for him!

No one could stand against him in the current Holy Light Galaxy other than the most powerful experts in the Holy Light Clan.

How could the person before him be Chu Feng Chu Feng was supposed to be only a junior!

It hadnt even been that long since they last met, so how could he have grown to such an extent It was impossible for a cultivator to grow this fast no matter how talented he was!

“It looks like selfishness has blinded your own eyes, Dragon Clans Clan Chief.

You cant even recognize who I am”

“You really are Chu Feng Listen to me, I was also forced into this!”

As much as the Dragon Clans Clan Chief was unwilling to believe that the person in front of him was Chu Feng, he still hurriedly tried to absolve himself from blame.

He could feel the killing intent in Chu Fengs eyes.

He knew that he had to explain his own actions or else he might just lose his life here.

But at the same time, he secretly reached out to his Cosmos Sack, grabbed a talisman paper, and crushed it.

“Chu Feng, run! Shengguang Yunyue is here too!” Long Xiaoxiao shouted.

“Run Too late!”

Gleeful laughter sounded from the outside before a powerful oppressive might descended from the sky, enveloping the entire area. 

It was from a rank four Martial Exalted level cultivator!

Following that, a figure began approaching from the sky.

It was an elegant old lady dressed in the robes of the Holy Light Clan.

Chu Feng recognized her.

She was one of the grand elders of the Holy Light Clan, second to only Shengguang Xuanye in terms of standing, Shengguang Yunyue!

Shengguang Yunyue intentionally slowed the speed of her descent despite keeping up her oppressive might.

She was intending to intimidate Chu Feng this way.

But the closer she approached, the tighter her frown became.

She noticed that Chu Feng was glaring back at her, not intending to back down at all.

There wasnt even any hint of fear to be seen on his face.

On top of that, Chu Fengs gaze also left her feeling incredibly uneasy.

It was as if he had been waiting for her arrival.

So, she reached into her Cosmos Sack, took out a few pills, and popped it into her mouth.

Only then did she finally land in the palace.

“Lord Yunyue!”

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief immediately ran to seek refuge behind Shengguang Yunyue.

It was truly ironic.

He was the patriarch of the Dragon Clan, yet he was seeking protection behind the woman who had ruined his daughters appearance. 

“Indeed, the clan chiefs decision was right.

You are a threat to our Holy Light Clan.

We should have eliminated you back then,” Shengguang Yunyue said.

“It looks like your memories are failing you.

You did try to get rid of me back then, but you werent able to,” Chu Feng sneered coldly.

“Rank four Martial Exalted level.

Im truly curious how you managed to reach this level.

Did you get the help of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan” Shengguang Yunyue asked.

“You sure are curious about a lot of things.

Whats the point though Youre going to die soon anyway,” Chu Feng replied.

“Hahaha!” Shengguang Yunyue burst into laughter.

“Chu Feng, I know your means.

You have cultivated the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique and possess a Divine Power.

Youre able to raise your cultivation by three ranks at Utmost Exalted level. 

“However, things are different now that youre at Martial Exalted level.

Dont bother trying to put up a bluff.

Its impossible for you to raise your cultivation by three ranks anymore now that you have reached this level!”

With those words, an aura started to emanate from Shengguang Yunyues body, forcefully raising her cultivation by a rank up to rank five Martial Exalted level. 

“Forbidden medicine To think that a proud grand elder of the Holy Light Clan would resort to forbidden medicine! No wonder our Ancestral Martial Galaxy is looked down on by others!” Chu Feng scoffed. 


A cold gleam suddenly rushed toward Chu Feng.

It was an Exalted Armament dagger!

Shengguang Yunyue had made her move.

She wasnt planning to take Chu Fengs life yet, but her Exalted Armament was headed straight toward Chu Fengs dantian.

She was intending to cripple his cultivation!


But right before the dagger struck Chu Fengs dantian, it was clamped down by Chu Fengs finger, stopping its charge right in place.


Shengguang Yunyue raised her head and looked at Chu Feng in horror.

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief was so frightened that his lips were quivering ceaselessly. 

Even Long Xiaoxiao, who was worried about him, froze up in place, unable to believe what she was seeing. 

Aside from the Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor, four divine beasts had manifested around Chu Feng.

He stood with a domineering air, reminiscent of a war god.

But what was most important of all was that his cultivation had reached rank five Martial Exalted level. 

None of them could have imagined that Chu Feng would still be able to raise his cultivation by three ranks despite having reached Martial Exalted level!


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