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Chapter 4839: The Vice Sectmasters Crime

The sectmaster still looked like an old grandmother, her face filled with wrinkles and age spots.

She hadnt reverted back to her usual dignified self.

However, she was no longer as feeble as she was a moment ago anymore.

Her aura had stabilized greatly.

“Lord Sectmaster, you…”

Staring at the sectmaster, Chu Feng came to a realization.

“I was the one who left that mysterious aura on the eleventh floor,” the sectmaster said. 

Just as Chu Feng had guessed, the mysterious aura wasnt just a force that would protect Chu Feng.

Rather, it would summon someone who would protect him.

And that person was the sectmaster!

It was just that he couldnt figure why the sectmaster, despite her hostile attitude toward him all this while, would choose to protect him.

Could it be that her actions were all a facade

“Lord Sectmaster, why Why are you doing this Chu Feng is the sinner of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

Hes the one who caused the dissolution of our sect! Why are you siding with him” the vice sectmaster questioned the sectmaster.

“The sect founder was the one who set up the system of triggering the calamity through the Hidden Dragon Selection Formation.

This has nothing to do with Chu Feng at all.

Its true that he has failed to break the calamity, but the same could be said about me too. 

“Its my responsibility as the sectmaster to stand forward to protect the sect during times of danger, not the disciples.

If anyone should take the blame for this, it should be me,” the sectmaster said. 

“Why Why are you so protective of him Dont you dislike him!” the vice sectmaster cried out.

“When have I told you that I dislike Chu Feng As the sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect, why would I turn my back on an outstanding disciple” the sectmaster replied. 

“It looks like I was the foolish one all along,” the vice sectmaster said with a bitter laugh.

He knew that it was impossible for him to kill Chu Feng anymore.

There was no way he could kill someone whom the sectmaster was determined to protect.

“Youre indeed foolish.

Ive warned you about this, but you chose not to heed my advice.

Do you think that Im unaware of the deeds you have done behind my back in order to protect your grandson Ive turned a blind eye to it in view of your past contribution to the sect, but today… you have truly disappointed me.

You should have never brought that monster back with you. 

“You need not argue with me on that.

Its form might be different, but Im still able to tell what that black aura who appeared earlier amidst the calamity was,” the sectmaster said. 

“Sectmaster, I brought that monster back not to hurt you or the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

You and I both know that there are uncontrollable existences hidden in our sect, and they are the ones who are truly ruling the place. 

“How can that be acceptable How could our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect be controlled by someone else I brought that monster back in order to use its strength to tower above those uncontrollable existences. 

“I only lost my rationality for a moment due to Chu Feng killing both of my grandsons.

Thats why I made an agreement with that monster to have him help me eliminate Chu Feng.

You also saw that the monster only attacked Chu Feng.

It didnt harm anyone else in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect!” the vice sectmaster exclaimed.

“Youre the only one who knows yourself the best.

Regardless of your motives, that monster can only be nurtured with the lives of many cultivators.

How many innocent lives have you taken while trying to tame it 

“Youre the vice sectmaster of the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect! Do you know what youre doing Do you take our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect to be a vile place with no regard for human life” the sectmaster questioned furiously. 

Her anger was palpable.


The vice sectmaster kneeled to the ground.

“Lord Sectmaster, I know my wrongs now.

However, I really didnt intend to pit that monster against you! I was doing it all for the sects sake!” the vice sectmaster exclaimed. 

“Youve disappointed me,” the sectmaster said before closing her eyes.


She struck her palm forward, and blood immediately spurted everywhere.

A burst of martial power was forcefully injected into the vice sectmasters dantian.


The vice sectmaster stared at his utterly destroyed dantian and felt his swiftly dissipating cultivation with a look of disbelief in his eyes. 

“I cant bear to kill you, but I can no longer condone your crimes anymore.

Everything you have today was given to you by the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

If you wish to leave, you have to put down everything that you have,” the sectmaster said.

“Lord Sectmaster, are you expelling me from the sect!” the vice sectmaster exclaimed. 

“You arent worthy to remain as one of us,” the sectmaster said.

“Lord Sectmaster, I might have done many wrongs, but Ive never done anything to hurt you! Meeting you was the greatest fortune in my life… but despite so many years of accompaniment, I was still unable to make my way into your heart.

All you can see is only him. 

“Perhaps, this is fate…”

The vice sectmaster raised his head to look at the sky above.

“The Hidden Dragon Martial Sect is going to be dissolved soon, but I shall remain as a sect member.

Ill never leave this place.”

There was a dull thud, and the vice sectmasters body suddenly blew up.

He chose to implode his own cultivation to kill himself!


The sectmaster never expected the vice sectmaster to do something like this.

There was a complicated look in her eyes.

The two of them shared a deep bond over years of camaraderie.

It was due to that that she couldnt bear to kill him despite the great wrong he had done. 

“Lord Sectmaster, whats the black aura we saw earlier” Duan Liufeng asked.

He had known about the vice sectmasters crimes all along.

If even he was aware of it, how could the sectmaster remain oblivious to them

The sectmaster had only chosen to turn a blind eye to them due to the deep bond they shared that surpassed life and death.

The two of them had braved through many tribulations together that it was impossible for her to remain impartial when it came to affairs involving the vice sectmaster. 

It was just that she was so enraged by the affairs that had happened today that she hardened up her resolve to cripple the vice sectmasters cultivation.

This wasnt just because the vice sectmaster tried to kill Chu Feng but the black aura too. 

“Thats a monster that could potentially kill all of the elders and disciples of our Hidden Dragon Martial Sect.

I cant imagine how many innocent lives have died for him to have reared that kind of foul existence for so many years.

“I was too soft on the vice sectmaster.

If only I have investigated deeper into the crimes and found out about the monster earlier, things would have never…”

The sectmaster closed her eyes in deep remorse.

She didnt think of herself as a righteous person, but it burdened her to know that her negligence had led to the deaths of so many innocent lives. 


The thunderous crackling in the sky grew even louder.

It looked like the calamity in the sky was about to descend on them soon. 

“Sectmaster, what should we do” Duan Liufeng asked. 

“Take all of the elders and disciples and leave this place first,” the sectmaster said. 

However, another voice suddenly sounded at this moment.

“Lord Sectmaster, allow me to try once more.”

It was from Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, I dont have the strength to activate the Hidden Dragon Heavenly God Formation anymore,” the sectmaster said.

“I understand, but I think that the reason why I failed to break the calamity earlier might be precisely due to the interference from the Hidden Dragon Heavenly God Formation,” Chu Feng replied. 


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