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Chapter 4851: This Kind of Father

Chu Feng could see a figure flying over from the distance.

It was still far away, but Chu Feng was able to recognize who he was right away.

It was the patriarch of the Dragon Clan, the Dragon Clans Clan Chief.

He had a treasure in his hand that allowed him to easily pass through the barrier and enter the palace. 

As he approached closer, Chu Feng was finally able to get a good look at his expression. 

When the Dragon Clans Clan Chief looked at his treasured daughter, there was no longer affection in his eyes anymore.

His gaze only showed his coldness and inner dilemma.

It was a look of disappointment at Long Xiaoxiao for not failing to live up to his expectations.

“Xiaoxiao, dont blame me.

Im doing this for your own good,” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief said.

Long Xiaoxiao didnt reply to those words, as if she couldnt hear him at all.

“Xiaoxiao, youre a member of our Dragon Clan.

Dont you want to do your part for us too I also dont want to have you marry Shengguang Jiahao either, and its a humiliation to us to allow you to marry him. 

“However, what can I do You only have yourself to be blamed for your own fate.

You could have married Shengguang Yu.

How great of an honor it would have been for you However, you chose to ruin your own face and our opportunity,” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief said.

Long Xiaoxiao finally reacted to those words.


She stood up and glared at her father, saying, “You said that I ruined it”

Her eyes were so ferocious that they didnt look like that of a daughter looking at her father.

Rather, it looked more as if she was glaring at her mortal nemesis.

“You were present then.

You know who is the culprit behind my appearance! But what did you do You chose to turn a blind eye to it!” Long Xiaoxiao roared with gritted teeth. 

Her body was trembling with the sheer intensity of her emotions that Chu Feng, despite being a bystander, was able to feel her anger.

Those words alerted Chu Feng to a fact.

Long Xiaoxiao wasnt the one who ruined her own appearance.

If so, who else could it be

Regardless of who the person was, there was no way Chu Feng would forgive them.

Despite not knowing who the person was, an ember had already started blazing in his heart.

The only way to quell his rage was to kill the person who placed Long Xiaoxiao in her current position.

“Xiaoxiao, its your obstinacy that led to this.

You dared to speak words of ridicule toward the Holy Light Clan and even threatened to ruin your own face.

How could someone as lofty as Lord Yunyue stand it” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief replied.

Chu Feng felt even more angered upon hearing those words.

It went without saying that he knew who Shengguang Yunyue was.

That vile old woman was one of the grand elders of the Holy Light Clan, but her heart was as venomous as a scorpions tail. 

She tried to harm Chu Feng back then, and now, she ruined Long Xiaoxiaos appearance.

Chu Feng was determined to make that vicious old woman pay for her crimes.

But at the same time, he also directed cold eyes at the Dragon Clans Clan Chief as well.

This man couldnt be forgiven either.

“Lord You call a person who ruined your daughters appearancelord Hahaha, I should have known.

All along, I was nothing more than a pawn in your hands.

When have you ever thought of me as your daughter” Long Xiaoxiao sneered.

She harbored no expectations for her father anymore.


The Dragon Clans Clan Chief still wanted to explain himself, but Long Xiaoxiao wasnt interested to listen anymore.

“Dont bother anymore.

Ive already told you that Id marry into the Holy Light Clan, but they better let my mother free once I fulfill my end of the bargain.

Otherwise, I wont forgive the Holy Light Clan or the Dragon Clan!”

With those words, she turned her head away, not wanting to look at her father anymore.

Those words informed Chu Feng of another fact.

It would appear that the Holy Light Clan was using Long Xiaoxiaos mother to coerce her into marrying the Holy Light Clan.

It was likely to do that the Dragon Clan was conspiring with them behind this too.

“Xiaoxiao, I know that youre marrying into the Holy Light Clan with hatred burning in your heart right now, but I hope that you can quell your anger.

With the Holy Light Clans means, as long as you perform well, theres still hope for your face,” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief said.

“I wish to be alone.

Leave,” Long Xiaoxiao said irritatedly.

The Dragon Clans Clan Chiefs face darkened.

“Xiaoxiao, I know what youre holding on for.

I know why you refused to marry into the Holy Light Clan.

Its for Chu Feng, isnt it Do you think that Chu Feng doesnt know how you feel How could someone as smart as him possibly be oblivious to your feelings

“But has he ever promised anything to you Did you see the type of person who came to save him when he was captured by the Holy Light Clan the other day Even the princess of the Nine Souls Sacred Clan came! 

“Its not that Chu Feng doesnt know your feelings, but you simply dont exist in his heart.

He has better options out there.

Silly lass, you should wake up from your dream!” the Dragon Clans Clan Chief said.

“Can you shut your mouth now What Im thinking has nothing to do with you at all! Just get straight to the point of whatever you want to do.

If you have no business here, you should just get lost!” Long Xiaoxiao bellowed.

She had nothing but animosity left for her father.

“Xiaoxiao, dont blame me.

This is Lord Yunyues will.”

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief took out a bottle and uncorked it.

A strong medicinal scent wafted out from within.

A cold glint flashed across Chu Fengs eyes.

He could tell that the bottle was filled with poison.

It wasnt lethal, but it would inflict unbearable torture upon one.

The Dragon Clans Clan Chief was actually intending to feed such a poison to his daughter!


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