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Chapter 4845: Pity

“Lord Long Xie, there seems to be some problem with Zi Lings body.

I believe that it was caused by the Brightmoon Spirit Tower,” the monstrous old man suddenly said.

Even though all that was shown on the All-encompassing Net was just Zi Lings silhouette, it was still possible to discern her current condition through it. 

“Its indeed a fortuitous encounter for her, but the limit on her talent prevents her from fully controlling the Brightmoon Spirit Tower, resulting in her suffering a backlash on it. 

“The Brightmoon Spirit Tower might have a mild name, but thats only because Lord Blood Emperor chose to name it after Lord Brightmoon.

All of us know deep well whats sealed in that tower.

If we dont solve this issue soon, Zi Ling wont have long to live,” Lord Long Xie said.

Given that even the monstrous old man was able to discern Zi Lings condition, there was no way he would be oblivious to it. 

A hint of fear flashed across the eyes of the monstrous old man and Kui An upon hearing those words.

They feared the beings inside the Brightmoon Spirit Tower. 

Putting them aside, even Lord Long Xie was unlikely to be a match for those beings.

Those beings were the real monsters here. 

“However, this isnt a problem.

She might be lacking in talent, but thats compensated for by the Brightmoon Spirit Tower in her.

As long as Im around, shell definitely be able to exert her control over the Brightmoon Spirit Tower!” Lord Long Xie said confidently.

“Lord Long Xie, are you intending to bring Zi Ling in here” the monstrous old man asked.

He seemed to harbor some reservations about this move. 

“It wont do for us to bring Zi Ling directly in here.

After all, that old man is still around,” Lord Long Xie said with a frown.

“That old man really is a handful! He has already chosen to wash his hands of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, but he still expects us to obey the rules he came up with!” the monstrous old man complained unhappily.

“He wouldnt have brought Chu Feng in here if he really chose to wash his hands of the sect.

I thought that Ive finally managed to find a good seedling here.

After all, Chu Feng did earn Milords acknowledgment and received the Massacre Forbidden Art.

“I wanted to brag about it to the old man, and that old man happened to send a letter over at that moment.

I thought that my chance to one-up that old man finally came, but he suddenly revealed that he was actually the one who guided Chu Feng into the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.”

Long Xie had an incredibly displeased look on his face as he spoke about this matter. 

“That old man is really too much.

Oh well, he might be the one who guided Chu Feng in here, but the same cannot be said about Zi Ling.

That old man doesnt allow us to keep Chu Feng in here anyway, so lets just focus our effort in grooming Zi Ling then.”

“Lord Long Xie, in my view, you should just ignore that old man.

Hes no longer here anyway, so what rights does he have to restrict us”

The monstrous old man seemed to know about this matter beforehand, such that he had a grudging tone when talking about that old man too.

“Its one thing to complain about him, but I honestly dont want to get into a conflict with him, especially considering the means he has at his disposal.

In any case, I dont dare to go against him.

If you dare, you can go ahead to capture Zi Ling and bring her here,” Lord Long Xie spoke with a teasing voice. 

“Hahaha, Lord Long Xie, youre making fun of me again.

Its not as if you dont know that we view you as our leader here.

How could I possibly dare to do something that you dont dare to do” the monstrous old man replied with an awkward smile.

“That settles it then.

However, we do have to focus our resources on grooming Zi Ling.

Since we arent able to make an appearance and interfere directly, well just have to turn that lass in the sect into our puppet,” Lord Long Xie said.

“Well heed your instructions, Lord Long Xie,” the monstrous old man said.

He knew whom thatlass Lord Long Xie spoke of was referring to.

The incumbent sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

To be fair, the sectmaster was not young by conventional standards, but it wasnt out of place for existences like them to address her as a lass. 

After all, they had personally watched over the growth of the sectmaster every step of the way. 

“Lord Long Xie, what about that little fellow who dived into the calamity Are you intending to tame him” the monstrous old man suddenly asked.

“Ah, Id have forgotten about it if you didnt mention it.”

Lord Long Xie opened his claws, revealing a ball of black aura.

The black aura began to expand swiftly into a massive monster. 

This monster was the one the vice sectmaster released into the calamity in order to assassinate Chu Feng.

It had abruptly disappeared in the midst of fighting against Chu Feng earlier on, but it turned out that it had been captured by Lord Long Xie. 

This was also the reason why Chu Feng didnt even know why the monster had suddenly vanished.

The monster had a terrifying appearance and was fairly powerful too.

If not for the restrains on its body, it was likely that not even the sectmaster would be a match for it. 

Had it appeared in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect with its real body, even the sectmaster would have a huge headache trying to deal with it.

It was just a pity that this monster was also insignificant in the presence of Lord Long Xies humongous body. 

“Esteemed existences, please dont kill me! Im willing to serve you!” 

The monster had also noticed the disparity in their strength and dared not to act as arrogantly as it did before the vice sectmaster.

It surrendered as soon as it was let out. 

“Who do you think you are to dare offer to become my subordinate Do you think that youre worthy” Lord Long Xie sneered coldly.

His body jolted slightly, and a powerful force suddenly enveloped the monster and tore it into pieces.

Just like that, the monster was erased from existence.

Neither the monstrous old man nor Kui An was surprised by it. 

The monster might have been too much for the sectmaster to deal with, but it was no more than an ant in their eyes.

Putting aside Lord Long Xie, even the two of them would be able to easily do the same. 

All of a sudden, Long Xie and the others turned their eyes back to the All-encompassing Net.

It turned out that the net was starting to disintegrate.

While they had known that this would happen, they couldnt help but feel an ache in their hearts to see such a valuable treasure vanishing from the world. 

“Elder, you ought to hold to the end of your promise! We had an agreement!” 

Chu Feng was still shouting below.

He couldnt see the All-encompassing Net, so he wasnt aware of what Lord Long Xie and the others were doing. 

He had cleared the trial, and the lightning gate had already vanished for some time now, but the mysterious voice still wasnt answering him yet.

This made him feel a little worried. 

He had taken a look around, and he couldnt find any way for him to leave the Yinyang Withered Well Realm.

“Lord Long Xie, what are we going to do with Chu Feng Are we really going to groom him together with Zi Ling” the monstrous old man asked.

“Chu Feng is indeed a prodigy.

In terms of talent, Zi Ling is no match for him at all.

Its just a pity that the old man has left an instruction saying that we can only assess his talent but not keep him here,” Lord Long Xie said lamentably.


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